Hello, sweetie. Fair warning now:

I have made the (probably ill-advised) decision to blog my responses to the new series of Doctor Who. This will thrill about six of you and completely baffle every one else. One of my favourite bloggers, Megan at SortaCrunchy, used to do this with Once Upon A Time. Instead of writing a review, she used to blog her response to the show and speculate on theories. I love that kind of nonsensical conversation.

But of course my most beloved television show is the BBC’s flagship, Doctor Who. I’ve written before about my love affair with the show and so with the advent of a new Doctor, I’ve decided to simply geek it out, to let myself love what I love, and hey, it’s my blog so what the hell, eh?

If you’d like to read a review of the series premiere, Deep Breath, you can check out my favourites at The A.V. Club by Alasdair Wilkins or The Telegraph by Michael Hogan. A plot summary is here.

My weekly plan is just watch the show and then act like you’re sitting here on my couch with me so we can debrief the show and talk about our theories and generally geek out together.

Sound good? If not, come back tomorrow, it’ll all be over soon.


I watched Deep Breath in the theatre. I live in a small city in western Canada and yet the theatre was packed and the cosplayers showed up. We had a perfect Tenth Doctor (it was truly uncanny – his hair was identical), a Weeping Angel, quite a few Amy Ponds, lots of Tom Baker scarves (I totally should have worn mine – what was I thinking?!), bow ties, the occasional fez, and plenty of TARDIS t-shirts. One poor girl sat with a gas mask on for the entire movie: “Are you my mummy” was replaced in my mind with “Aren’t you suffocating?” Every time someone new would walk into the theatre with any Doctor Who related outfit, the entire theatre would cheer. One guy in the theatre had his ring tone set to the voice of a Dalek screaming EXTERMINATE. When his phone rang, the entire theatre shrieked.

I love people.

I dragged my poor husband along. At one point he was all, “You know what would be awesome? if I yelled out “VOLEMORT!” right now!”

No, darling, no. Wrong show.


So let’s get to it, shall we?


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Take a deep breath (see what I did there?) – it’s time to discuss:

The New Doctor: Do we like him? I think I do but he terrifies me a bit but he’s also oddly hilarious. He’s a fury.  He’s reckless, a loose cannon, dark, and I honestly can’t figure him out.  I was so NOT sure for the first half but I think the part when he opens the door and considers it “door? boring, not me” and then opens the window with abandon and gleefully hollers “Me!” before flinging himself out of it was the moment when I thought, okay, this is going to be good. He had so many incredible lines in this episode – the writing was brilliant and fast-paced. But I confess I’m glad to see the end of the flirting with Clara. I think of the Eleventh with River Song and come on, no one can compete with River Song. So I was glad that he said it was a mistake to pretend he was her boyfriend and that he wasn’t a hugger. I’m glad for this – but I will admit, the thought of this new Doctor flirting with River Song is intriguing….. (Warning: huge River Song fangirl here.) That part at the end when he is begging Clara to just see him? All the feels.

His Face as a Message: At the end of the 50th anniversary special when The Curator appeared – and it was Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor – they implied that he could choose his face, that he might “revisit the old favourites” which was completely fascinating turn. So in this episode, they revisited that idea and flat-out said that his choice of face matters, that he chose this “frowning” face as a message to himself. What could that message be? Of course, it’s a reference to the Series 4 episode The Fires of Pompeii with Donna Noble. That episode stands out to me because it was one of the early times when Donna changed the Doctor’s mind, helping him to make the right decision by saving that man and his family. Is it connected as well to his speech about making mistakes and needing to fix them? Was that a mistake he was about to make but Donna showed him how to fix it? Maybe the face is a message to himself to remember that man and the day he saved himself from a terrible mistake. Also: just another geek note: Volcano Day in that episode was August 23, and I’m betting it’s no coincidence that this episode aired on, you guessed it, August 23, too. I did get a kick out of his speech about his eyebrows: these are attack eyebrows!

Clara: We saw a bit of a new side of Clara in this episode – one that was long overdue in my opinion. I will just go ahead and say it: I haven’t liked this companion much. She lacked a soul to me. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t exist outside of the Doctor? Part of the reason I loved each of the companions was for their back story – Rose with Jackie and Mickey, Donna and her GrandDad (I’ll need a moment to collect myself, hang on, oh, Wilfred Mott, you wonderful man, you), Amy Pond with Rory and even eventually Rory’s dad. It seems like Clara just doesn’t exist outside of the TARDIS. I cried buckets when most of the companions left the TARDIS but I don’t think I’ll do so with Clara, I just don’t feel connected to her. But her response to Madame Vastra, her anger, her ability to challenge the Half-Face Man even though she was terrified, her very real grief over her good-bye to the Eleventh *sob* on the phone, I think this is the first episode where I really felt like I saw her soul a bit. She seemed like a real person and not a foil. Best part for her? When she stood in front of the Half-Face Man and stood her ground, believing the Doctor would have her back even though that was the LONGEST PAUSE EVER between her saying that sentence and then waiting with her hand outstretched.

The Girl in the Fireplace Connections: That is one of my favourite episodes of Doctor Who. I have a select few one-off episodes that I use to trap people into loving this show and that is one of them (see also: Blink and Vincent and the Doctor). So the whole clockwork droids using spare human parts was definitely ringing a bell for me very early in the show. But then so many differences, too – why wasn’t Half-Face Man trying to get to Marie Antoinette like the other droids were trying to get to Madame de Pompadour since that was the ship name? I am baffled by this connection but can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Who is Missy?!: Who is this woman? Trouble. That’s what I think. TROUBLE. She is apparently a weird Mary Poppins of the Promised Land with a side of delusions and references to the Doctor as “her boyfriend”? I have a few thoughts here: first of all, she’s obviously the one who keeps throwing the Doctor and Clara together. They mentioned “the woman at the shop” who gave Clara the phone number she called back in “The Bells of St. John” which (re) connected her with the Doctor. But the other thing that kind of stuck out to me as the word play of her name. The Doctor made the speech that he was over 2,000 years old and he had made mistakes and it was time to do something about that. And then we go straight to a woman named “Missy” and she’s standing with the Half-Face Man. If you think the Doctor pushed him out of that weird skin-balloon thing, then his murder could be a “mistake”. Is this the place where all of the Doctor’s mistakes end up? I do think she’s brand new though – unlike my thoughts about Tasha Lem whom I still believe is connected to River Song somehow. I saw on Buzzfeed that the garden of “The Promised Land” or Paradise or Heaven where Missy sat with Half-Face Man is actually the same garden from the Series 6 episode The Girl Who Waited when Amy was trapped in a parallel timeline. So, there’s that to blow our minds or throw us off entirely. I read through a thread on one of my favourite Facebook fan pages Doctor Who and the TARDIS – someone there made the connection that it might be a version of Clara which leaves me ragged.

The Self-Deprecating Humour: I loved this. If you happened to catch the prequel with Strax vlogging on board a spaceship, you know what I mean. About the Third Doctor: “Part man, part Granny.” We absolutely howled with laughter over his descriptions of the 13, no 11, no 13 Doctors, each one more irreverent and mocking than the last. A show that’s 50 years old has to be able to laugh at itself sometimes, am I right? So many winks at the long-time fans – the joke about how he wants more round things on the wall, Clara’s response of “I don’t like it” to his redecorating, and how he didn’t want to be old. I like that the show is in on the jokes.

