In which I ask your opinion on the matter of head shots

My dear friend, Tina Francis of our SheLoves sisterhood, took a few photos of me for my upcoming author headshot.

(I’m trying to act like I write sentences like that all the time, but who are we kidding? I’m totally freaking out and excited.)

(This is the stuff I didn’t know about/think about. Head-shots. Who knew work went into the pictures of the writer on the dust jacket, eh?)

Well, at the sage advice of Laura and a few others, I went and had my make-up and hairs done for the big event, and then I met Tina and her friend, Sarah, at Crescent Beach for a few pictures.

(Aesthetician: So when was the last time you had your make-up done? Me: Um, my wedding twelve years ago? Her: *faint*)

We’ve had many a long conversation with my family and my friends about the pros vs. cons of Glasses and Non-Glasses.ย Right now: we’re thinking glasses for my social media self because I wear glasses every single day and it’s my usual self. But for the book, we’re thinking No Glasses because, let’s face it, these are rather “trendy” frames and in a year or two, they might look hilarious and dated for the long-haul of a physical book (at least you hope it’s a long haul….). And don’t even get us started on the whole Smile vs. No-Smile. (Here’s a sample: feminists have this stigma of being not fun or happy! You need to be smiling! No, no, it’s a serious and thoughtful book, you need to look serious and thoughtful….and so on.)

So here are the four we’ve narrowed down. I posted a picture on Instgram of us looking at them all and every one immediately weighed in with their favourites. So I thought maybe it would be fun to ask your opinion of our final four. I have a few others that I’ll use for other stuff but this is just for the author headshot on the book itself.

Which one would you choose for the official author photo?

help me pick a headshot



  • Julia Silge

    I vote 2! And although I love your glasses, I think your thoughts re: trendiness are good ones.

  • Julie W

    #2 would be my pick. #1 is lovely but I think #2 fits your personality more.

  • Christie Purifoy

    #1! But you can’t go wrong with any of these.

  • Jennifer

    #2 for the book! Speaking as someone who has never met you, but reads you blog every day, I think #2 is most “you.” How fun!!

  • Ashley Weis

    Number 2. Stunning. Gorgeous.

  • bekka

    I can’t decide!! I think any one of the four represents various aspects of you that I’ve seen/read here. I will say that the angle of the top two (with you looking upward toward the camera) make you seem more welcoming than the ones where you look straight at the camera.

  • Monique Vining

    They are all gorgeous, but 2 is my favorite.

  • Larry

    #1, hands down.

  • Grace Elizabeth

    It is so obvious! Number one! Glasses put a barrier between me and you, I can’t see your face properly when you’re hiding behind them, and so to me it’s like where else are there barriers? I want to see YOU, your heart.

    And of course I want to see you smiling…no brainer. Because God makes us smile, surely? Not all the time, but He does, and it’s good to laugh, and a smile can make someone’s day, and…yeah simply number one. But don’t get too caught up. Hope it’s all going well! Keep dreaming bigger!

  • Rubi Ruiz

    #1 is my favorite. But you look fab in all 4!

  • KatR

    I wear glasses, and I agree with you about the glasses for the book pic. My vote would be #1, followed by #2.

  • Mark Allman

    Number one would be my choice…. order would be 1, 2, 4, 3

  • Melody Reid

    #2 beautiful

  • Jennie Melton Strope

    #2 all the way. You look lovely in all four, but this one reveals a certain spark that the others don’t.

    And I’m so proud that you didn’t wear a dark turtleneck and go with black and white photos.

  • Morgan Rainer

    You are stunning in all but if I had to pick one I would go with #2!

  • Emily W

    1 or 4. I love smiling. Smiling’s my favorite.

  • Ellen

    Number one without a doubt. It’s timeless, classy, and shows your personality. Don’t worry about what should be expected of a “feminist” author. Just be you, Sarah, beautiful and full of joy!

  • Beth LaFleur Cupitt

    #2. totally. i think it’s friendly, confident, and pretty, but not too serious and not too giddy. i am super extremely confident on this one and i’m wise and you should listen to me on this one.

  • Annemarie

    Number 1, definitely!

  • Kelly

    Definitely 1.

