In which Brian gets laid….(off)

Okay, that is the worst title known to man. But admit it – you laughed. And the fact that Brian and I both snickered like junior high boys over it, almost makes the reality of it a bit easier to bear.

The company that Brian works for declared bankruptcy and, of course, that meant that he was released from his job. Laid off, if you will. No more paycheque. No more company truck. No more cell phone. It’s just ka-put. Suddenly, unemployed, just like that.
We’ve felt a bit like we just got the wind knocked out. He knew the company was in trouble but wasn’t expecting anything quite this drastic.
So here we are. Wondering what’s next.
He is 2 classes away from being finished with that graduate degree. After the tinies were born, he couldn’t finish while working full time so it’s just sat there, nearly-done-but-not-quite for nearly two years. We’re going to see if he can get a grant to complete it as part of the government’s economic recovery plan. He’ll be on pogey for a while, I imagine. I’m going to try to pick up some extra hours to cover the mortgage. And once his degree is complete, he’ll find another full time job. We would both love to see him doing something he loved so much, like full time vocational pastoring, again. His heart is with people and, even though he loves being a carpenter, he misses it. But even if, when he’s done his degree, he still works as a carpenter, that’s okay, too.
We do appreciate your encouragement, support and prayers. Right now, we’re still a bit numb. Not feeling any fear or worry yet, just waiting to see what God has planned for us.

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