In which I am currently…

Listening … the soundtrack of Midnight in Paris. I blame Stephanie entirely for this. It’s my new favourite movie and I can’t stop watching it, the soundtrack is divine. (The library late fees will be staggering.)

WatchingDownton Abbey is absolutely sublime but it makes me sad that it’s so popular now. I liked when I had it all to myself for that brief shining moment. Now everyone has an opinion on O’Brien. I’m waiting on Series 4 of Lark Rise to Candleford from the library. And, of course, as aforementioned, Midnight in Paris is on repeat.

Reading … When I have deadlines or feel a bit overwhelmed, I read books-that-cannot-be-put-down. Hence, I’ve just finished a rip-roaring run through Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games trilogy. Also reading Introverts in the Church by Adam McHugh; I feel very validated by this book and will probably tell you more about it later. Next up is Brennan Manning’s memoir, All is Grace and Jen Hatmaker’s, 7: A Mutiny Against Excess.

Eating … peanut butter on toast, my one weakness.

Drinking … french press coffee.

Wearing … maternity yoga pants and an old plaid shirt from my 90s Nirvana days. (Man, I wish I had done this little meme on a day when I had on cute clothes…alas.)

Feeling … tired after a long night with Evelynn up frequently but rather content. I love mornings.

Weather … the snow is still piled but it’s melting, the mercury is hovering around zero and rain is falling.

Wanting … a full night’s sleep and a back rub and a morning to write write write. Also, a ticket to Blissdom wouldn’t suck.

Needing … to get on with the day but rather content to sit here, watching Ever play while the tinies watch their morning show and I drink my coffee.

Thinking … of my book proposal (constantly), of Brian who has been working non-stop on call and at school, just missing him so much, what to make for lunch, books I want to read, what’s on the docket for school today, laundry to do, does Joe need to pee…

Enjoying … My new knitting project – I’m finally attempting a sweater for my 6’5″ husband so we’re talking a lot of stockinette stitch which is perfectly suited for another viewing of Midnight in Paris, this cup of coffee, the stacks of library books scattered around the house, this moment.

What about you? What are you currently up to?

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  • Julie Shreve

    I just watched Midnight in Paris last night.  Loved it.  Such a good story.  Never thought of buying the soundtrack, though, but it was fantastic!

    • Sarah Bessey

      It is amazing!

  • Heather

    Love this post about pretty! So cool. Boy do I relate. You put it here so beautifully and naturally. Thanks, Sarah. It reminded me that I have to quit explaining away every compliment I get by saying, “I got it at the arc” (That’s our local salvation army thrift store). I seem to live in terror of people thinking I have too many clothes or that I’m trying hard. Aren’t we all so silly sometimes?  Thanks for blogging. You are fabulous–even if you don’t look or feel fabulous right this second. I feel “seen” and understood for this moment, and that’s a gift. H

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, heather! I love knowing I’m not alone.

  • Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Um, wow. Our book stacks are IDENTICAL, just watched Midnight in Paris last week (loved), picked up Lark Rise to Candleford (Season 1) from the library yesterday, and am a head-over-heels Downton fan. 

    Luckily, I hate peanut butter….so I can still preserve a bit of my own identity instead of just being your American doppelganger :) 

    • Sarah Bessey

      Ha! Great minds….

  • Jenn

    Love it! 

    I’m learning more than I ever wanted to know about labour and delivery….I switched units to L and D and while the learning is monstrous  (maybe will come in hand one day for being a midwife….;)?.) the new learning experience is amazing. I cannot believe the intense spirituality of watching babies come into this world however they may. So in short I”m eat, sleeping and breathing labour and babies, with a big side of raspberry lattes and feeling guilty that my kids are at the day home so much even though they love it so much they would rather be there anyway!

    • Sarah Bessey

      You amaze me. The end. xo

  • Brenda

    I agree with you about Downton; the secret’s out!  Love coffee, soundtracks, knitting and library books!  Bless you and your little family.  Sounds like you’re doing an awful lot right!!

  • Leigh Kramer

    I’m reading Introverts in the Church right now and also feeling validated. The most interesting part for me is that Meyers-Briggs always rates me as an extrovert but I’m so not an ENFP!  I’ve long described myself as a good blend of extrovert and introvert but reading this book has made me realize that I am an introvert and that’s not a bad thing.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Yes, sometimes it can throw people off for me, too. I’m able to be out going and I really love people but I’m an introvert through and through!