  • Derrick Doyle


  • Leanne Penny

    2, and shut up with your eyes and that scarf.

  • Lucy Mills

    Either #1 or #4, in my opinion!

  • James Prescott

    1 if you want one without glasses, if you go for one with glasses, I suggest 4. They convey who you are the best I think. :-)

  • Lucille Zimmerman

    My instant thought was #1

  • WordLily


  • Liz M.

    #1 or #2! Either is great! I love your glasses, though! But I agree trends change too quickly with glasses so I think either of the first two are lovely!

  • Brooke

    Love #1!

  • Kaytee

    #1. You look inviting and kind, which I think is important for readers who may be on the fence about reading a book about “feminism”. I love #4 too but agree that the classes may look dated in a few years. Either way, you are beautiful.

  • Juanita Dueck

    #1 for sure and I like #4 too…when you are smiling you light up big time. :)

  • Megan

    #1. No question.

  • Erika Morrison

    Gorgeous, YOU!!! 1 or 4!!!

  • Bel

    #2…your poise is more mysterious and thoughtful than in #1, and more of your depth shows through. #1 is too polished, imo.

  • Miz Melly

    No.2 is my favourite. It’s all in the eyes. I have a bit of experience in this as I usually get head shots done for work every 2 years (though I think it won’t be as frequent now…. want to keep my ‘youthful’ head shot as long as possible!!!!) No. 2 says ‘I know what I’m talking about, but I’m willing to have a conversation about it.’

  • Elizabeth

    1 or 2…but I think 1.

  • Sarah Farish


  • Bel

    P.S. You’re still smiling in #2, but more subtly than #1. You look pleased, as if you know some delicious secret.

    • Jim Fisher

      Cover one half of Sarah’s face in #2 and then the other half. There are two messages there which are perfect for the book. Delicious secret … yes that!

  • Christine

    I don’t know you of course and I just started following you and reading your posts but I LOVE LOVE LOVE shot #2 !

  • Beth Ricci

    Beauty-full. Wow. I vote for number two. I’d buy any book with that photo on it :)

  • Amy Lepine Peterson

    2. You look thoughtful, beautiful, and like you’re smiling to yourself at the thought of something happy. I also love 4.

    Be sure to tell us what the final tally of blog votes is! I’m curious.

  • Megan Savoie

    I am a huge fan of #2! You look like you’re in on an especially delicious secret!

  • Mms


  • gwallace

    #1 – love it!

  • HopefulLeigh

    You, my friend, are gorgeous. These are all winners. #1 draws me in immediately. Makes me feel like we’re back at the lake house. Though #2 has the same effect but more in a “what smartass thing is she going to tell me?” kind of way. I love your glasses but you could be right in thinking about the longevity of the book vs. the trendiness of the frames.

  • Aaron Smith (CulturalSavage)

    Sans glasses, number 2.with glasses, number 3.

    Over all, I like 2 the best, but number 3 does have a “cute nerd” vibe to it.

    Much of it depends on if you want to be known as an author with glasses or not.

    • Clint W

      I was going to say pretty much what Aaron said. They’re all excellent, but 2 and 3 seem more “authorly.”

  • Alison

    I love them all. BUT, my husband and I both agree that if you want an overall classic look, #1 is your pick (…or pic? ha!). If you want glasses, then #3. And I love the turquoise scarf bringing out your eyes!!

  • jennadeckert

    #2 is my favorite.

  • Robert Swain

    I think #1 looks like your personality may be shining through and it is a dazzling shot. #4 is nice but the glasses are so profound in the picture that it looks like you are hiding from something. #3 looks like you are hawking a book on forensic pathology.

  • Taigan Bombay


  • Laura Davis

    i love #1. you look beautiful and smart, but also nice. it would make me want to read your book.

  • Tara M. Owens

    I love them all. You look gorgeous. And headshots are awesome. I would say #2 is my fav, but I love #1 as well. If you go with glasses (why worry about being dated? Just be who you ARE!), I would say #3, hands down.

  • Allison Fore

    I vote #2. It shows your amazing eyes the best. And you’re still smiling.