The Rose and Clara Connections Continue: Clara lives in the same council apartments as Rose. In the Snowman episode, she worked at a pub called The Rose and Crown. And now at the end of the episode, she casually talks about getting chips with the Doctor who responds that he hasn’t got any money, echoing Rose’s conversation with the Ninth Doctor at the episode The End of the World. Just saying…. I still think there’s a connection there….

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, my goodness, how I did I forget this part? Did the Doctor push the Half-Face Man out of the ballon to kill him? Or did the guy jump? Got to tell you, with this guy, I’m thinking – PUSHED.

Okay, your turn, Whovians. Take your spot on the couch and tell me all your theories and thoughts…. I can’t wait to read your comments.

Episode 1: Deep Breath 

Episode 2: Into the Dalek

Episode 3: Robots of Sherwood

Episode 4: Listen

Episode 5: Time Heist

Episode 6: The Caretaker

Episode 7: Kill the Moon

 Episode 8: Mummy on the Orient Express

Episode 9: Flatline

Episode 10: In the Forest of the Night


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  • Despite the spoiler alert, I read anyway. I actually am not even far enough along in the 11th Doctor’s story to understand some of them, and honestly, I’ll have forgotten the rest by the time the 12th Doctor comes to Netflix.

    I like your new blog direction though. It feels lighter, like you’re not tied down to it. Keep up the amazing work friend!

  • Alise

    All I know is that I hate whoever took down LindaLee’s channel. That girl was an angel and I HATE that she can’t review any more. 🙁 Also, I skipped most of this post, because we don’t have television, so I have to “find” last week’s episode to watch. (But I’ll read after I catch up – I swear!)

  • JennaDeWitt

    LOVE it. So excited for this. I just watched all of the 2005-2013 ones without knowing I would finish the day the new season premiered and – just like my friends said I would – I have become a Whovian. I’m a huge River fan as well. I haven’t seen the classic ones… do you recommend them? Would it help me understand the end of the 7th season? haha I assumed Tasha was someone from the classic ones because she just seemed SO random. Didn’t think about River and her at all… but I will say I think I will understand more about River when I go back and watch from her timeline. But just reading an analysis like this is actually really helpful for us newbies who don’t pick up on important stuff.

    • JennaDeWitt

      Also, Clara is tolerable as a “traveling associate” but I am so with you on the not being emotionally attached. I think she’s an ok character, like I’m not hoping she’ll die soon, but I won’t mourn her leaving or anything.

      • Samantha Ward

        Here’s to hoping the leaving at Christmas rumors are true!

      • NikkiLynm

        I wasn’t attached to Martha Jones, either. Not as a companion. I did like her awesomeness later on, when she had moved on from her doctor worship. .. Maybe that’s what Clara needs, too… Maybe this episode is a start!

    • I haven’t watched a ton of the classics. I watched a lot of the Third Doctor and particularly the Fourth Doctor. Otherwise, not really. and I did like them. But – heresy alert – I do love the reboot. It’s grown-up.

  • Liz

    Loved reading your thoughts on Missy! I have to admit I was thrown off by it and I have loved reading the theories since Saturday’s airing. At first I thought she was the Mother Superior from The Papal Mainframe because they look similar, but obviously its not her! I really liked not knowing for sure whether or not he was pushed… I think if they continue with the mystery this will be a fun doctor to watch.

    I TOTALLY agree about Clara. She’s been a tough one to get attached to. I am curious to see if her new personality holds.

    • Very interesting…since the Papal Mainframe was controlling or behind so much of the last series arc, I could see why you’d think that…. Hmmmmmm…..

      • Liz

        Yes, we had just re-watched those final season 7 episodes so that’s where my mind first went.. but I’m LOVING reading all these new theories!

    • Karmann

      Another theory is that Missy is the TARDIS…

      • Liz

        Oh man. That blows my mind! Whoever she is she clearly knows the Doctor very well, so it would make sense!

      • Kara Hamilton

        Oh, interesting!!! And totally fits with the “boyfriend” comment… but I got a more menacing vibe from her.

        And Sarah, I have adored you since hearing you speak at If:Gathering. But this post has elevated you to the category of “coolest person I wish I actually knew.” Wonderfully articulate regarding a variety of real and important topics AND frivolous, geeky fangirl?! Seriously LOVE it!

      • Chelle

        This is the thought I had. Very excited to see how this story arc plays out.

  • Kat Robertson

    Hooray! I am going to love this series! 🙂

    I agreed a lot with the AV Club review that the episode started off kind slow and then built to get better and better. Loving the change in dynamic to make the Doctor/Companion relationship less flirty. That’s been a bit too overdone since the re-boot. I’d love just to see them be buddies, like with Donna. I’m also glad they gave Clara the chance to show more of her character. Already excited about Missy. I hope she’s just as wicked and deranged as she seems!

    • Yes, loved that dynamic with Donna! “I just want a mate!” “Well, you’re not mating with me, sunshine!” The best.

    • Brenda P

      I loved that Donna was so not into the Doctor romantically! I think a little hero worship is understandable in companions (I mean, he IS a time lord!), but I like to see more variety, more layers in the companions.

  • Becca

    Seeing this in theater was the best decision – surrounded by cosplayers and people in wonderful Whovian t-shirts, laughing at the inside jokes and just generally appreciating it together.
    I loved that it was explicitly clear that it really is the same man carrying over from one face to the next, and how Capaldi portrayed that so well. I agree that Missy seems like trouble… I’m trying not to overthink it and just enjoy where we are headed… and oh me, maybe I cried a bit at that phone call.

    I will say that I wondered exactly who the Doctor was alluding to with the woman who keeps connecting him and Clara – I felt at first it might be Missy, or somehow River Song… but then I also wondered if somehow it was Clara herself, in the doctor’s time-stream, orchestrating it all. I’m excited to see where they take us!

    • Yes, that was such a good connection to make with the same man, different face. They really interacted more with his “change” than they did other regenerations in the reboot. Rose really quickly warmed to the 10th Doctor (well, who WOULDN’T, amirite?) and then the 11th started off with a brand new companion so no residual “who is this guy?” conversations.

      • I actually really liked all that interaction as well—because he wasn’t just talking to Clara, or the Half-Faced Man, but to the audience as well. And I love me some metanarratives like that.

      • Brenda P

        More than ever I felt like I was being asked if we are more than how we look, if we can be who we are regardless of if our hair is gray or we’re old or young or if we change the way we talk or dress.

    • Nicole Chase

      I really thought the “woman in the shop” was one of the other Claras until ye olde interwebs starting postulating that it was Missy.

      • Oh, man – I forgot about that, how she went through the timeline to save the Doctor over and over. That would make sense….

        • NikkiLynm

          I thought that, too! Or even Bad Wolf..

  • Samantha Ward

    Wow. So much to say. I love the new Doctor. He *is* terrifying. Pushed or jumped? That’s what I keep struggling with. Part of me is like, the Doctor would NEVER push. But then, one of them was lying about their basic programming. And this is a new Doctor. Very new. However, he has not shied away from taking drastic action to save humanity before. So…..I’m on the fence and hope we don’t ever find out. It’s one of the good kinds of mysteries.

    Do you have any thoughts on how his face could be connected to John Frobisher from Torchwood? Peter also played that character and it is a part of the Doctor Who universe. Have you seen Children of Earth? If not, it is well worth the 5 hours. I finally watched it this summer and loved it. It’s difficult at times, though, as it’s not just an alien from space invading earth story. That’s all I’ll say.

