In an effort to convince myself that the year has actually passed, I decided to put together a little retrospective of my year in blogging. (Is anyone else absolutely shocked that we’re nearly in 2014?)

2013 was the year of “Jesus Feminist” and Damaged Goods, the year of having feelings about conferences and thank you notes to Kate Middleton, meditations on motherhood and marriage, and a lot of talk about reading and church, my continuing spiritual journey and some GIFs now and again.

Stat worth noting (for me anyway): Topped 1.3 million page views in just 2013 alone!

Top referrers for 2013 (thanks, guys!):

Most page viewsIn which I share 10 books for older tinies (that post is actually from 2012 but it’s still my number one post. It’s also my most-pinned post at over 114,000 pins.)

Most commentsIn which I have All The Feelings About Conferences (technically the one for the most comments was a poll about choosing a headshot but in terms of a “real” post, it was this one)

Most tweetedIn which this is also about the men (223 tweets)

Most Facebook sharesIn which I thank the Duchess of Cambridge (6.6K) then In which Advent is for the ones who know longing (1.4K) then In which I beg Barbie’s pardon at 1.1K

Best community (you guys made this spectacular):


At SheLoves MagazineIn which I wrote a book about us

At A Deeper Story (without a doubt, my most viral post of 2013): I am Damaged Goods

On my own journey:

Best personal metaphor for the yearIn which I climb a metaphor

On parenting:

On marriage: In which [love looks like] an empty parking lot

On Jesus FeministIn which I’m a feminist, sure, but first I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ

Unapologetically dorkiest Instagram:

On women: In which Jezebel gives way to Deborah

On blogging: In which I think I’m losing my blogging mojo

On writing: In which art is like manna

On learning to handle critics (post in reference to Damaged Goods): In which I will not be silenced

On faith: In which you’re a pioneer

On church: In which I am still hopeful because…

On fearlessIn which we’re not afraid of you

Most likely to be misunderstoodIn which God does not want to use you 

Favourite guest postIn which I think I feel the Holy Spirit but… by Brenna D’Ambrosio

Most likely to make my husband roll his eyes: In which I geek out over Doctor Who


And just for fun, my top tweets of the year:

Coming up later this week: my favourite television shows, books, movies, and more of 2013…

In which I praise the village
In which romance shows up in the interruptions
thank you for sharing...
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  • jamieivey

    Have loved reading your blog this year!!!

  • Hurrah for 2013!

  • Yay for you! Here’s to more in 2014!

  • Brett FISH Anderson

    some great stuff – i don’t read all of your stuff by a long way but i have found your voice to be really helpful on many occasions so thank you and keep on and i am really going to try to get me a copy of Jesus Feminist in the new year [put it on my Jan birthday list in fact] and look forward to seeing how God continues to use you in ’14 – wrote my own list of top blog posts [a few less 0’s on the end of my blog hits than yours] and there were some crackers worth checking out [especially the Taboo Topics series where friends shared on topics that are rarely spoken about like losing a child, infertility, singleness – so powerful] as well which you can find over here: – may you have an excellent year end…

    love brett fish

  • You were on fire this year! As a reader, it’s been a fun ride in 2013. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve 🙂

    congrats on all the success!

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  • Brenda P

    Thanks for linking your Doctor Who post. I found you before I watched Doctor Who, but after your post. So I went over there and gushed all over your comments section. Because anyone who also loves the Doctor is a kindred spirit indeed.

  • The happiest of New Year’s to you, Sarah! I look forward to reading more of your heart and journey in the year ahead… Cheers to 2014 and all that God has for us, for women, for the kingdom!

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