Me, 5 days before book release day:

There’s a lot of feelings happening here, people. A lot of feelings and a lot of drugs because I have a wicked head cold. Be kind.

I’ve heard from a lot of readers and friends who want to know how to help or support the book release. This is such kindness. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support of so many friends, bloggers, writers, readers, pastors, and churches. It’s been incredible.

(Related: TUESDAY. *faint*)

Obviously, I’m a little excited for November 5 and the release of Jesus Feminist.

If you’d like to help promote or spread the word about Jesus Feminist, here’s how:

Buy the book. I know, I’m a marketing genius. Someone should take notes.

Review it on Amazon: On Tuesday, post a review on Amazon. Apparently, the Amazon reviews are a big deal so it would be nice to have a few right off the bat. If you’ve read the book already or written a review for GoodReads or your blog, just copy and paste that review over at Amazon and it would be a help. Of course, if you hated it, ignore this advice completely.

Spread the word on social media. Take a picture of the book for Instagram. Post about the book release or quotes from the book on Facebook or Twitter.  Like the FB page for Jesus Feminist. Heck, I’ll take MySpace, I’m not proud (obviously). Tag it with #JesusFeminist.

Participate in the synchroblog. I’ll be hosting a synchroblog on November 6 so if you could plan on participating in that, that would be lovely. More on that coming.

Gather a few friends for a book club or discussion group. I’ll have a special giveaway on November 7 just for book club participants, so start asking friends now to read the book with you. And then pop back here on November 7 to enter to win!

Write a review or a response about the book for your blog.  We have a few resources and images for bloggers right here, so have at them. Well, really, they’re for anyone. You don’t have to have a blog to download them and print them off or share them on Facebook or Pin them. Go for it.

Participate in the community photo project “I am a _______ and I am a Jesus feminist. Write your own sign, take a photo, upload it to the page and we’ll take it from there. You could also tag yourself in the picture so that it shows up in your Newsfeed or tweet the picture out as well. We’re putting together a video showcasing all of the photos for Release Day and I cannot WAIT to show you. (Okay, so I cried.)

Buy a copy or two (or twenty) for your family and friends as Christmas gifts.

Ask your local bookstore to stock it. And then, when you go back and see it there on the shelf, put it right beside the nearest Duck Dynasty related book you see. (I kid, I kid….I think.)

If you have a website, you could put this button on your sidebar.

Jesus Feminist

Join us at the Book Release Party. I’ll have more info about it soon. But right now, if you’re in the Los Angeles area on Thursday 21 November, mark your calendars. We’re having a party and a book reading. And even my husband is coming!

Saying “thank you” feels inadequate, but I must say it: thank you.

Thank you for your support and help and for believing in this little book.

And to close out this painful bit of self-promotion, a GIF or two.

Me, next Tuesday, all day:

Well, in between bouts of:




In which I'm a ______ and I'm a Jesus feminist (a community-sourced project)
In which Jesus Feminist is finally(!) released
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