  • Kelley Nikondeha

    Sarah… you and Tina are quite a team! So lovely. I tend to think no glasses for the book cover. Both 1 and 2 are amazing, but if pressed, I’d say 2. I think 1 is so open and inviting. But 2 hints at something… you are inviting yet a tad mysterious. Something about 2 says ‘this is going to be fun – there are some surprises up ahead if you’re up for it!’

  • Preston Yancey

    I strongly lean #2: inviting but confident. A knowing smile, because, well, you’re dropping a few truth bombs here and there along the way and a face that can read both “I love you” and “I told you so” may go a long way. But in terms of glasses and retrospect, you do have some precedent with Lauren Winner and the ugly vintage frame love. So if you get a wild run for the glasses, for the “damn it all, this is me,” then I would say #3. All that said, you’re stunning and this, well, this is a drop in a pond of good things.

  • Erin Adams

    I LOVE all of these. So great! I would vote for #2, if I had to pick one. I love #1. But, for the back flap of the book, I do like the smaller smile. Speaking of the smaller smile, if you do choose to show off your adorable glasses, go with #3.
    That was {un}helpful, right?

  • OompaLoompaBurps

    #1 I think… you have lovely eyes!

  • Stacia

    #2 – hands down

  • Shawna @shawnab27

    #2 is beautiful and you look like you know something we don’t. Is it wisdom? Is it a secret? Perhaps I won’t know until I read your book.

  • ReJoycingToday


  • Helen Cottee

    Definitely Number 1… Love the smiley :)

  • Helen Murray


  • Melanie Curry

    They are all gorgeous, I like #2 for the “official” one :)) so exciting !!!

  • Mary Beth

    2 is my favorite.

  • Nicole Joshua

    I think photo #2 is perfect.

  • Brittaney Borman

    Although you have a beautiful smile and look awesome in glasses I think # 2 looks the most “you’.

  • mintjulip

    #2! You’re smiling with your eyes AND you look thoughtful. Best of both worlds.

  • Laura

    One! I love your smile…and I agree about the trendy-ness of the glasses, so no glasses for the cover, in my opinion.

  • Sarah M


  • Jessica

    Number 1. Def. For the book.

  • Sara Knowles

    They are all beautiful, and #1 is the WINNER!!! It’s got the most welcoming angle and your smile is so bright!

  • Susan Read

    #1 is my fave.

  • Wendy Beauvais Nee Lockton

    #1 gets my vote. I love that colour scarf on you, and they are all absolutely stunning photos. I agree with what you said about the glasses though.

  • H

    I like 1 but the composition of 2 is better I think.

  • Angie Neal


  • Kaile


  • idelette

    I *love* #1.

  • Lalania Schembri

    My vote’s for #1 :)

  • Daniela


  • Sarah Askins

    I think #2 is the best.

  • rebecca

    #1! …though you look wonderful in each of them. #1 looks friendlier, which you are.

  • SaraK

    1 or 2.

  • C.C. @ I’m On My Way

    My very opiniated 13 year old daughter Damaris & I both pick number 2. :)

  • Taylor

    #1 :)

  • Joye


  • Judy Delperdang

    No. 2, definitely. I love how you’re looking up, your whole face shows, and you have a quiet knowing, inviting look about you. And personally, I love that your ear and nose piercings are visible.

  • Bree

    I like #1 best, but my husband saw them and said #2 looks like an author, hands down.

  • Sarah

    I’m not sure how I got to this blog (I think a friend had a link on fb, so my answer is a stranger’s opinion). Here is my order. 1 then tied 2 and 4 (not 3). You are very pretty and I really like your smile (you look youthful and approachable when showing your teeth and very grown up and wise in #2). I am not crazy about your glasses, but you look wonderful in #4 (#3 seems off in some way, maybe the glasses and the smirk). You have an amazing smile with beautiful teeth, yet I have not read the book, so #2 could be more fitting.

  • Anna

    #1 in my opinion

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    #1. damn, you are beautiful!

  • Melissa

    #1 you look happy and that makes me want to meet you. Or at least read your book and get to know something about you.

  • casey

    numero dos!

  • Alyssa Foll

    #1– so lovely and inviting.

