In which I am packing up the Cinderella DVD right about now

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Joe: Where you going, Mumma?

Me: Daddy and I are going out on a date! (Internal: SQUEEEEEEEEE!)

Joe: I wanna go on a date!

Me: You can’t go on a date until you’re, um, married. (Internal: Never. Never. Never. You are never growing up and leaving me. I’m going to be the worst mother-in-law in the world. Women will write anonymous blogs about me after dating you.)

Joe: How come you go on a date? I wanna marry you.

Me: (Internal: You are never getting married. You will live in the basement and stay with me forever. Dysfunctional? Who cares? I want to keep you.) Well, you can’t, honey. I”m married to Daddy.

Joe: (genuine surprise) You are married? Then where’s your castle?!

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