In which I am planning on taking over Pinterest with wise women

Now you know I love my Pinterest with a deep and undying love.  (Even though I truly have to wonder if it is in the process of jumping the shark when people have boards entitled “My Favourite Chain Stores.” Darling, that’s not the point….) I love to browse around and see what inspires people, what catches their eye, art being created in every walk of life. 

But I noticed a trend on there that disturbs me a bit. Some people call them Fitness Boards or Thinspiration (code from pro-anorexic groups) but it seems that there are a lot of people posting pictures or sayings designed to shame themselves into a better body. Pictures of strong women running are great, don’t get me wrong, but when it’s captioned “I”m such a fat slug – I’ll never look like this,” we’ve crossed the line of what is helpful and challenging.

And I see pictures of beautiful, thin women all over Pinterest, posted by other women simply longing to look like them in some way, wanting to copy their hair, their fashion, their face, their count-my-ribs-thinness.

So let’s do something different, shall we?

Lines are lovely and life is in the eyes.

I started a Pinterest board this week called Wise Women and I’m pinning quotes of women that inspire me, pictures of women that look beautiful even though our culture may not agree, art or sayings that women have created. 

Women like Maya Angelou, Luci Shaw, Eleanor Roosevelt, pictures of women I don’t know but their faces caught me, Mary Oliver and on.

Phenomenal woman

I’d like to celebrate a broader view of womanhood for us that think lines are lovely, that aging is not something to fear, that life is more than your dress size, that womanhood has hard-fought wisdom to offer us all.

I’m barely getting started there so that’s where you come in. Would you like to help?

If there is a wise woman that you want on that board, leave a comment telling me about her. Send me to where I can find your favourite picture of her and include a favourite quote or short note about why she’s there (about caption length is preferred). I may not be able to add all of them but I’ll do my best to stay on it this weekend and let’s see where we end up by Monday, shall we?

Instead of judging and railing against others, moaning and complaining, let’s just tell a better story about womanhood, even on Pinterest, shall we?

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