    I’m in love with Clara and the new Doctor’s interaction. That scene in Mancini Restaurant, when he first gets there, is gold. I also love that there will be NO MORE FLIRTING. 🙂

    Did you notice that the garden, if you imagine it without all the shrubbery and beauty and instead as metal, sort of looks like a Tardis? The round fountain in the middle with the column rising up – sort of like a console. I don’t know if it means anything. It probably doesn’t.

    Fangirl moment: I swooned when Peter did the coat thing and smirked at Clara – “Do you like it?” Goodness. Yes, I do. I wasn’t sure about the outfit at first. Now I’m sold.

    Into the Dalek we go next!

    • I haven’t watched Torchwood so no, I hadn’t made that connection. Very interesting though… And yes, the Mancini Restaurant scene was perfect in every way.

    • Kat Robertson

      To the pushed or jumped issue – to me, it seemed pretty clear that he pushed. It reminded me of The Christmas Invasion where 10 had just regenerated and he kills the Sycorax leader and says “I’m that sort of man.” But it’s been interesting to see how so many people interpreted that part as being more ambiguous. 🙂

  • I’m also wondering about the connection with teaching that Clara obviously has—what was with the flashback to that “substitute teacher” day in school when none of the kids were listening to her. I know that was inspiration for her great speech to the Half-Faced Man, but there’s also a huge connection to the old series and the Doctor’s granddaughter, who was also involved with the school.

    Clara and Rose… hmmm. Interesting. I’m not sure that I love that, but because I love Rose, I can put up with almost anything. The statement about changing (or choosing) faces made me wonder if we’ll see a female Doctor at some point (something Billie Piper implied might make her come back to the show, and would be an interesting tie in with her character in Day of the Doctor).

    The banter was so fast paced for this episode that it made me want to go back and watch it again to catch the things that I didn’t. And there are a lot of other dangling threads—why was the Doctor woken up by the smell of chalk? And what was with him scribbling on every available surface? It might have been part of him rebooting himself, but I also think there might be more to it than that—he rarely leaves writing on walls in people’s homes without it having meaning for the past or future or future past.

    The end with Missy felt confusing to me, in a “Oh, Doctor Who, there you go confusing me with dangling plot lines, again” kind of way. I instantly didn’t like her, which is probably intentional.

    I also wondered why the droids/ship didn’t go after Marie Antoinette. I mean, the Madame de Pompadour ship had the capacity to bust through time and space to get to her, why didn’t this particular ship? Was it damaged in a way that prevented that? Where are those ships coming from and who created them? It clearly crashed on Earth millions or billions of years ago, why didn’t it have enough skin in that period of time to “blast off” as it did when the Doctor appeared?

    My husband was a bit miffed in the after show part of things that the new Doctor referred to himself as Doctor Who. I brushed it off as a newbie mistake. All we Whovians know that you are just “The Doctor”, and the rest of time/space answers that by asking, Doctor who?

    • JennaDeWitt

      YES for a female Doctor. Wow, Billie Piper as the Doctor would be too awesome and fun. I think she totally has the sass and the guts to pull it off.

    • Oh, I’ve always wanted Emma Thompson as the Doctor. Can you even imagine?

      • JennaDeWitt

        bah. Even better.

      • Liz

        That would be the BEST!!!

      • Heather Carmichael

        I have never been interested in a female Doctor until this suggestion! Emma Thompson would be fabulous!

      • Chelle

        Emma!!! Yes! Or perhaps Helen Mirren? I am enamored of both of those women!

      • AND SHE COULD BE GINGER!!! 2 in one!

      • I would watch the show at that point. I’ve been unable to get hooked as of now, and I’ve seen like 20 episodes.

    • Oh, and I haven’t enjoyed Clara, either. Mostly because I’ve got no idea of *who* she is. No real backstory, no understanding of her motivations, really. Yup, she’s The Impossible Girl, but what does that even MEAN? Yup, she jumped into the Time Vortex, but without good reason why.

      And, yes, on the darkness of the new Doctor. As long as he doesn’t get as dark as Torchwood does (which I just had to top watching because it was so dark), I’m good for a return to some of the more classic themes.

      Oh, and I loved that Peter in the new TARDIS says, “I used to have more circles in here, I wonder where I put them.” Loved that reference to the old set.

      • I know, me, too! And when he contemplates a scarf: “no, I’ve moved on. That looked stupid.” Hilarious.

    • And great point about the connection to the school with the First Doctor. Never thought of that. And this doctor does connect more to the 9th Doctor and before than the previous two who were the “man who regrets and the man who forgets.”

      • Bryan and I talked about that line on the way home from the theater. I loved how that captured 10 & 11/13. I just wonder *who* (ha!) this new Doctor is. Which we’re meant to wonder about right now. It’s a different way of asking Who he is. It seems like this Doctor is going to be a lot more mysterious than the last two. I just hope he doesn’t lose some of the underlying kindness that was true of 10 & 11. Without some nobility or integrity, the character gets betrayed, I think. Which is part of the whole scene where he talks about the broom having all its parts replaced (which was brill.)

        • Brenda P

          The depth of kindness in 10 & 11 is what made me love the Doctor.

    • Cara

      I think I read something about Peter Capaldi always referring to the Doctor as “Doctor Who” because that’s how the character was originally billed in the classic series, and Peter grew up watching the show. I haven’t seen any Classic Who though so I can’t tell you if that’s true.

  • Nicole Chase

    I’m digging him so far! I think older and a bit less human is a good look for the Doctor. I LOVED the line about Clara not being the one to make the boyfriend mistake, and the “ME!!” at the window was the best.

    Did I mishear, or did I catch a muttered comment about Amy when they were tied up and trying to get the Sonic, though? I do hope not. (Unapologetically underwhelmed by the Ponds, sorry.)

    Also hi, I’m usually a lurker, but the chance to discuss Doctor Who has lured me out into the open. 🙂

    • There WAS a reference to Amy, which I actually kind of loved (I did like the Ponds). He says, “Amy would never have done that.” I kind of geeked out at that moment.

      • Nicole Chase

        I thought so!

      • I think it was actually “Times like this I really miss Amy.” Probably because she was a good bit taller and could have reached it quickly!

    • There was an Amy comment! He said “Times like this make me miss Amy” when Clara was trying to throw him the knife. That was my other reason for thinking we may have some cameos later on…the verbal Amy reference and the reference to the garden from The Girl Who Waited.

  • Elaina Wilkinson Esty

    Ok, so I’m one of the 6 readers who’s super into this post. Plus, anytime a Christian is willing to discuss Who with me, I’m down. I don’t generally tend to theorize, because 1) I’m never right and 2) I tend to just let the magic happen. However: I think the ‘girl in the shop’ who told Clara to call the Doctor is Rose (she says she works in a shop in metacrisis universe), so that furthers your Clara / Rose evidence. I also think this whole series is going to be about cycles / going back to beginning / past-future connections, etc. Even the new opening is all circles and clocks: He’s dressed almost like Doctor 1, Clara and Rose similarities (new doctor’s first companion), he’s taken the face of the first person Donna helped him save, etc. Even Clara being throughout his timeline works into that. Pretty sure that is going to be the theme. My first thought with Missy was that she was related to the Library world where River is. Since that world was essentially ‘Heaven’ in that episode…could be something to that fact that this is an android who died, and could have downloaded his conscience there. Maybe I’m just wishful thinking, because I need more River moments…I ADORE her!

