I like to eavesdrop on Anne and Joseph these days.
They share a room and so their conversations can be quite educational.

Anne has that big sister tendency to always want to teach Joe everything that she knows.

“Now, Joe,” hands on hips, akimbo,
“God loves us all the time.
He made everything.
Everything except, um, beaver houses.
And Esther was a girl who saved her people because she loved God.
And…God makes you sing and make you rest.
He is the one that made the heavens and the stars.
He’s always kind and never bad-angry.

When you look at him, his face is love.

“Yes, my know, Annie,” Joe says, matter-of-fact.

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In which I choose One Word for 2012 :: Fearless
In which [love looks like] a real marriage
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  • “His face is love.”

    I hope she remembers this every single day of her life. 

  • I love this.  I am a mommy of 2 boys, 5 & 2 so I can totally relate to these beautiful little conversations.  I also just want to say that I am thrilled and inspired to have come across your blog  (I also follow you on Pinterest now which makes me feel a bit like an internet stalker for following your pages but not actually knowing you).  I told my husband when describing your blog, “she’s so much like me!  only she’s better at being me than I am!”.  I’m sure people tell you all the time but it is so empowering to “hear someone else speak” the words and thoughts many of us in ministry are screaming on the inside.  I just felt compelled to say thank you and let you know how much you’re helping me as I navigate the female side of this pastoral ministry thing.  It is reassuring to know that I’m just not a crazy woman with an attitude.

  • I love hearing my little ones talk about God to each other too… and sing the old hymns. My 2 year old’s favorites are “Victory The Head” and “Sweet Cheerios” (Victory Ahead and Swing Low Sweet Chariot) I also love to hear him sing “My God is SOOOO BIGGGG so strong and so MIGHTY there’s nothing he cannot do – FOR YOU & ME!” with that much emphasis. I found my 4 year old laying in the kitchen floor travailing – “oooohhhh GOD… help people love you, give (my sister who needs a job) a job, give us wisdom…” she was “playing church” but God was there, his presence was sweet and I’m so glad.

  • Oh, how our Father must have loved that conversation!

  • Canita

    They sound lovely.  🙂  

  • “He’s always kind and never bad-angry.”

    There’s old, aching wisdom in that.

  • Diana Trautwein

    My know, too, Sarah. Wise girl, that Anne.

  • jodi shaw

    It is a wonderful gift, watching our children grow, the things they say, things they believe, conversations they have. I think that is precious your Anna, talking and teaching her brother things. There is a huge span between my boys so their conversations are more “JJ don’t say that around your brother…” with Trace replying “Tis okay mama, I ignore the bad words” lol

  • Alisha

    this gave me chills. I love this so much! what blessed children God has given you! that is so awesome.

  • Katherine

    Oh my that is so sweet.

  • Stephanie

    The beaver houses bit made me smile.

    Also, clearly SHE’s been eavesdropping on some great conversations between you and others. Kudos!