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In which these are the unforced rhythms of grace

Travis has sent along another video from our time together for The Work of the People. This one is called “Living Loved” and we were chatting about learning the unforced rhythms of grace, about relaxing into the arms of our good God, and walking with our Jesus.

You can watch the first one called “You Are Not Forgotten” here.

P.S. Meyers-Briggs nerds, could I be anymore of an INFJ?


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In which you are not forgotten

A few weeks ago, Travis Reed from The Work of the People came to visit us here in Abbotsford. The time we spent together was a gift to our family, we all loved him. It felt like … holy ground. For many reasons. I think I might write a separate post about it, in fact. Our conversations on and off camera were rich, moving easily from laughter to tears, silly to profound. Travis is a whirlwind of grace, leaving you breathless for the beauty of life.

Now he is at work, creating beautiful videos out of our visit. This is the first one: You are Not Forgotten. I wanted to share it with you all.

I’ve loved The Work of the People for many years now. Make sure you spend time there – you won’t be the same.

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In which I introduce you to my book!

This is a filed under Big Scary Things for me for two reasons.

First of all, I have never done a video blog before, but I decided to be fearless (there’s that word again!) and go for it. Does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice? Also: glasses + computer screen = a bit of a glare despite all efforts.

And of course, I’m also sharing the topic and tentative title of my book!

Someone hand me a glass of wine.


No book deal or contract yet – it’s still just a proposal with a few chapters, making the rounds of publishers, at this stage of the process. (Oh, the things I’m learning! So thankful for my agent, Rachelle Gardner at Books & Such Literary, holding my hand every step of the way.)

So no more about my nerves, eh?

Here’s me and my webcam having a date with you:


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