“I believe Canada will lead all of us, that Canadian *women* are going to lead the way for this next movement of the Church.” 

When I heard those words, my whole spirit leaped in a “YES!” Those words were spoken by an American friend of mine who was right at the beginning of stepping into her own new call of ministry in the United States. We were on the phone for a chat about the big conference and bible study program that she was launching when she dropped those words right into the middle of our conversation. She said them with humility and conviction. She knew that it was time for Canada to begin to rise and to lead.

I’ve thought about her words often over the past few years as I have seen Canadian women rising up all across our nation, from coast-to-coast-coast, with love and righteousness, with mercy and justice, with abundance and welcome. Right on the heels of that conversation, the dream for Gather began to take shape in so many hearts across Canada. What would it look like for us to do that thing – that leading, that gathering, that gospel-hoping, that showing-up, that refugee-welcoming, that healing, that unsung work – together? 

What if, instead of being a pack of disjointed soloists, the church in Canada began to tear down walls that divide us, to reach across denominational and theological lines, to reject tribalism and embrace sisterhood? It would look something like the Kingdom of Heaven breaking through, I believe.

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