In which I am still transitioning while Anne finds her shadow

Do you remember the day that you discovered your shadow?

Anne will!

September2008 015

Anne and I went for a walk to the library and on the way home, I noticed her lagging behind. She was staring at her shadow and dancing or moving to see if it would move or dance with her. She was totally captivated by this new discovery – her shadow!

You know (especially those of you that have stayed home with your kids for any amount of time) that the daily-ness of parenting can be exhausting. For instance, if I never have to say “Do you have to go potty?” ever again in my life, that would be just fine with me.  That’s a phrase I’m rather weary of saying already!  I had a hard transition going back to work after a year home with my girl. But now, on the other side, I’m experiencing a “transition time” for coming back home. Even though (if I could), I’d be a SAHM for good in a heartbeat, there are adjustments to being a full-time parent again.

But the trade-off is that I get to be here for all of the wonder and discovery and learning and snuggles and tears and, yes, the daily-ness. The cleaning, the cooking, the never-ending-toy-picking-up, the potty training successes and failures (which she always asks for Brian to clean up….oh, how I wish I could call him back from the job site because Anne wants him to clean up the mess!), the walks, the playground time, and so on.

It’s humbling and sacred and messy to be responsible for small children, isn’t it? Nothing roots out The Selfish in me faster than an entire day with my daughter.

It’s also funny to me that I am SO EMOTIONAL these days that, after I took this picture of her, I burst into tears on 5th Ave. because I was “so happy to be there when she found her shadow.”

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    What a great picture!
    9/12/2008 2:56 PM Tasia007 (message) block delete reply LOL I cried as soon as I saw the photo!!

    THAT is just beautiful! 9/13/2008 4:04 AM Tez_T (message) block delete reply amen sister, Jace being around the same age as her 2, i know for me there is no further joy than watching him grow up. How oh how i wish i could stay home with him, i am so jealous of you. But, the things that that picture will teach her when she is older, just how much her mommy loved her
    9/13/2008 3:13 PM Jesusluvsu28 (message) block delete reply