    • Yes, love the corkscrew thing, always coming back around to the same people and storylines no matter how far he goes. Loved that. And yes to more River moments!

  • aclumsywayoflife

    I enjoyed the new doctor and I found the best parts were when him and Clara were having conversations as Clara struggled with losing ‘her’ doctor. I really enjoyed her conversation with Madame Vastra. I’m glad the flirting is over too. I felt like the show just threw her in as a ‘love interest’ without any development or substance of her as a character. They did this while also making her incredibly important to the doctor’s life (wasn’t the point of her being born to save the doctor over and over again?). I’m happy there is more depth to her in this episode and I’m hoping for a more interesting dynamic between her and the new doctor. I love when they are discussing the ad in the paper and the doctor says that only a controlling egomaniac would do something like that and she realizes he is talking about her. Definitely some good moments and lines from this doctor! I didn’t enjoy the background story much though and feel like Moffat’s writing and directing might have peaked pre-Clara and has since been on its decline. I think it is time for a new writer and director. But I love the doctor so hoping for a good season!

    • I think the stories got a bit tired in last season, I agree but I imagine that a new Doctor with a darker undertone might be just the life and change the show needs. Plus with a new companion coming soon, who knows?

  • I was texting my dad and a friend during the show. The first 30 minutes, I was like “No. No, no, no. Moffat, what have you done? This doesn’t make any sense at all!” But then, when the show got to be a full hour and found its footing, I was like “okay…yes! There is redemption in this thing after all!” And then the last 30 minutes, especially when Matt showed up, I had tears; I got a final glimpse at the face who had been “my” Doctor! I do wish they’d get rid of Lizard woman and her wife (sorry, can’t remember names now and typing this up quickly. All I remember is Strax.). I totally agree about Clara not existing outside of the TARDIS…but I think that’s about to change with this new character, Danny Pink, being introduced in the next episode. I think we may find the Promised Land place to be the “Heaven” in Doctor Who. I think River is there for two reasons: 1)it looks like another part of the place she ends up after dying at the end of the “Forest of the Dead” 2)The final episode of this series is titled “Death in Heaven”. I think that there may be a lot of returning cast members or cameos…

    On another note, I was thinking about what a political play this was for the Beeb…pick a Scottish actor who actually gets to use his Scottish accent to be the Doctor, all the while Scotland is trying to decide if it will remain a part of the UK. Very subtle, interesting play indeed.

    • Oooh… love those theories on “Heaven” and “The Promised Land”. I wonder if they are two places or one and the same.

    • Nicole Chase

      Vastra and Jenny, and imho they suffer from poor characterization/Moffat’s writing. :/

      • Thank you!! And I agree about them being victims of poor writing.

      • Alisa

        Do any of you feel their relationship dynamic seems out of balance? Vastra usually calls Jenny “Dear” and Jenny often calls Vastra “Ma’am” even when they are at home. Jenny comes off as subordinate to Vastra, not at all as if they are equal marriage partners. Their whole dynamic is slightly disturbing.

        • Nicole Chase

          Totally! That’s part of what I was talking about. What’s maddening is that, judging by Jenny’s comments in this episode, she – and by extension Moffat – has noticed the unbalance! Sooooooo fix it, maybe? Blargh.

    • Very interesting, indeed! Even the whole “my eyebrows want to cede from my face!” bit.

  • eswan1600

    Alex Kingston’s hinted that she may be around for part of season 8, so I’m wondering if she’s the person who keeps throwing Clara and the Doctor together. Your thought on paradise being the place where all of the Doctor’s mistakes end up blew my mind. That would be really interesting, esp. with the reference to “The Girl Who Waited.” Have to say, though, I’m not quite sure why they used the dinosaur. Or why the half-man, half-robot guy took a man’s eyes in the middle of the street in a crowd. Why the elaborate restaurant foil then?

    • Tracey

      They needed body parts to fix their space ship and the optic nerve and skin of the dinosaur worked well. The restaurant kept them busy over the years and made them look human, provided “materials”, and gave them a home base.

    • Yeah, the dinosaur thing was a bit of a red herring – kind of like Hitler in “Let’s Kill Hitler” episode. Something big and audacious that ends up not meaning anything to the show or arc.

  • Oh I’m so glad I have you! So, thoughts:
    -I think I’m going to love this Doctor. Get away from the boyishness, which is fitting for someone who has lived thousands of years and experienced such tragedy. Plus scottish accent, swoon. And more sarcasm. Win.
    -Agree about everything Clara. I know that we’re supposed to wonder about her, since she keeps popping up, but I’ve really felt nothing for her. Pretty girl, that’s it. Especially considering how attached I became to Amy from the first fish fingers and custard, it’s been weird to watch so much Clara and just feel… meh. Hoping that the flirting going away will help her become a stronger character.
    -OH! So glad you mentioned the flirting to come with River Song (also a fangirl)! Because in The Angels Take Manhattan, she leaves him so he want see her aging, but now HE looks much much older than she does, so does that mean she’ll stick around? Squeal!
    -I immediately recognized the garden and so wonder what it will mean. Missy creeps the heck out of me. Yikes. She seems like a swimfangirl.

    • I felt that way about the new Doctor, too – and it seems like he’s on more of a mission. That was why the connection with Pompeii was interesting to me. Donna more than most companions was the Doctor’s conscience, someone to say “that’s enough now.” So is he needing that reminder? So intriguing.

      • Another Pompeii connection is the fact that Amy is in that episode. Circles within circles…

  • Ooooh, geek-out-fest! This doctor is…intriguing! I need to watch the episode again (we bought it on iTunes) and there was so much to take in. I didn’t mind the recycled clockwork droid plot – at least it wasn’t Daleks or Cybermen again. Nothing against those villains but it feels like they’ve been used a lot recently. I’m not sure Missy is the “girl in the shop” that gave Clara the Doctor’s number – I kind of want to think it’s Rose/Bad Wolf, because when she said goodbye to the Doctor she said she was back working in the shop, but idk how that would make sense since Rose is in a parallel universe and she’s probably working for Torchwood there. Sooooo who knows? Clara isn’t my favorite companion, but I’m glad we finally saw a bit of her own character. I don’t mind her grieving over Eleven – it makes sense. She’s the first companion since Rose to witness the Doctor’s full regeneration process, and Rose was equally distraught over his regeneration as Clara was.

    I also love your blog and you can write about whatever the heck you want! Also, you have a Four scarf? Awesome. 🙂

    • Oh, my – Rose as “the woman in the shop” – now that’s an idea. I loved Rose but I don’t think she was as slow to warm up to the Doctor once he woke up. She only struggled while he was sleeping then she was quick to embrace him (who wouldn’t though?).

      • Haha, true. Ten is hard to resist 😉

        I had another thought regarding his regeneration this time. He mentioned seeing this face before – I think he looks a bit like Rory Williams as an old man. Add in the Scottish accent and it’s like he regenerated with his two former companions in mind, especially since he “saw” Amy right before he regenerated. I could be way off, and maybe it’s actually a Pompeii reference. I still wonder how they are going to tie that episode in! And will he meet up with River? She said before, in the Library episodes, that he showed up on her doorstep in a new suit and haircut and took her to the singing something-or-others…it was right before she left to go to the Library, and we haven’t seen that yet.

