In which I admit to being a prolific blogger

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I’ve often been called a prolific blogger. (Why does that never feel like a compliment?) As life has become more complex and busy over those years – I’ve had three babies in a little over four years, we’ve moved a few times, I’ve cycled in and out of working in marketing for credit unions and non-profits, my husband in graduate school and working full time, now I’m trying to write a book – people just couldn’t understand why I was still writing How did I have time or energy for this kind of output? Granted, not all of it is worthwhile, but I write, almost every single day, and I’ve been doing it for years.

The answer is simple.

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  • tara pohlkotte

    love this. {as usual} – – but most importantly. dear friend, thank you for speaking out against the ugliness of the word blogger or blogging.  bleh. it is putrid. really.  it’s right up there with panties and moist in my opinion. 

    • Sarah Bessey

      “Moist” = SHUDDER.

  • HeatherKopp_SoberBoots

    This cartoon is so perfect! Love it! Not only do I hope Dave reads my posts, I sometimes expect him to, especially when I’ve been letting him “off the hook,” in terms of giving them a look before I post them. Poor man. As if he doesn’t have enough on his plate. More and more I’m trying to just blab them out and not edit them to death and just get on with it. I am SO glad you’re prolific, Sarah. I love that there’s always something new to read here. You bless me so much and I admire your talent to the point of covetousness at times. Then I repent. :) Thanks for this. 

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, heather – I won’t tell you HOW HARD Brian laughed when he saw that cartoon. “THIS IS MY LIFE!” may have been hollered.

  • AnnGMorrone