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    ummm, that “Vancouver is the best place to live” is from Oct. 2005 …. I’m sure it still ranks high, but, I honestly have no desire to live there or Calgary …. I’d actually consider Toronto though.

    Hey, did you hear about a little kid (I think 2) whose parents were immigrating to Canada. They were on their way to Winnipeg, from I think the Phillipians (sp?) and flew through Van. to get here. The parents didn’t have seats together on the plane and each thought the other had the little kiddo. Turned out the kid was wandering the terminal in Van. and the parents didn’t realize until they got to the Peg that the kid wasn’t with either of them. The kid was too young to have a boarding pass …. and didn’t understand any Englilsh yet. I was talking about this with one of our residents, and she made a good point, if you want to get “lost” in Canada and you’re Asian, Vancouver is the place to do it. The airline flew the dad back to get the kiddo and they took good care of him/her!

    Said resident also told me her thoughts on Calgary. She spent some time there due to her studies in becoming a Pediatrician. She says that Calgary is a soulless city. I thought it was a rather interesting thing to say. She’s born and raised in Winnipeg. She said that not long ago she was surveyed over the phone, and when they asked her if she was a visible minority she said “no”. Then they said “So, you’re Caucasian?” and she said “oh, no”. She said in the Peg she never thinks of herself as a minority, but in Calgary she really felt it. I thought it was kind of interesting, being from there in my past.

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