  • Tracey

    Missy feels like the “library” but also reminds me of the bad “guy” in the Snowman. I can see the River feel of it too as we know she was uploaded to the library. There was a connection left open between her and Clara after the “conference call” so there’s a possibility of the garden construct. The garden felt strange – computer-like though. Clara improved a bit for me as well and I was glad we had more closure with Matt – felt weird how “quick” Matt regenerated. Capaldi is going to rock our socks off and we’ll love him just as much as the others.

    • Very interesting – I never thought of the Library… Gracious.

  • Stevey

    One of my friends has a theory that ‘Missy’ is short for Mistress, and that the Master has regenerated as a woman…

    • Oh, my gosh, can you even imagine?!

    • Oh, that would be juicy!

    • She does have that sort of manic energy, and the dancing around. He was one of the creepiest. Yikes.

    • Cara

      OH MY GOSH. That would make such weird creepy sense! I could see that.

    • caitlin

      just a note, there’s a character in Old Who, called The Rani, who is Time Lord, female, and much like the Master. I’m hoping it’s her. 🙂

    • /mindblown

    • Carrie Kintz

      I am now LOSING MY MIND OVER THIS!!!!!

    • Brenda P

      Oh, man! I recall a conversation where the Doctor mentioned someone regenerating as a woman a few times, so we know it’s possible.

  • Tracey
  • April Hunter

    Loved it…..found the acting very good…liked the “other side” of Clara….but I do miss Amy…..my husband and I feel that Capaldi is a much more proper “dr” As much I adored the last two Dr’s…..this one is more of a proper Dr….it’s like the last two were sort of taking a vacation in “being young again” and now the Dr. is properly back..no more flirting…..etc.

    • Yes, a proper Doctor – that’s a good way to put it. And I miss Amy still, too. It took me a while to warm up to her but when I did, I absolutely did.

  • Oh my, just thank you for being a giant weirdo about this. We’re late bloomers, too, and when I go all crazy on my long-time Who friends, they’re all like, “I knew I shouldn’t have introduced you to this…” ANYWAY I agree with basically everything because of course I do. I had to watch this episode with three children and two dogs so I’m sure I missed a bit, but things that stood out to me are :

    1) The Doctor abandoning Clara in the dungeon. I’m also not a huge Clara fan, but seeing as she’s the proxy for the audience, I absolutely felt her shock and despair.
    2) The surprising Amy line, “Times like these I miss Amy” as their table/booth/chair thing drops to the dungeon. I love it when the new Doctors suddenly reference an old storyline or companion, showing us they do remember!
    3) My 11yo son totally nailed it with the Madame de Pompadour connection and we were all like “No, probably not Jack. Nice try, though,” and he was right! and
    4) I read somewhere that someone thought “Missy” was a feminine regeneration of The Master… but the idea that it’s the garden planet where Amy waited all those years?! Ugh! I can’t even with that.

    Your also-devoted-to-River-friend, Karen

    • Yes, when he abandoned her and walked away I was all THAT IS NOT THE DOCTOR COME BACK. But whew. And then again when he left and she wasn’t sure if he was coming back yet again. And I love it when Doctors reference old storylines and characters. I remember being absolutely elated when Matt Smith was getting ready to head back to the lake in Utah and he’s talking to Doriam and says something about going back to help Rose Tyler with her homework or go to all of Jack’s stag parties. I haven’t felt as much love in the Moffat era for the RTD era so those were treats.

    • Brenda P

      I was so mad at the Doctor for leaving Clara on the other side of the door! It felt so callous, not at all what I expect from the Doctor.

  • Anna Killen Maling

    And what did the clockwork droid use out of Clara to fix the ship?? Is anybody else intrigued by that? Droid -“It has been repaired.” Clara-“With What??” Droid- “YOU”
    Am I totally reading waaay to into that or is there something that’s gonna come into play later on.

    • OMG I missed that part. Creepy….

    • Cara

      Oh right! I forgot about that! And wasn’t there some kind of creepy line about skin, too? I was so tired by that point I can’t remember.

  • Shane Deal

    Missy quite possibly may have something to do with Madame de Pompadour, hence why The Half-Face man was looking for the place.

    I will say, I love Clara. I’ve been rather fond of her as a character since Asylum of the Daleks. She’s probably the companion I’ve most quickly taken a liking to and am able to see things through their eyes the easiest. I liked Pond, but never really could connect with the character. I know I’m risking the wrath of Doctor Who folks everywhere, but I really cannot stand Rose. Martha and Donna were alright, but Clara has been the first one I could really relate to.

    To my observations of the character, Clara exist independently of The Doctor and The TARDIS, she doesn’t particularly need either of them. She’s always been one to exist outside the TARDIS. In many ways her character is the reversal of Rose, while Rose sends her message Bad Wolf everywhere, Rose was always very reliant upon The Doctor and the TARDIS. Clara, however, does most of her ‘work’ outside of the TARDIS and separated from The Doctor.

    Like Rose, Clara manages to send a version of herself to every time. To Clara, the TARDIS is smaller on the outside, because the universe is her TARDIS. She doesn’t need the TARDIS to show her the universe, she needs it to see the universe in a different way. As to Rose and Clara being connected, they’re mirrors of each other, one reflecting the inside, the other reflecting the outside.

    I will say I love the fact he’s Scottish.

    • Holy smokes, I think my brain just melted over your paragraph about Rose and Clara connection. That is BRILLIANT.

      • Mine , too! #jawdrop I suddenly like Clara way more than 5 minutes ago.

  • Alanna Fairbairn

    The common theory in the theater I was in was that Missy is another manifestation of the TARDIS, due to the fact that the garden was sort of the same shape. And it would make sense that she considers him her boyfriend in that case. Could explain why she was freaking out over Clara at first, besides the whole timeline crossing too much issue. The Doctor definitely flirted with Clara more than anyone except River. And River had a bit of the TARDIS in her in any case. That theory doesn’t take into account why she seems sinister now though, which she definitely did. I’m not comfortable theorizing that the TARDIS is a mistake and is going to turn on the Doctor. That just seems too sad.

    As for Capaldi, I loved him as soon as he had a Scottish accent. I like that he’s immediately having an identity crisis, more drastic than David with his fighting hand or Matt trying to figure out what he likes to eat. He’s trying to figure out why he’s got his face (with the eyebrows that could open a bottle) and I love that they are connecting that with his cameo role. I love every moment of series 4, so any throwbacks to that are welcomed with open arms.

    I have a thing for the underdog companions. I never hated Martha, I just thought she got the short stick in writing and in timing, just after Rose. I kinda figured the same thing would happen with Clara given that she came on after the absolutely devastating loss of the Ponds. I think she’s also been given the short stick in writing of her character, so I was glad that she had to do a lot of soul searching in this episode to decide what she was going to do with this drastically different person who is suddenly standing in front of her.

    I loved all the in jokes. When Strax

    • YOU DIDN’T LOVE ROSE?! *faint*

      • Alanna Fairbairn

        I did love Rose. She wasn’t my favorite, Donna holds that position.

      • what is this i can’t even

    • TARDIS. yes. I like this, too.

    • Whoa, mind blown. I could see Missy being the TARDIS. How cool of the Doctor to *create* a promised land for an enemy IN the TARDIS.