  • Susan

    I like #4 – with your glasses. maybe because I wear glasses :-) But #1 is nice too

  • Laura Desch Johnson

    1 or 2.
    freaking gorgeous.

  • Morag Renfro

    I love how everyone is getting into this!! I think #2 – lots of knowing in your eyes – means there must be lots of knowing in your book too :)

  • Dipunk

    #2 for absolute positive sure!

  • Krista Borntreger King

    #1 but ya really can’t go wrong. I’d read any book with your photo on it

  • Josette Collier


  • Ramona

    What are the odds that you’ll get 25% of votes for each choice? LOL My favorites are 1 and 3. Love the smile of #1 –very friendly and down-to-earth looking; while #3 makes you look very thoughtful and contemplative, imo.

    • Ramona

      on 2nd thought… #1 is my favorite favorite.

  • Cassandra

    1 :)

  • Cristen

    Definitely #1. You have such a beautiful smile!

  • Karen

    Number 1 is my favourite!

  • KathleenBasi

    You look lovely. I vote #1.

  • Lacy Blaine

    #2. But Sarah, more importantly, which one do YOU feel drawn to? And which one is right for this book? (cuz girl, you know there will be others…) My only advice is to let the feminist stereotyping (smiling vs. non-smiling) go…especially in a book that exists to tear down some of those very walls.

  • Shannon

    2. It’s perfect, especially in a grid format. 3 & 4 are pretentious.

  • Caitlin

    2, but you look absolutely lovely in all of them! :)

  • Cara

    Oooh they are ALL so pretty! I really like #2, personally.

  • TSJ

    #1 all the way.

  • TSJ

    I already voted for #1, but wanted to add that you look happiest in #1 too :)

  • Katy

    I really like them all and love you in your glasses, but I’d say #2.

  • kristen


  • Rebecca J House

    #1. You seem so open and welcoming, with deep joy radiating from your eyes and smile.

  • MN


  • Lina Neufeld


  • Abby Norman


  • Lindsay W

    1–it radiates warmth and accessibility

  • Heather

    1 or 2 but you look amazing in all of them. Good luck choosing.

  • Christina Joy Duck Kannenberg

    absolutely 1. NO GLASSES!!!

  • Jillie

    OK…I’m gonna go against the flow. I’d say #3 is first choice, ‘cuz you look really brainy and serious in those cool glasses. #2 is my second choice.

  • D.L. Mayfield

    gah! they are all good but i am partial to #4. and i really really want to know if you have read Caitlin Moran’s book, How to Be a Woman.

  • Katie

    Definitely #2.

  • Angie A.


  • Stefanie

    #1, most definitely. beautiful.

  • JA

    #2 for your book b/c it’s off center which doesn’t make you the focus of attention as your book should be. Hope this makes sense…coming from someone with an extra sensitivity to things most people couldn’t care less about :)

  • Steph H.

    I still say #2! I think that while #1 is gorgeous, it’s almost CoverGirl like with it’s perfect symmetry. In an artsy way, #2 leaves a bit of physical space in the photo, like you’ve given your book, but you’re open to discussion. (But seriously, you can’t lose- you look amazing in all of them!)

  • Kate

    You look beautiful I all,but my pick is number 1

  • Susan

    #1. Absolutely.

  • Lisa Mamula


    And also, you’re so pretty!

  • Kristy

    I vote #1

  • Chris

    1 it up.

  • JennaDeWitt

    I like #2. It says friendly, but knowledgeable/serious about your topic. I totally agree with the Mona Lisa/mystery comments and think your eyes are far too stunningly beautiful to be overpowered by big glasses in something like this, though I totally love my glasses for everyday fashion/use so I get that look.

    I would say #1 for social media because it’s fun. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, if we are talking glasses frames, I have to say I’m partial to the frame shape in your “in which you meet Sarah Bessey” button on the right. Those are a good pair for your beautiful face. <3

  • KT

    #2… or #1. But 2 really speaks to me for some reason

  • Alana G

    I was torn between 1 and 2. but then #2 keeps catching my eye so #2. ๐Ÿ˜€ I like it. yea ive had glasses since 11th grade or so that was 13 yrs ago or more. i’m wanting contacts but that’ll be a while. i was always told “you cant get contacts, you have a sigmatism.” now they make a contact just for that. so lets see if they’ll say that now LOL

  • Meagan Joye

    #1. For sure.

