In which I don’t have much else to say than this

I feel like I said everything I could ever want to say, ever, in one post.

In which I am practicing was one of them. Now, I keep sitting down to write again, but I’ve already said it all. I feel like I opened a vein with that one, and now I’m just plain spent.

(I kind of want to perform it, like a spoken word poet, on a street corner or a theatre stage.) (I am not a performer. Or a poet.)

A reader made this little graphic of a few lines, and hung it up in her office.  Thanks to Designers Coast Studios for this.

And thank you to all of you who shared it and passed it around and posted the link on Facebook and Twitter and email.

I’m home from a soul-sisters weekend away, the first weekend away since I was early pregnant with Joseph. That time feels a bit like holy ground. I suppose I’m processing that, in a way, so maybe that is part of my lack of writing mojo.

It was harder to be away from the tinies than I expected (and filled me some worry about how we will manage Haiti), so I’m breathing them in, sleeping in a big family bed jumble, doing laundry, restoring order, listening, playing, that sort of thing.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us as a family, filled with travel and guests and life.

I need to work on my book, too. (Riiiiiiight.)

But I keep sitting down to write, and all I can think is: I don’t want to desecrate beauty with cynicism. Not anymore.

I said everything I wanted to say for a while now, and so I just want to sit in that for another day or two, and breathe.




  • Randi Riggs

    Love the graphic. What beautiful words you have written! I think you deserve a little writing break :)

  • Diana Trautwein BREATHE.

  • Tara Owens

    I so support you in the silence, and the sitting, and breathing in. Take the time you need. (And I echo you’re “riiiight” on the writing the book part—although I’ve already taken a year of time that I didn’t have, so I’d better get back to writing…)

    Thank you, Sarah, for being you.

  • the Blah Blah Blahger

    We already knew your words were art, but how lovely to see them printed and hung on another’s wall like this!

  • kim sullivan

    Of course!…and anyway, that post has plenty left to do in me. It’s still bouncing around inside of me, rubbing up against protrusions and generally rough edges that need to go. It’s time. What saved me, snark, is now robbing me of the better, beauty. Enjoy your break knowing your words are still at work.

  • Mme Zalopha

    I can think of no reason why you must write and cannot just sit and breathe. But, oh, I hope this newly-worded (but long nearly-grasped, I suspect) commitment will not keep you from writing. I hope instead that it will keep you from publishing that which is not yet beautiful. And I hope that there are times you feel that while cynicism is so often an enemy of beauty, it can sometimes bring it forth. If you don’t believe me, some time with George Bernard Shaw might convince you.

  • Sarah Crane

    Sometimes it’s hard not to feel cynical and jaded. Bless you in all you do Sarah.

  • Kevin Scott

    Beautiful. Thanks, Sarah.

  • Linda Stoll

    yes. create in me a clean heart oh God. and renew a right spirit within me.

  • Carolyn Weber

    Timely reminder for me. Thx for opening the vein! :)

  • Heather Kopp

    Sarah!! This is SO amazing!! This single sentence is worth a huge book advance. I am so grateful that you let God speak this kind of truth of through you. That you are such an open channel and a risk-taker and let words flow through so freely that this kind of truth emerges to stun us all. WOW.

  • James Prescott

    This is simply beautiful. Wonderful poetry – recited over to myself twice over outloud, and read it more times. Thank you for sharing this. I’ll be sharing it too.

  • Megan Ferree Cobb

    I love that you said you want to perform it. I wanted to ask you to read it to us in the car on the way back to the airport, and in fact I did ask, but you girls in the back couldn’t hear me for the torrential rain. I would LOVE to have hear that post in your own sweet voice. Enjoy breathing. I know your tinies and hubby are so glad to have you back in the fold again. (little laundry pun because who can resist one?) xo Megan(FriedOkra)

    • HopefulLeigh

      Next year we should have reading time, just so we can bask in the sound of each others voices.

  • To Think Is To Create

    I’m processing, too. I ache just a bit to see your eyes and hear your voice again. It was the best kind of beauty there is.

  • HopefulLeigh

    It was holy ground. Most definitely. I’m holding on to the weekend with a tight fist, not quite ready to write about it, content to remember and process for now.

  • Kelly @ Love Well

    I’ve had this post open on my desktop for a few days, and just now I reloaded your home page in my browser, and I was secretly glad to see this was still the most recent post.

    Sabbath, friend. May God be sweet in your rest, sweet in your memories, sweet on your tongue.

  • from two to one

    Enjoy this time, Sarah! You deserve it and God is doing some holy work in you. Praying for your preparations for Haiti.

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