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In which I check in with you – a new video and a new article

Hi friends! Just a quick pop in to say hello. I hope you’re having a lovely summer so far. Life has been full here. The school year ended early due to the teacher strike here in B.C. and so all of a sudden the tinies were full-on at home and we’ve all been readjusting. I love having them home but it’s busy!

I did write one article a few weeks ago and it’s up now at The High Calling. It’s called Rethinking Scarcity: A Legacy of Abundance. It’s a sweet one for me – a bit about my dad, for instance – but it’s a bit of a taste of where I’m at these days as I’m writing and working, too. Here’s a snippet:

Out of all the richness studying and learning have brought to my life, one of the loveliest is the discovery that my father’s inherent and rather humble beliefs about the God he loved were, in fact, deeply and theologically correct. The Holy Spirit led my father and my mother to this knowledge without any of the “proper” books or seminary-trained leaders, perhaps, but they knew the truth about the nature and character of God and about our true citizenship as part of a prophetic and alternative community.

It was a sweet moment to read ancient liturgies for the first time and discover parallels with our own prayers, to read biographies and stories throughout the ages from other believers who had experienced and known God in this dance between Scripture and Spirit, and then recently to read theological greats like Dr. Walter Brueggemann, for instance, and there find the language for what our hearts already knew about God’s abundant life.

Few theologians have influenced me the way that Brueggemann has— perhaps N.T. Wright and Dallas Willard are up there with him— from my political and economic engagement to my vocation as a writer to even my personal discipleship. His work on the “Liturgy of Abundance versus the Myth of Scarcity” is primarily for the big picture—the empire, economics, justice for the poor, war— but because I am a small woman with a fairly small life and realm of influence, I find that his words illuminated even my own life in the individual and communal ways, too. In his words, I found my father’s legacy articulated.

The myth of scarcity tells the powerful to accumulate and take and dominate, to be driven by the fear of Not Enough and Never Enough. We make our decisions out of fear and anxiety that there isn’t enough for us. These core beliefs can lead us to the treacheries of war and hunger, injustice and inequality. We must keep others down so we can stay on top. We stockpile money and food and comforts at the expense of one another and our own souls. Throughout Scripture, we can see the myth of scarcity’s impact on—and even within—the nation of Israel. The prophets wrote and stood in bold criticism against the empire’s myth of scarcity that built on the backs of the poor and oppressed.

(You can read the rest of it over at The High Calling, if you like.)

And what I wrote there ties in very well with the video I wanted to share with you, too. Travis over at The Work of the People sent me the latest video he created out of our conversations back in April. He is so dear to our family now.

This one is called Detoxing.

The rest of our videos together are here as well.

I do miss blogging – and I miss our conversations! – but I’m keeping up on my Facebook page and Instagram and even a bit of Twitter (particularly when I travel).  All my writing energy is being poured into my new book these days. It’s a slow and quiet process.

My love to each of you. I pray for you often.



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In which these are the unforced rhythms of grace

Travis has sent along another video from our time together for The Work of the People. This one is called “Living Loved” and we were chatting about learning the unforced rhythms of grace, about relaxing into the arms of our good God, and walking with our Jesus.

You can watch the first one called “You Are Not Forgotten” here.

P.S. Meyers-Briggs nerds, could I be anymore of an INFJ?


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In which you are not forgotten

A few weeks ago, Travis Reed from The Work of the People came to visit us here in Abbotsford. The time we spent together was a gift to our family, we all loved him. It felt like … holy ground. For many reasons. I think I might write a separate post about it, in fact. Our conversations on and off camera were rich, moving easily from laughter to tears, silly to profound. Travis is a whirlwind of grace, leaving you breathless for the beauty of life.

Now he is at work, creating beautiful videos out of our visit. This is the first one: You are Not Forgotten. I wanted to share it with you all.

I’ve loved The Work of the People for many years now. Make sure you spend time there – you won’t be the same.

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In which I have felt really, truly beautiful a few times

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest



It wasn’t my high school graduation. I wore a blue-velvet dress with a see-through panel for my waist, trimmed with sequins. (These were the 90s, so be gentle.) My hair was curled, I posed for pictures.

It wasn’t one of my first dates with Brian. I was 19, bold in my push-up bra and red lipstick, in a carefully selected little black dress from Express and sky high heels, headed off to a spring banquet, drinking Diet Coke through a straw.

It wasn’t my wedding day. I wore a princess-style gown, surrounded by yards of tulle, my hair was perfectly demure beneath my veil, my lipstick understated, I had on fake-nails and my sun-kissed glow was even faker.

No, the days of my greatest beauty are the days that didn’t require a professional working my skin and hair or a certain size dress or a pair of industrial Spanx.

…. Read those days when I felt really, truly beautiful over at SheLoves Magazine.


Also, filed under Things That Are So Far Out Of My Comfort Zone, It’s Practically Ridiculous, there is this. Yep. That’s me on a video chat, talking about Pinterest with Rachel Held Evans, Laura Leonard, Rachel Marie Stone, and Sarah Pulliam Bailey for Christianity Today’s blog for women called Her.meneutics.



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In which I introduce you to my book!

This is a filed under Big Scary Things for me for two reasons.

First of all, I have never done a video blog before, but I decided to be fearless (there’s that word again!) and go for it. Does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice? Also: glasses + computer screen = a bit of a glare despite all efforts.

And of course, I’m also sharing the topic and tentative title of my book!

Someone hand me a glass of wine.


No book deal or contract yet – it’s still just a proposal with a few chapters, making the rounds of publishers, at this stage of the process. (Oh, the things I’m learning! So thankful for my agent, Rachelle Gardner at Books & Such Literary, holding my hand every step of the way.)

So no more about my nerves, eh?

Here’s me and my webcam having a date with you:


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