  • Anne

    Tough choice! But I’d say #1.

  • Lisa

    Definitely the first. What a stunner you are.

  • Mama Bean

    #! ack! I was so excited about #1 I cldn’t even wait to put an exclamation point on it!! lol :) #1. yup. I like the hair and make-up. hope it was fun getting Dolled to the Up

  • rachel

    I love them all! #2 is my vote for the book. : )

  • Helen

    #1 you eyes are gorgeous and although you wear glasses all the time in real life. I think without glasses makes you feel more approachable on a cover, if that makes sense.

    • Helen

      oops add a “r” to you for your eyes!

  • Samantha

    #4, it’s the honesty of the first pic but without it’s sense of expectation, as if she needs the reader to believe her. Four says to me ” I’m here, period.”

  • Katie


  • jennifer

    #1! so pretty & happy :)

  • Linda Stoll

    #1 is you, honey … you’ve got something to smile about and it makes you look like the girl next door and real approachable.

    and tell me … do your eyes REALLY match your scarf so vividly?

    sorry, but no thanks to the glasses …

  • Caris Adel


  • Natasha

    Torn between #1 and #2. LOVE your smile in #1!

  • Francie


  • Erika Tritipo


  • Rebekah C.

    Given your parameters, #2. :)

  • Bethany Grace Paget

    Oh yes my fave made it to the final 4. #1 baby! You are a BABE!

  • Andrea Beyer

    They are all good, but #2 is my favorite. I’m not quite sure why… perhaps you look mischevious there, but it’s my favorite.

  • Lisa Pippus


  • Kathryn Johnson

    Number one!

  • K

    #1! Fresh, beautiful, easy to talk to.

  • Amy Carrigan

    I like #2. It’s almost like you’re inviting us all for a cuppa, to share juicy tidbits of knowledge. :)

  • Adele Chapman

    I love number 1. Gorgeous.

  • Jessica Clemmer

    I totally agree on the more ‘timeless’ aspect of no glasses. I definitely like both #1 and #2…but I think that #1 seems more ‘friendly’, and I think since the word ‘feminist’ already makes people think “scary lady”, the smiling might help ease them in… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jessica Clemmer

      AND…I love the nose ring, which also shows up better in 1 and 2… just sayin’…

  • J.R. Goudeau

    I want your glasses and love love your nose ring (ask Kelley–she’s trying to talk me into one!) I think you should go with #2, even though I’d be thrilled with #1. Also, your scarf is gorgeous! :)

  • Jo Inglis


  • Laura

    1 and 4!

  • Katherine


  • sgilberttweets


  • ErinS

    I vote for #2 as well. Confident, strong, mysterious, and stunningly gorgeous!!!

  • Lindsay

    At first I thought definitely 2, but then I realized I also love 1. You can’t go wrong! Gorgeous pictures!!

  • Rose

    They all look lovely, but for some reason I can picture number 1 on the back of a book.

  • Jennchiodo

    I’m way late to the game, but I’m throwing in my humble opinion anyway. I love #1 and #2. Can’t decide between them though. You are looking good, girlfriend!!!

  • Briana C. Price

    They all look great, but I am going to have to go with number 1!

    Briana C.

  • Sarah Simpson

    I love, love, LOVE number 2! you look so gorgeous in all of them, but I would read a book with a picture like number 2 on the back of it!

  • Nancy Peacock

    #1 (though 2 is awesome too).

  • Drey

    # 1!!!

  • Allison

    I love #2.

  • Katherine Willis Pershey

    1 and 4. :)

  • Carol


  • Alexandra

    All are lovely, but #2 for the author photo.

  • Laura Werezak

    I like #1!

  • geoffh

    These are all great. i like 2 the best :-) .

    I had a similar freakout moment with my publisher. I got an URGENT email saying that in two days I needed to get a profile picture to them. I don’t like what I got so much, but oh well.

    Looking forward to your book coming out.

