In which Evelynn sucks on Joe’s ear

Yep – holding a hockey stick. Because, of course.

I was nursing Evelynn when Joe pushed the kitchen chair over next to us.
He climbed up, like he always does in the evenings,
to sit beside us and hold my hair.
Evelynn finished and I propped her up to burp her and
Joe leaned his head on my shoulder with a deep sigh.

Suddenly, Evelynn flung her arms around his head in a big hug,
leaned over and started to suck on his ear.
He gave a shout and sat up.
She started to giggle and her eyes lit up
with big-brother-worship.
He leaned back down and said,
“That okay, Ebalynn-doan, you suck on my ear.”
(I swear his baby-boy voice sounds like a little Cookie Monster.)
She wrapped her arms around him again and
started to suck on his ear, drooling into his neck, slobberslobberslobber.
It tickled and he giggled and she giggled and I sat there,
six inches away from a bit of a miracle, grinning.

Evelynn quite loves Joseph.
For some reason, he always makes her smile and
he can get her laughing harder than almost anyone else.
She follows him with her eyes and
it was to see him that she rolled over for the first time.
While Anne wants to “play” with her and look after her and dress her,
Joe just likes to be with her.
He’ll lay at a weird angle for as long as she wants,
letting her suck on his ear, just because he knows she likes it.

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  • Mama Bean

    and that is quite simply how brothers love their sisters. i’ve got two (brothers) and they did just this (metaphorically…) totally precious.

  • Erin Adams

    I love it!  Gets me teary.  I love kid/baby love.  

  • annaliseree

    Oh that just melts my heart!  (And I know if I was pregnant right now I would be a blubbering mess!)  :o)  Sweet brother…  

  • Miranda

    Aw, that’s precious! I hope for that same bond for my daughter too oneday.

  • mylestones

    This is so uncontrollably precious! And that Joe, he is really something.
    Love these sweet stories of yours, my friend.