  • Melanie Dale

    PUSHED. I’m throwing down for pushed…and I kinda hope pushed. Does that make me a psychopath?! I NEEDED Clara in this episode. I’m always a slow warm-up with new doctors, and as the episode started I found myself oh so nervous, afraid I wouldn’t ever be able to like this scowling man. Clara was my lifeline. I felt judged by Vastra and mad at myself for rejecting our Doctor and Clara just walked that whole path for me. I loved that Capaldi ran around in a nightgown, found clothes from a homeless person, and waffled around trying to find his new look. When he found out and flipped open that red lining, I was his. Loved the Girl in the Fireplace references and went back and watched it over the weekend. I can’t wait to dig deeper into that plot. I got the feeling River Song was “saved” in the library and her timeline with Doctor was over because of what he told her on Trensalore? I would LOVE to see more of her and think she’d be stunning with Capaldi. So much more to say but I’m sitting at 4yo’s ballet on my phone and my thumbs are now exhausted. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE BLOGGING DOCTOR WHO. Never, ever stop. I didn’t think it was possible to love your blog more, and then you go and do this.

    • I needed Clara, too. I felt a little hostile towards Vastra when she judged Clara for needing a minute to adjust. And yay! We’re talking Doctor Who!

  • Nurse Bee

    Let me just say first off, I was a HUGE fan of Matt Smith as the doctor (especially the seasons with Amy….love her too). I felt like this first episode was trying too hard to convince the fans that a new doctor was okay. But it took me a little while to adjust to David Tenant as well. I guess we shall see….

    • Me, too – it always takes me a while. I had to chuckle at this picture because it is SO me for the regenerations.

      • Brenda P

        I loved David right away and was so distrustful of Matt at first, but now I can’t decide who I like better, David or Matt. I would be delighted if I learned to love this new Doctor as much.

  • Sarah, you will always have a reader for your Doctor Who posts….devoted Whovian here. Tennant fan, River Song fan. And I loved Capaldi – and it happened at the exact same line, when he climbs out the window saying ‘This is me’. He looks compelling, scary but yet emotional and tender. And there’s no doubt…he pushed him. Just look at those eyes following his ‘fall’. Says it all.

    So glad Capaldi is in – not a fan of Smith at all, and Capaldi looks like a return to the quality, authority and depth of Tennant, Looks good. And didn’t notice that identical date…spooky!!!

    I loved Rose too (and Donna). Wonderful. Not quite had a companion like it since (though Amy and Clara have had their moments). And yes, so many references to the ‘Girl in the Fireplace” (one of my all-time fave episodes too) he even kinda remembers that story himself.

    River Song with Capaldi would be excellent – would love to see the chemistry and the potential darkness there, going to be interesting to see if that happens.

    Oh, and it’s going to be difficult for me now tweeting about Doctor Who…I live in the UK and get it Saturdays so anything I tweet is going to be ‘spoilers’…(hey look at me, I’m almost River Song…except a man…maybe James Song???)…will try not to tweet too much so I don’t ruin it for you over the pond. Sorry, this comment has been all a bit random…but love talking about Doctor Who (total Whovian, as you can tell). Looking forward to your upcoming thoughts on this series.

    And what did you think about the new starting credits/theme…?

    • I was slow to warm up to Smith but then I began to love him. He moved from comic to menacing to melancholy is easily. But yes, a return to the authority – that’s a good way to put it. And I did NOT like the new credits, not one bit. Felt clunky and steam punk which isn’t Doctor Who to me. But maybe it was just a one-off for the episode? I hope that’s not the official new credits forever. Blergh.

      • Smith grew on me too – his first and last series I loved, in between, not so much. He did have the capacity for surprising depth at times, but not my fave. My Doctor will always be Tennant, cried when he regenerated…

        And as for the new credits, I’m sadly certain they are indeed the official new credits. A fan submitted an idea for a new credits sequence and Moffat loved it so much he decided to base the new credits on it, it’s definitely here to stay…but hopefully not for too long. The credits for the last series, and for Tennant’s series (all of them), were much better.

        • Brenda P

          Ugh, I hate the new opening credits. It doesn’t say Doctor Who at all to me!

        • I can tell you exactly when I loved Matt Smith as The Doctor. The Narnia Christmas special where he tells the mom that she is uncomfortable with the kids being happy because she knows they will be sad very soon, but they need to be happy right now, because they will be very sad soon. Tears & love at that moment.

  • Cheryl

    “Don’t look in that mirror, it’s furious!” In my opinion, the best line so far. Still making me giggle. I think I’m going to love Peter Capaldi as the 12th. (Although, have you heard the speculation that he’s the first in a new cycle?)

    • I actually barked out loud with laughter at that one. Hilarious!

    • Cara

      Yes, that was so funny! That whole scene was hilarious.

  • Cara

    Ohh, Sarah. You are so my favorite. I am SO EXCITED that you want to post about Doctor Who once a week…! Count me in as one of the six. 😉

    My thoughts: well first things first, I was so ready to love this new doctor that he would have had to be truly appalling to change my mind, so I’m definitely a fan. Gonna be great, I think. After all that talk about him being darker, etc. I think I was prepared for someone a lot less lovable. A loose cannon, as you said, certainly. And with an angry face like that, look out, bad guys! His speech to the dinosaur at the beginning seemed like something the 10th doctor might have said, promising to keep her safe and get her home… too bad she blew up. Poor thing. Although yes, leaving Clara like that was SO COLD. And that pause was definitely long enough that I was wondering if he really was going to come back for her!

    Ditto your thoughts about Clara, they have not given her any emotional connection or good story arcs up til now, and this episode gave her so much more dimension. Also her relationship with the 11th doctor, while affectionate, always felt like she was just a stand in for Amy– there was so much more going on between her and the 12th doctor in just this episode. Jenna Coleman definitely nailed the confused, grieving, angry, and teensy-bit-controlling Clara here. I’m excited to see these two together this season. And it seems EVERYONE is relieved to be done with the flirting (we hope). I didn’t think it was so bad with Clara but the weird Doctor/Amy romantic tension drove me crazy until it finally settled into a deep brother/sister kind of affection. Blecch.

    Love the connections you’re making with the Pompeii episode… perhaps we’ll see a major ethical dilemma this season? I feel like any “message” the doctor might be communicating with himself must have something to do with Gallifrey and the other time lords, because that was kind of the major event right before he regenerated. I loved his thoughts on his new face… so funny. “Attack eyebrows,” and “Who frowned me this face?”

    I would love to see River again, but her farewell at Trenzalore just felt really final to me, so I’m not counting on it… although I hate to think of her consciousness trapped in the Library forever, so sad.

    I’m gonna have to go with pushed… I mean, one of them was “lying about their base code” and I’m guessing it wasn’t the one that was actually a machine with an actual base code. I could be wrong though!

    In general, I loved it! Thanks for letting me sit on your couch! Let’s do it again next week… woohoo!

    • Cara

      I forgot to say how much I loved Matt Smith’s cameo… did not see that coming! Definitely had me sniffling. And laughing, too, when he was asking if his newer self was old, haha.

  • Casey

    As a girl who had a Doctor Who themed engagement (because my Guy knows exactly how to get me to agree to marriage – bribe me with my very own TARDIS bookshelf!) – well, I just loved the episode! I couldn’t see it in theatre on opening day, but I saw it yesterday (again) and there were enough Whovians to still feel the love. Nothing better than community.