  • EstherEmery

    Another vote for #2. Letting us see you.

  • Liz Colver

    2!!!!! it gives a little hint of “I’m provocative and happy about it.” my kind of look :)

  • Rachel Dee

    You look lovely in each picture but #1 makes me feel like we would be friends.

  • kristina

    Number 1

  • Neva

    I love number 2. Definitely a sparkle in your eye.

  • Charlotte

    I’m probably way late on this but no. 2!!! Lady you are gorgeous!!!!

  • wendy

    1 or 2 are my favourites… but I can’t decide which one of those I prefer. But I will say again, you are so pretty!

  • Tiffany Norris

    Goodness, these are all fantastic! I can see why you’d have a hard time deciding. For what it’s worth, I like #4.

  • Beth Morey

    At first I was going to say #2 hands down…but now I like #1 as well. Which means: both are awesome. :) (#4 is my fave of the glasses shots, if you’re wondering on that, too…but I think the glasses hide your face too much, even though they are excellent specs.)

  • pastordt

    I happen to be a fan of toothy smiles, especially when the teeth are as lovely as yours! So my votes are #1 and #4. But you know what, Sarah? ANY of these will be grand – you look wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    No. 1 is my favorite by far. It looks exactly like (I think of) you – kind, joyful, sincere. The others are great as well but I just think no. 1 fits your personality really well. I agree with others that no. 2 looks mysterious in a really good way, but I don’t think that needs to be the face of your book, even though it is a component of your personality and your writing. Just my two cents :)

  • Mollie Donovan burpo

    #2 for timeless quality and a mix of a little smirky fun :)

  • Gina

    Either of the first two, but I like #1 the best. The smile looks more natural compared to #4, and I prefer the non-glasses all the way.

  • Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm

    #1 is my fave. But I like #2 a lot too!

  • Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm

    Also after looking at your pictures for that long… I’m pretty sure your eyes are creepily moving and STARING BACK AT ME. Time to click away. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Miles O’Neal

    I suspect #2 is the best for the book, but personally I love #1.

  • Katelyn Seitz

    numero uno!!

  • Lisa McKay

    I strongly prefer number 1. The book jacket photo will be too small to pick up on nuances of expression, and I think the expression in number two is too nuanced to come across as well in a small photo.

  • Rebecca

    Number 1, love it.

  • Chris Summerfield

    #2 your face seems to be hiding a cheeky smile. I want to know what causing that and the only way to find out is to read the book the photo is on. :-)

  • kris

    I’d say 2. They’re all beautiful, but I agree with you about the glasses.

  • Jackie Turner

    I quite like number two. They’re all lovely, but number two just really seems like you. Well, how I perceive you, anyway :).

  • Elizabeth Larson-DiPippo

    I like #2. I agree that they are all beautiful, but 2 would be my pick for an author photo. :) you are truly beautiful, btw.

  • Beth


  • Meredith

    My vote is for #1. I’m all for smiles!

  • Sarah

    They are all beautiful! Love the glasses too. However, for longevity sake I would say #1 (though 2 would be my second choice.)

  • Chris Oakes

    #3 – but I’m obviously in the minority.

  • michaboyett

    Okay, friend. I’m picking number 2. So much mystery but kindness there. Plus, you’re a total babe.

  • Lisa Hoyt


  • Robert J. Gerryts

    You know the old saying that I just made up, “When in doubt, always go with the picture with the most dappled sunlight”, so #4.

  • Stacey Sparshu Miller

    I love #2. They’re all good (from a photography perspective and from a “capturing you” perspective) but my two cents worth is to go with 2!

  • brandi

    I love #2! It’s sassy and smart. Fabulous.

  • SamEtic

    #2 – all are nice though

  • Kendall Ashley

    I vote for picture 2!

  • Mary1912

    #2 is my vote!

