Today ISIS released a video depicting the horrific murders of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya.

Our brothers were beheaded, murdered for their faith. 

This is happening. Right now, all around the world, God forgive us for becoming numb.

The men were accused of being “People of the Cross” in the film: their indictment and their honour.

And according to Scripture, their blood is precious to our Saviour.

Overcomers, each of them. Read their names (via @spulliam)


It feels small to pray, I know. But the prayers of the saints – whether offered in our safe places or in places of great risk and danger – are never small or ineffective or useless.

So if you would, please join me in prayer tonight?

However you pray, simply pray. Light a candle, read Scripture, sit in silence. Pray for the martyrs by name, pray for their families, for their communities. Pray for the days ahead and for the leadership of the world. Let’s pray for the persecuted church.

Let’s join our prayers together with those praying all around the world.

And then, God have mercy, may we learn to embody our prayers, to pray with our voices and our souls, our hearts and our minds, our feet and our hands.

Kyrie eleison. Lord, have mercy. Marantha. Come, Lord Jesus.


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