I’m a book devourer (it’s official because it’s on my bio page, you know). I have always read for oxygen, my only punishment as a child was to have my books taken away from me. I still read, constantly, no matter how busy my life can be at times, I always make time for my books during the day, dipping into pages for a few minutes here and there, and I end my day with my books. I read widely but I have particular weakness for literature, poetry, conversion memoirs, Christian spirituality, and authentic stories of God’s grace and redemption, Anne of Green Gables, Hogwarts, Narnia, Northanger Abbey, Gothic mysteries…oh, okay, fine I’ll read almost anything…

Summer is always a lovely time to read. And, on a whim, I thought I’d share my favourites with you.

So I’ll share 10Books a Day For a Week here at my place. Here’s a fancy button and everything.


Here’s the results….

Sunday: 10 books that changed my faith

Monday: 10 books that influence my parenting

Tuesday: 10 books by Canadians I wish the world would read

Wednesday: 10 books for tinies and 10 books for older tinies

Thursday: 10 books I read over and over (and over)

Friday: 10 spiritual memoirs

Saturday: My daily books + 10 books of poetry

 One of my favourite things to do when I visit a friend is snoop their bookshelves. I like to see what they read, what has a battered spine, what books make the privileged cut for prime bookshelf real estate. I love to talk about books, talk about what you’re reading and learning, so this is really just pure indulgence for me.

Consider this an invitation to snoop my bookshelves. And I’d love to do the same, so if you want to follow along and post about it on your own blog, be generous – share the link in the comments so that we can all pop over to snoop at your shelves.



thank you for sharing...
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  • http://www.kfsullivan.wordpress.com/ kim

    Yeah! The very first thing I do or want to do is snoop the bookshelf when I enter a home. So excited to get a gander at yours.

  • http://www.adesignsovast.com/ Lindsey

    I CANNOT wait to read these lists!  Thank you!  xox

  • Madelyn

    Can’t. wait. Happy sigh!  :-))

  • http://www.vanderbiltwife.com vanderbiltwife

    I looooove talking books. In October I did 31 Days to Reading Well http://www.vanderbiltwife.com/tag/31-days-of-reading-well/ because basically I can talk books forever. Looking forward to reading about your favorites!

  • Stephanie

    You KNOW I’m excited about this. Books are one of my favorite topics – and I look forward to hearing about the ones that have impacted you. 

  • http://www.redemptionsbeauty.com/ Shelly Miller

    Yay! I am an avid reader too, always reading something. I went to our lovely used bookstore for a reprieve from the heat yesterday and bought five books, one being Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. I saw it in a picture in one of your posts so I knew it must be good. Love The Writing LIfe too. I’m updating my Books to Read page on my blog. Summer, its just good for books.

  • http://www.leighkramer.com/ HopefulLeigh

    Bookshelf snooping is my FAVOURITE! This is why we’re friends.

    (I added the “u” in honor of Canada Day. You’re welcome.)

  • http://www.CreeksideMinistries.blogspot.com/ Linda Stoll

    Too fun!  I love this!  Although I must admit that the more time I’m online, the less I’m reading.

    Here’s what my counseling clients are looking at …

  • Clairezip

    oooo, I’m excited to hear your list!

  • http://twitter.com/sheddmatt Matt Shedd

    I love this concept!  I may steal it in a week or two, but I lead a youth trip this week.  The thing I miss most about college was visiting professors offices and homes and snooping through their books.  Their collections were amazing!

  • http://mashenahope.blogspot.com/ Nicole

    Ooh. This is exciting. I may have to join you in listing some of mine! I’ll be excited to read your entries.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/holyhugs/ Jim Fisher

    I am looking forward to your lists as well. What I love doing is listening to audio books while doing housework or riding my bike: especially ones narrated by the author. Barbara Brown Taylor has a rich, loving voice that I could (and do) listen to for hours and never tire of it. Listening to Anne Lamott’s timing to her own humor is precious. I am finding that the headier or inspirational books, like those I might quote often, I am now preferring in Kindle format. Electronic highlighting is quick and its fun to see what others are highlighting in the same book. And I can search for that memorable quote in seconds without having to remember where I read it. But there are other times when I just love to curl up with a leather-bound gold-edged classic and disappear.

  • http://www.throughaglass.net Kari

    Oh, man. I am a librarian. I love lists AND books. But no way can I come up with a list I’ll be happy with at 9pm. I will have to be a day late on this one.

  • http://www.throughaglass.net Kari

    Oh, man. I am a librarian. I love lists AND books. But no way can I come up with a list I’ll be happy with at 9pm. I will have to be a day late on this one.

  • http://sacredeveryday.ca/ Jenn

    Yah, I always love good book lists. I remember as a kid getting in trouble for trying to “sneak” read at the dinner table by hiding the book on my lap and glancing down…..excited to browse your bookshelfs.

  • Tiffany Norris

    So excited for this series!

  • http://www.embracingtheodyssey.com/ @OdysseyMamaC

    My mom used to take my Nancy Drews as punishment. :-) I accepted your invitation and did a 10 Day list post here: http://embracingtheodyssey.com/10-book-week-spiritual-superheroes/ No promises for the rest of the week, but I do love writing about books. Thanks for sharing your recommendations; I’ll be adding some to my must-read list. 

  • http://www.anamcara.com/ Tara M. Owens

    I’m in. I’ll be sharing my (slightly different so as not to crib from you directly and rudely) lists here: http://www.anamcara.com/2012/07/in-which-i-imitate-sarah-bessey/

    Thanks for doing this. It’s inspiring and healing for me.

  • http://azspot.net naum

    I jumped in on this too — see my post at http://azspot.net/post/26329851901/10-books-that-changed-my-faith

  • http://twitter.com/katiengibson Katie Noah Gibson

    I LOVE this. So excited to snoop your bookshelves!

  • http://bakeeatrepeat.blogspot.com/ Courtney @ Bake.Eat.Repeat.

    Love this idea! I was exact the same way as a child. The worst possible form of punishment was mom putting my book on top of the refrigerator. Torture I tell you! And don’t even get me started on Anne of Green Gables. That is my all time favorite “heart-clutch” book. We even went to PEI for our honeymoon. It’s just as beautiful as the book made it seem. 

    I’ll definitely be following this series!

  • http://www.mjkimpan.com/ michael j. kimpan

    wonderful idea! might steal some of them to put on my own bookshelf http://www.mjkimpan.com/books/

  • http://www.quirkybookworm.com Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm

    How exciting! I love bookshelf snooping too.

    And, as a child, I had a 5-hours-a-day reading limit, and got my books taken away as punishment too! Glad to hear I’m not the only one…

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  • http://neyhart.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    I love this series of posts! Here is the one I’ve done so far: http://neyhart.blogspot.com/2012/07/10-books-that-changed-my-faith.html

  • http://neyhart.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    I love this series of posts! Here is the one I’ve done so far: http://neyhart.blogspot.com/2012/07/10-books-that-changed-my-faith.html

  • http://twitter.com/sharigreen Shari Green

    I love this idea! I’ve really enjoyed the “10 books” posts you’ve done so far — looking forward to reading the rest of your lists. :)

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  • http://www.laurarath.blogspot.com Laura Rath

    Hi, I’m stopping over from Shelly Miller’s and this is my first time here. I so love to read and find new titles and authors! God bless!

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