  • Shannon Gallegos

    Sarah, #2 immediately jumped out at me, as the Sarah I remember. Like many below, I echo that it shows an inner strength and glow of happiness -that somehow just says when you look at it “Trust me…It is HE whom you seek”. Another thing I remember so well years ago you constantly beckoning us to do! Years later from Texas to Canada, many babies later and trials and triumphs -what also stands out to me in all these pictures is you havent aged one single bit from the time I was around you and as silly as that sounds I think in part it has to do with the amazing grace He’s covered you in! :) MUCH LOVE -Shannon Gallegos

  • Michelle

    You are as cute as you are inspirational!!! And I vote for #2:)

  • Sarah Dunning Park

    Sarah, you’re gorgeous in all of them! I pick #2 โ€” there something really amazing going on with the light – dark contrasts in that one between your face and hair. Beautiful!

  • Renee

    The first pic, is the most flattering, as well as candid. I find the second, while nice, to be a bit clichรฉ.

  • Carrie Jones

    #1 all the way!

  • Cynthia

    They are all beautiful (of course!), but I think #1 is perfect for your author headshot. Direct, bold, and very “you” while still being someone to take seriously. #2 would be my second choice, but to me it has a more demure/less bold look to it which I think doesn’t really suit the subject of the book.

  • Sean Michael Ishum

    I like photo #1

  • Cat

    I pick 2!!! I agree about the glasses, they’re fun, but will “date” the book. And I love the smile on #2-it’s not TOO eager, it’s kinda smart and sassy! :)

  • Courtney Heiman

    #2 lovely and very book-worthy! You are radiant!

  • Neema Naijuka

    #1 is great, open and inviting. The big smile works, even #4 is awesome.

  • Nadine

    #2 is my favourite. You have amazing eyes and they just pierce with your scarf and the contrast of your hair colour. I also love #1.

  • Annie

    I don’t like 2 as much as I like 1. You look much more natural on 1.

  • Autumn

    #2 for sure – i mean they are all really nice – but #2 seems more real to me – not sure if than makes any sense – but hey you asked fo rmy fav and this is it!

  • Amy Scott

    They are all lovely, but I think number 1.

  • Rachel Heath

    1. I like all of them but 1 is my favorite. You look so happy and bright!

  • lindseyfoj

    #2 – hands down! So happy for you…!!

  • Stephanie Sheaffer

    #1 – You look confident, happy, and gorgeous.

    P.S. That scarf complements the color of your eyes perfectly!

  • Krista

    Number 2! I love the smile in the first one, but it’s just a bit much for a book I think. :) They are ALL lovely though!

  • LapsedLutheran

    I can’t decide between one or four. One looks so pretty and professional but I have a weakness for hipster glasses.

  • Taylor Holder

    Which one is the most “you”? That’s the one you should go with. Forget us!! Whichever one best emulates you and makes you completely confident in the woman who God has made you to be. —- P.s. you can’t go wrong; they are all as beautiful as your heart in writing. AND THAT’S VERY BEAUTIFUL!

  • Dana

    Picture number two. . .it’s your Mona Lisa shot. There’s something beautiful there, but more to come at the same time.

  • Monna Payne

    2! Don’t hide your gorgeous eyes behind those glasses. You don’t need to “look” smart, sista. You are. :)

  • Amy Bennett

    #1 or 2

  • Greta


  • Leslie

    #3! Those glasses will never go out of style ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Naomi

    2 – you’re not a hider so the glasses have to go (too much like a diguise) and I like the mysterious smile
    p.s. congratulations on your book!

  • janetb1

    All are beautiful. I like 1 though because your smile is beautiful :)

  • Grace at {Gabbing with Grace}

    p.s. i’m a bit late here since I see you all ready picked but just wanted to say, good grief your a beauty…and I love that you picked 2. it’s gorgeous and so perfectly fits your writing voice if that makes any sense at all. snaps.

  • Jessica Williams

    As it is your first book I think 1 invites the reader to get to know you in a genuine and disarming way. While I like the mystery of 2, I think it may wear better for future books :)

  • Sharon

    #1 or #4 – you look friendly, relaxed, inviting a conversation. #2 definitely looks like you have something up your sleeve. Beautiful and not a day over 18!

  • pindy4176

    2! You look wise and radiant and happy – all the things a newly published author should be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Breeann Bowers

    I like no. 1 :)

  • Ashlee

    #2! But those specks are great, too…

  • joygirl

    I can’t believe I’m so obviously in the minority, but I instantly loved #4.

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