    I flip flopped from not sure if I liked this newest Doctor, but about half way through, I kept thinking, “Awwww, he’s still the same man after all!” only to be horrified when he left Clara behind, then practically cheering when he grabbed her hand at that leap of faith. I thought they did a GREAT job with the episode, and I can’t wait to find out how the rest of the season will play out!

    I’ve heard rumors that Clara may leave at Christmas – I know it won’t happen, but a tiny part of my soul wants them to bring back the Ponds!

  • Hi, I’m new around here. Anyway, I love this! I don’t really have all that many people to discuss my Whovian love with, so I like this idea. And I’m with you on so. many. points.
    I was definitely unsure of this new Doctor until the door/window bit. I was gleeful at that moment. And I’m SO GLAD the Clara flirting is over as well because…I don’t like her. At least not yet, but I really hope that changes. And I’m sure it’s hard to follow Amy and Rory as the next companion (I mean who isn’t still heartbroken over them?), but please don’t flirt with the Doctor! River Song is Eleven’s true love. Fellow fangirl here!
    You have amazing insight into his new face and volcano day and everything else. I love these theories and the eyebrows! Really, one of the reasons I love this show so much is that you can watch it over and over and catch new things and develop new theories.
    Great post! Thank you!

  • J Reck

    Ooooo! I’m so behind on Who-lore. I actually just posted on my own blog about how I’m sort of intimidated to get back into it b/c I have SO MANY FRIENDS who are expert Whovians. I just know I can’t reach their level. But I DID design a TARDIS shirt for my friend’s daughter. So woot! (Hopefully that gives me a little bit of street cred anyway…) http://www.jennspirationts.com/blog

  • Carrie Kintz

    I think this is THE BEST IDEA EVER. Responding to your blog post would really be my own blog post here, and we know… Facebook isn’t a blog. Anyway – I am already so excited and impressed by Capaldi. I think he’s going to be a wonderful Doctor and an amazing mix of current and old. I loved the line when he was thinking about clothes and wondering if he should get another long scarf. “I need, um, I need clothes. That’s what I need. And a big long scarf. No. I’ve moved on from that. Looks stupid.” And his line, “It’s times like this I miss Amy.” HAHAHAHA.

    The video blog at the beginning of the movie release was a hoot. I love that the show isn’t so serious that it isn’t afraid to mock itself. In the words of Nine, it’s fantastic. Ok. I’m done gushing now. But consider this blog reader thrilled about your new direction of blogging overall and especially Doctor Who amazingness.

  • Melissa Rushin Irr

    Here is my comment posted to your Facebook link: Love it! I think you have more than 6 of us who are also Whovians. I have a private tutoring program (i.e. homeschooling other people’s kids in addition to my own) and as the first student arrived this morning, she caught me watching Doctor Who (her family also watches occasionally). I commented that I guess it was time to turn off the Doctor and no sooner had the TV gone dark than my phone rang with the 10th Doctor’s ringtone for my son who is away at college. Poor Hope and I dissolved into laughter at me thinking I could so easily ‘turn off’ the Doctor. If the Doctor wants your attention, he’s going to get it. Looking forward to your weekly blogs about the new season!

    On a deeper level, when the Doctor pleads with Clara to really see him at the end of the episode, isn’t that the yearning we all have in life? To be truly seen for who we are and not what we appear to be. He tore out our hearts with the need to be recognized at the very core of his being. How many times in our lives do we feel the same way? How blessed are we if even one person takes the time to truly see us? So many theological implications wrapped in that one piece of dialogue.

  • I watched it with my daughter who is a massive Whovian. She liked it and I am still a little unsure about how I feel with this new Dr but I am more than willing to give him a chance. He seems very angry…

  • Hannah

    There is a theory that Missy is a female incarnation of the master.
    As well, in Classic Who (I think 6th doctor) it is a part of the plot that says the 12th incarnation of the doctor is “evil”. So what I’m wondering is, are they going to keep this, or ignore it completely? Also, there is the whole war doctor thing which would mean that 11 is the “evil” doctor which doesn’t make sense at all. Anyway, there is a whole lot of suggestion in this episode, with abandoning clara and possibly stealing the coat/pushing the guy. So. I guess we’ll see.
    Also, I think we’re going to see more of River, because in the Silence in the Library she has the screwdriver from “her doctor” however we never see 11 give her his sonic screwdriver. Could Capaldi be her doctor?

    • Brenda P

      Ooh, yes! River’s screwdriver in the Library didn’t look at al like 11’s.

    • SCREWDRIVER. oh be still my heart. i dare to hope for more river.

  • This is my favorite thing on the internet. And I can’t wrap my mind around jump/push yet because SKIN BALLOON. {shiver}. Clara is like the Gilmore Girls companion to me – fast talker, witty, quick on her feet but I don’t love her like I loved Donna or Rose. They always surprise me by the end though 🙂

  • Brenda P

    I just finished watching the episode and immediately read this. So many feels! I’ve been so worried about this incarnation of the Doctor, because while I’ve seen a handful of classic episodes, my heart is with the reboot. So all I’ve known is these young-looking, energetic Doctors, and I was so worried how that may or may not translate into an older-looking Doctor. I felt kind of terrified that everything seemed so confusing at the beginning. If the Doctor didn’t even seem to know who he was, how are we supposed to adjust? I waned to start bawling when Matt Smith showed up again. So not sure at all how I feel about this new Doctor. I only see hints so far of the character I love, and I feel like I don’t know him anymore, either. Although that whole him wanting to be seen thing just yanks my little heartstrings raw (isn’t that what we ALL really want?).

    And Clara. I like how she stood up and refused to answer questions even though she was terrified, but I still don’t feel any connection to her. She always feels so glib to me. I bawled my eyes out when Rose left, and then I cried again saying good-bye to Amy and Rory. I knew I probably wouldn’t like her much because there’s the direct comparison between her and the Ponds, and no one can beat Amy in my mind (of course, I felt the same way about Rose). I never loved Martha, either, although I wasn’t as bored with her as I am with Clara.

    Can I just add that I despise the new TARDIS? I’m not wild about the inside, but the outside windows are ghastly! It looks like a plastic toy rather than a wondrous time machine. I just got a TARDIS shower curtain for my bathroom, so I see it every day, and I actually flinched when I saw the new TARDIS design. Sigh.

  • oh my god, i adore you.

    THE ROSE CONNECTIONS. never picked up on that until now, thank you very much. clara may be redeemed yet in my bitter little heart by this observation. i’ve been petulantly disappointed in moffat’s writing of clara (the actress is great, clara is meh) and this episode was like…she woke up. i have hope, i think. maybe.

    ALSO your comment about Missy makes the most sense to me than anything i’ve tried out yet in my brain so far.

    i will definitely be reading along with your blogs, and maybe blogging my reactions, too. maybe.

    capaldi shows promise. this could be good. maybe. i am jaded. but i want it to be good.

  • Paul Wesley

    I looove the 12th Doctor. I’ve been a big Capaldi fan for a while now and his performance as the Doctor has only served to increase my affection.
    The rather prickly dynamic between Clara and the Doctor is a deep breath of fresh air for the show and I can’t wait to see how it develops.
    I thought Jenna did a stellar job in this episode. I generally think most actors second seasons in any role are a bit more assured.
    The classic Whovian in me, was chuffed to see the real life husband of the beautiful Elisabeth Sladen; Brian Miller, playing the Tramp. I’m pretty sure Sarah Jane will always be my favourite companion. Call it my first companion love.
    I’ll opt out of the “who is Missy” speculation, but on another topic, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out where the Doctor went in the TARDIS, before he returned for Clara, later in the series.
    Glad to share our mutual love of the greatest show in the world, with family from all over the globe.

