Sometimes the most holy thing you can do is
sing a song, lift your hands, and move your hips a bit.
I don’t dance often, just around my dining room,
with a laughing baby in my tired arms,
tinies swirling and twirling through the furniture,
sometimes I dance at the grocery store, as I push the heavy cart.

I am distrustful of concerts and light shows at church,
I have mega-church-baggage, I know, so.
On Sunday, a woman I know, a woman I like, mama of three,
stood on stage in her jeans, with a guitar in her hands,
surrounded by neighbour-musicians, her husband, too,
and she sang loud and lusty psalm praise, her throat exposed,
her feet thumping, hair moving, voice carrying anthems, and I stood
in front of her, unable to move while
everyone sang like Pentecostals.

I cried into my boy’s coarse hair (he likes to be held during
singing, he likes
me to sing into his ears,
he’s too heavy for this, but
I do it anyway)
because it was just us
always just us, a remnant gathered,
singing songs, moving our feet,
we’ll still be singing and dancing
when the evening comes.

I heard that they found the “God Particle,” this Higgs boson.
And it sounds a bit like Cuban dance music, a tango, there’s a high note there, too.
I keep listening to it on the BBC website, and
The God Particle, it sounds like dancing.

Of course it does.
Of course it does.
Blessed be His name.



In which I write a love letter (to my own body)
In which I write about benches, restoration, and egalitarian pleasure parties
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  • Beautiful.  Just beautiful.  

  • It not only sounds like dancing, it is dancing…I like this alot, Sarah…good work.

  • Absolutely beautiful!  I can hardly wait to hear that “God Particle” in heaven.  I can only imagine the music… the dancing… Ahhh…. Come Lord Jesus! Come!  Blessed be your name, indeed.

  • I’m a little obsessed with how you wrote this. The pacing? The spacing? I feel like I want to write music to it. If I wrote music. 

    (The enter key brings me great joy.)I had no idea that you could hear the God Particle! I think it also sounds like a Jane Austen movie.

  • Love this! Fun fact: my college friend Derek is on the team that discovered the Higgs boson. He is wicked smart.

  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    these words are a dance of their own.  you don’t need to move your feet to dance, only to move the soul.

  • I’ve always had a thing for dance-as-worship, even with my stoic Midwestern USA upbringing, even with my own church baggage. Maybe because it’s my last thought, that my response can (and longs to) be embodied, quite literally to move me. Your last stanza made me cry. I remember now, how everything is praise if we just listen close enough.

  • I clicked the link, listened to the sound and almost fell to my knees. 

    Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. 

  • Jerry

    On the mega-church baggage note, many times have I had to repent of cynicism and a judgmental spirit when I show back up to those settings. Normally happens halfway through the sermon that’s filled with Jesus and His wonder. At that point, I decide to sing the songs at the end of the service and am real upset I missed out on the fun at the beginning all because I decided walking in that I’d put on the “Yea, I ate lemons for breakfast” face. 

    Thank you! Loved it. 

  • This is just lovely!  Thank you!

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