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In which I have felt really, truly beautiful a few times

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It wasn’t my high school graduation. I wore a blue-velvet dress with a see-through panel for my waist, trimmed with sequins. (These were the 90s, so be gentle.) My hair was curled, I posed for pictures.

It wasn’t one of my first dates with Brian. I was 19, bold in my push-up bra and red lipstick, in a carefully selected little black dress from Express and sky high heels, headed off to a spring banquet, drinking Diet Coke through a straw.

It wasn’t my wedding day. I wore a princess-style gown, surrounded by yards of tulle, my hair was perfectly demure beneath my veil, my lipstick understated, I had on fake-nails and my sun-kissed glow was even faker.

No, the days of my greatest beauty are the days that didn’t require a professional working my skin and hair or a certain size dress or a pair of industrial Spanx.

…. Read those days when I felt really, truly beautiful over at SheLoves Magazine.


Also, filed under Things That Are So Far Out Of My Comfort Zone, It’s Practically Ridiculous, there is this. Yep. That’s me on a video chat, talking about Pinterest with Rachel Held Evans, Laura Leonard, Rachel Marie Stone, and Sarah Pulliam Bailey for Christianity Today’s blog for women called Her.meneutics.



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In which I introduce you to my book!

This is a filed under Big Scary Things for me for two reasons.

First of all, I have never done a video blog before, but I decided to be fearless (there’s that word again!) and go for it. Does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice? Also: glasses + computer screen = a bit of a glare despite all efforts.

And of course, I’m also sharing the topic and tentative title of my book!

Someone hand me a glass of wine.


No book deal or contract yet – it’s still just a proposal with a few chapters, making the rounds of publishers, at this stage of the process. (Oh, the things I’m learning! So thankful for my agent, Rachelle Gardner at Books & Such Literary, holding my hand every step of the way.)

So no more about my nerves, eh?

Here’s me and my webcam having a date with you:


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In which these are catching my eye and my heart this weekend

For your weekend wanderings, a few of my friends.

Me, Elsewhere

My post on how breastfeeding changed me was featured at 5 Minutes for Parenting.

Over at Fraser Valley Pulse, Beyond PB&J: Healthy Lunch Alternatives


The One Parenting Habit that Changes Everything by A Holy Experience. Simple and powerful.

Spanking and Criminal Behaviour is up at Crunchy Domestic Goddess. Inspired by a Facebook group that said “I’d rather go to jail for spanking my kids than for them to go because I didn’t.” Amy then writes about whether there is, in fact, a connection between the two.

Faith and Spirituality

 Amber at The Run-A-Muck wrote a gorgeous piece On Gratitude During Ramadan: a desire for unity. It leaves you a bit breathless.

My friend, Sandy, lives and works in China along with her husband and teenage daughter. Now they’ve taken in (on a temporary basis) a little baby that was found starving in an orphanage. She writes about the Intrinsic Value of Human Life and the photos of her new little man will break any mama’s heart. Pray for them?

Oops! Wrong Father over at Lifestream gives a real-life example of the difference between the God/Father we think we have and the one we actually have.

The Gospel as a National Security Issue may be the best post Ed Cyzewski has ever written. He’s riled up and it’s about good stuff.


From the New York Times, Consumers Find Ways to Spend Less and Find Happiness

This lovely poem and video is from a PEI poet. It’s about being alone and it’s gorgeous – lyrical, haunting, lovely. (RSS readers may need to click through to view the video.)

Good Story

My friend, Stephanie at Metropolitan Mama has just announced something incredible – Give Every Day. Her family is selling everything they own – including their house – to live in an RV and travel the country, giving every day. (And they have two kids – 3 and 1 years old!) Talk about putting your life where your mouth is! You’ll want to read the first blog post announcement and sign up to follow along on their journey. If you’d like to have them visit your church or neighbourhood as part of their journey, that information is also on their site.

For the Win!

This is a video of soldiers returning home to surprise their loved ones. Brian and I watched it one night and sobbed – actually sobbed. Oh, pray for our soldiers and their babies, their teenagers, their spouses, their lovers, their mothers, their fathers, their friends.

And Part 2

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In which we are sick but well entertained

I haven’t an original thought in my head. Me and the laddie, we’re both rather sick with The Vile Head Cold currently making the rounds, you see.
So most of our time is spent snuggled up in our Salvation Army recliner ($35 but the footrest doesn’t work). Joseph just rests, planted still for once, his hands tangled in his own golden ringlets or wrapped around my hair. We have stayed in our jammies for almost two days.
But we’re not lacking entertainment.
We are watching Anne perform great feats of athleticism while she watches the Olympics. My wee 3 year old is mesmerised by the entire Olympics and imitates every single event.
The best one so far was her rendition of moguls. Sadly, we didn’t have the camera handy. Bilodeau and Heil may have inspired a new little Olympian.
But Brian did manage to capture her performing for Ice Dancing. (Just for the record, I think that Virtue & Moir should get married and have lots of babies.)
And for Jillsa and Tez, here you go:
(My favourite part is at the end, when she high fives the TV and then hugs herself.)

(A word of apology: Brian’s leg is blocking the camera for the first few seconds. He was trying to hide the camera so she wouldn’t notice it. Also, we are the last people in the world with a TV that weighs a metric ton and a real old-fashioned TV Cabinet that is incredibly even larger, I’m sure.)

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