  • AMD

    I am in LOVE with this post–and surely there are more than 6 people reading this who also are obsessed with Dr Who (It’s only one of the best shows ever) Please keep up all the wondering–it is great for those of us who have not managed to suck our significant others into the Who Universe(s) 🙂

  • Dr Sheldon Alton-Cooper

    Good stuff Sarah…Dr Who is great and fun. I don’t know about you but it’s way to easy to get bogged or blogged down in our usual run of the mill writing 😉

  • lucy

    O my gosh. TV spirit animal! I absolutely loved this episode it was so good. Only bit a tad rubbish was the underdeveloped half face guy (hopefully to be rectified in the future). The new Scottish doctor was so good, icy, passionate, hilarious and frankly terrifying. When he was with the homeless man? I thought he might actually hurt him. then when he left Clara all alone? I let out a no and gasped. I was so grateful he came back. I really like Jenny, Vastra and Sax, hope they get a spin off. so many questions, who is Missy? What is this heaven place? Did he jump or was he pushed? Can’t wait until Saturday!
    As always an excellent blogpost.x

  • Oh, Sarah, I love you more every time I read your words!! Jesus Feminist is rocking my world, and now you’re speaking to my geek side. #allthefeels

  • Angelica Cervantes

    This is why I love reading your blogs. Sometimes I wish I could just have you over for tea or coffee and tons of talk about books and shows and loving Jesus in this crazy world! You’re like a kindred spirit!

    So I agree with everything you said including not being connected to Clara. I hear she’s leving in the next Christmas special and I have to say it’s the first time I’m looking forward to a companion leaving. I had such high hopes for her with how she was originaly introduced (my favorite episode is the one at the Dalek Asylum) but it really didn’t seem to go anywhere exciting for me. Maybe it should have been a clue that she had never seen an episode of the show until she had to audition. I hope the companion next week is a better success.

    I am super excited for this Doctor , though. I think he will be superb. And if we agree that this primier episode has ties to the past, I vote that 12 pushed him out of the balloon like 10 pushed the Sykerak (pretty sure I spelled it wrong) off the spaceship on his first episode. I think the past has already provedthat the Doctor is more than capable of dark

    I hope this season is more thrilling than I expect and that we all love it! I look forward to more of these conversations!

  • Ok. I haven’t read all of the comments yet. (I’m @ work, gotta keep this quick!) How can he have pushed, if The Doctor is A Man Who Never Would? That’s all I could think when they were discussing whether he could push him or not.

  • Great Whovian

    I think we got some great insights into this new doctor and capaldi will shine in his own way. For me it wasnt just the big moments that was making capaldi feel like the doctor to me( like the see me speach) it was the small subtle ones such as the ive guessed the key word already ‘geronimo’, the i speak dinosaur part and wanting more round things on the walls.

    The part when clara stands up for herself and says that if she knows the doctor he will have herback and then he shows up i thought was excellent. Obviously we knew he would save her but i didnt see that coming at that time and must admit i had a grin on my face and thought here we go!

    Did he push him or not??
    Too me as soon as the doctor said about his basic programming being not to be able to murder someone i thought RULE 1 THE DOCTOR LIES plus not only has he killed thousands/millions before i assume at some point in this series he would have to kill someone. Also if we think back the doctor already told the half face man he has the feeling he’s going to have to kill him when he offered him a drink.

    Kitty- no idea yet on who this could play out to be, gonna try and not spoil this arc by thinking is she her or her, like we all did with the beloved riversong for how many years, but just go by what the story is telling us and try to be surprised at the end. Early thoughts, maybe she rounds up all the doctors mistakes/villains this series after he defeats them and unleashes them all in the finale.

    If you read to the end, thanks for sticking with me and hope someone or anyone found this useful/interesting. 🙂

  • Kiernan Schroeder

    I love this. Thank you for geeking out with me! I always feel a bit embarrassed to admit how much I love Doctor Who (which is entirely too much). I’ll need to prepare my own blog contribution!

  • Kiernan Schroeder

    Also — loved the Doctor’s Scottish side! And the Amy connection (“I miss Amy”!)…so interesting. I’d love it if they brought back River Song. (Also, didn’t you love the reference to Scottish Independence?)

  • Terri Trewin

    I so didn’t pick up that Clara lives in the Powel Estate!???!!!?? For real?

  • Such a River fan also. I know Matt Smith doesn’t want Moffat to give River to Twelve, but I really want to believe that River’s relationship with the Doctor spanned more than two regenerations. So I hope that Twelve and River get to have some adventures.

  • Thanks for posting! Hardly anyone around here has seen the new episode, and I love reading up the theories. The Missy mystery is driving me nuts!

  • Jorgen Von Strat

    Hello all! I don’t have any friends that are whovian so I am bursting to talk to someone about this new episode. Did the slapstick sound effects bother anyone else? I think i will like Capaldi, still a bit early for me to tell but that always happens with the regenerations and then i fall in love. As for Clara, I liked her before, i did not like her in “Deep Breath”. She looked haggard in every scene, even in ones I felt she wasn’t supposed to. I did not like all the Vastra/Jenny/Strax screen time, they are side characters and i feel like this was a setup for a spin off. If Im wrong help me, point out the hidden gems i may have missed. I liked the villain, i liked the dino, and I liked victorian setting.

  • Lisa Adams

    I don’t know if someone has mentioned this already, but regarding whether Half Face was pushed or jumped, I saw something recently that pointed out something the Tenth Doctor said. He admitted to having killed people before but then he got clever and was able to make people kill themselves. Perhaps, then, it was a bit of both?

  • david


  • david

    Has anyone else notice the word

  • david

    Is it me or something sinister. All four episodes so far

  • Michael Hansen

    I assumed “Missy” was the new face of the Master. Master=Mistress=Missy. Plus she reminds me of a female version of Roger Delgado.

    I introduced my wife (before we married) to the Doctor with the Van Gogh episode. Now she gets more excited about the show than I do!

  • david


  • tpanariso

    I finally bought my season pass on Itunes and girl, you are speaking my love language. I have been waiting to read and catch up with your posts and here I am. I agree on all counts including really not liking Clara- wishing she was spunk… More meaningful. This episode helped…a bit. And also, I have to remind myself that every time the doctor regenerates, it is a new relationship that we have to build. I believe that the moment he looked at the door, was my point of- yes, I will adore him.

    I also loved how they spoke to the fans- in terms of his age and where Clara gets a phone call. He wasn’t just calling her, he was calling us too. Not to mention our lady lizard daring us to judge him.

    Speaking of, I am so done with the trio. What are your thoughts on them?

  • david

    Right episode 5 just watched. Yes that mentioned the word again, guys say i am not the only one

  • PopZ Poppy

    The new doctor is KILLING me… I miss 10 SOO bad!!

  • Lloyd Franklin

    I’ve seen every Doctor Who episode ever made and for me 2005 Series 8 has to be the worst and I can’t stand the 12th Doctor. I have no problem with his age it’s just he’s so boring. Christopher Eccleston is my favourite Doctor.

  • Ally

    BTW you missed one massive nod to Rose, The flowers the entire episode I think was a nod to her but. Those yellow roses he’s holding while he’s making his speach about it all being familier. Not even pink or red roses but yellow (blonde rose)