  • justamomandmore

    i started watching midnight in paris and turned it off because i wasn’t into it. maybe i didn’t get to the good parts:)
    i’m currently in yoga maternity pants too!!! with a huge belly hanging over the edge. feeling baby #3 kick like crazy and cherishing it through the pain knowing it will all be over soon. i’d like a good nights sleep and a massage as well. really looking forward to your book!

    • Sarah Bessey

      I wasn’t too sure at first but by the end, it won me over entirely. And I don’t have the excuse of a baby for my maternity pants…ha!

  • Renee @ FIMBY

    If peanut butter on toast is your one weakness…. Well, let’s just say I have a lot worse (grammar) weaknesses than that. 

  • D.L. Mayfield

    Downton is the closest thing to a Soap Opera that I have ever been into. So good!

    I just bought the latest album from the Rend Collective Experiment  (Homemade Worship) and am officially obsessed. They have a song about the kingdom of God that is powerful and true AND sounds exactly like Mumford and Sons. I can’t recommend this enough. Check it out on Spotify!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Oooooo….that sounds fantastic! will do!

  • Madelyn

    I’m also completely obsessed by Downton Abbey, as well as Lark Rise to Candleford (still on Season One)…and reading 7 (Jen Hatfield).  And I loved Midnight in Paris, but I don’t remember the sound track, so maybe I’ll just have to watch again.  Oh well. 

    • Sarah Bessey


  • Stephanie Precourt

    Oh my goodness, I just sent it back to Netflix but then put it back in my queue LOL. It’s just everything for me right now. And yes, the music, I’ve been knitting so much to it! Making Jeff a scarf. Also, I’ve not read Hunger Games. Can my heart take it? I trust your advice.


    • Sarah Bessey

      I don’t know, honestly, Steph. It’s pretty violent. I probably wouldn’t have read it if I’d known how violent it gets in the third book in particular but by that point, I simply had to know how it ends. Then I’m inoculated to the violence and can read them. It’s a fantastic story but war and children and violence is still a lot to digest. 

  • SortaCrunchy

    This post? I want to live there.

    • Sarah Bessey


  • janet

    have to check out some of those faves.  I am currently in love with children’s books mostly (might as well embrace it).  One of my favorites was in your pic – Stranger in the Woods, so LOVE that book.  Good for you on knitting your husband a sweater.  I haven’t leapt into that project yet, although I’ve been asked a few times now when it will be his turn.

    • Sarah Bessey

      That’s what brought about the sweater! I think I’ve knit something for everyone else three times over but I keep balking at him because he’s so big. Finally just bought some bulky yarn and I’m committed. 

  • Amy Steiner

    I love your recommendations for books and movies! Just requested Midnight in Paris and Lark Rise to Candleford…season one as well as the Trilogy! :) I also just picked up Miss Rumphius from the library today for my kids as well as a few others by the same author!

    And…I hate to bug you about it again, but you wrote a post last week that had Evelyn in a cute knitted sweater and I just have to know if there is a pattern…somewhere…for it?? :) {thank you}

    • Sarah Bessey

      Oh, sorry, I thought I sent that! My bad. Here is the pattern and my notes on it:

      • Amy Steiner

        Thank you so much Sarah!

  • Nona

    Thanks Sarah for a blog that keeps me thinking.  I used your questions as a base for my post today. 
    I am currently…
    Thanks again for a great blog

  • Amberwolf

    I’m reading all is grace too!

  • Stephanie Sheaffer

    I recognize some of the titles in your library stack – Miss Rumphius” is a wonderful read and we like *some* of the “Fancy Nancy” books.

    You have me interested in Downtown Abbey, BUT…Tim & I already watch two shows. And that’s far more than enough.

    Peanut butter is one of the best foods in the whole wide world, I’m pretty sure of that. Also: almond butter is pretty good too. Have you tried it?

  • Sandy

    LarkRise to Candlerise!  Downton Abbey!  Brendan Coyle is my new celebrity boyfriend. He is even close to my age!  Plus- the Larkford to Candleford shawls!  I just got a pattern and beautiful yarn to knit one that is similar.
    Haven’t seen Midnight in Paris- so far no pirated DVD’s of it available in China.  I know people who have the Hunger Games and I’d like to read them.  I just picked up Caleb’s Crossing while we were in the US for two weeks- have you read Geraldine Brooks?  I love her writing.

  • Lucille Zimmerman

    Sarah, I think i’m an ENFP but I can’t remember. All those years in counseling classes! The strange thing is I have an affinity to the way you tell your story, and the way you want to touch the world. How can that be? I am an extrovert to the core but I cannot live without solitude. It fills me up. I don’t understant people who simply can’t spent one minute alone? This is one of my favorite videos: