In which I emerge to my new digs

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Welcome to my new home on the Internet:

Yes, I’ve officially emerged at long last.

There are a few reasons for the change. (And no, it’s not because a few people have found me by googling for an homage to 50s horror films.)

For the past few years, I’ve felt like the name, Emerging Mummy, was a bit of a box for me. For people not enmeshed in ecclesial discussions, it’s weird and makes no sense. For people that are a part of those conversations, it puts me in a box, effectively stopping conversation before it even starts.

I write about more than emerging church stuff now, obviously, and what felt right years ago when I started this blog, no longer quite fits. To be blunt, Emerging Mummy doesn’t fit theologically and it doesn’t fit spiritually or emotionally anymore. Also, with the possibility of writing a bit more, I’d like to have my name actually on the blog itself. I’m not just a faith and church writer, I’m not just a mummy-blogger, I’m certainly not a how-to-do-anything blogger.

I’m just me and I just like to write through my life. And so I will be just me, here with you, online, too.

I feel a bit teary and sentimental about it this morning though. Emerging Mummy has been a huge part of my identity, I can’t lie, and I feel a bit more vulnerable and exposed now, out here with my real name. When I chose the word “Fearless” for my year ahead, I had no idea how prophetic that would be in almost every area of my life. This seems minor to some but it feels big to me. And it’s sad to see something that has meant so much to me pass away. It might even be stupid to change the name, since every one always warns against changing up your ‘brand’ when you’re already well-established.

But I’m not a brand, I’m just me, and you’re just you, and I guess we’ll figure it out.

The incredible, made-this-easy-for-me Gretchen at Little Pink House managed the entire transfer of this site. I can’t recommend her highly enough if you’re wanting some back-end work done for your site.

Now for some important information for you:

Your subscriptions should NOT have been affected. The comments that you made at Emerging Mummy are all still here, too. Your sign-in for comments is the exact same through Disqus.

You will keep receiving new posts in your email or in your reader if you had signed up for those services. If not, you can do that today. Sign up to receive new posts from me in your email inbox or subscribe here for your RSS Reader.

My Twitter name was changed a few weeks ago. You can now follow me at @SarahBessey.

The main inconvenience for you is that I’ve had to set up a new Facebook page. (Facebook does not allow name changes.) So if you have liked Emerging Mummy on Facebook, please know that it will be deleted very soon. You’ll need to click here and then Like my new eponymous page. I’m planning on trimming up my personal Facebook page as well (so that it is actually a personal page, fancy that) so if we are Facebook friends but you know primarily or only through my writing life, please like that new page so that we can stay in touch.

I do love to hang out with you guys in a “backstage” sort of way on Facebook and Twitter – I share links to stuff I find that’s interesting, respond to questions or notes, ask questions or offer opinions on items of interest, live-tweet Picakens, that sort of life-changing material. I hope to see you there.

Thank you for being part of my life, my friends. I appreciate you, your voice, your presence, and your support more than I could ever say.


  • Kristen Strong

    Super lovely, Sarah! I was hoping you’d keep your header pic because It. Is. Stunning!

    And so are you.

    I look forward to reading your same glorious words in your new digs. Have a wonderful week friend, and congrats!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Well, it’s the only professional photos I’ve had in years so I’ll jsut keep using it. ha! And thank you, Kristen – you always encourage me. xo

  • Brenda Shaw

    so happy that i am still able to read you daily !!

    • Sarah Bessey

      So happy you’re part of our lives through this, Brenda. xo

  • Shawn Smucker

    Looks great, Sarah. I heard a rumor that there is a way to apply to Facebook for a page name change. Not sure if this is true or not, but you might want to look into it.

    All the best!

    • Lore Ferguson

      I think it’s only possible to change a page name if it has fewer than 200 likes, which is unfortunate (and seems a bit counter-productive, as the people with more likes have more people to notify…but anyway…). 

      Sarah, loved reading this update—and all your reasons, thanks for making us a part of it! 

      • Sarah Bessey

        Thanks, Lore!

    • Sarah Bessey

      I will, thanks!

  • Kamille

    so glad for you in this transferring of blog names; but, more importantly that you are broadening your voice.  It’s a beautiful voice worth sharing.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thank you so much, Kamille. 

  • Ed_Cyzewski

    Isn’t it funny how these bits of text and code somehow become entangled in our identities? Gosh, some days I need to just avoid the computer and the interwebs, lest I forget that I can still exist outside of the plugs, pings, and pixels. 

    Looking forward to seeing how your story unfolds here. It is a change that certainly makes a ton of sense, and hey, it’s Spring. It’s time for new things to sprout and grow! 

    • Sarah Bessey

      Yes, indeed. And thank you, Ed!

  • the Blah Blah Blahger


  • Anne

    Your new space is lovely. Congats on the big move!

    • Sarah Bessey

      thanks, Anne!

  • Adrian Waller

    I was wondering why my Reader was having a panic attack with your blog. About a million posts came up that didn’t exist. =)

    Also, I follow someone who has changed the name of their Facebook page multiple times. I’m almost positive that it can be done. I’d look into it to save yourself some pain. 

    • Sarah Bessey

      Yes, that was nuts. Part of the transfer, I guess. I did look into it with the change but oyu can only do it if you have less than 100 likes, I’m afraid. 

      • Adrian Waller

        That’s unfortunate. =( Luckily, people seem to like you pretty well, so I don’t think gathering Likes back up will be a problem. =)

  • Missy

    What a beautiful header picture! 

    • Sarah Bessey

      Here’s a secret: I was 38 weeks pregnant in that photo! Ha – just cropped out my enormous baby belly.

  • michael j. kimpan

    excited for this new chapter in your life, sarah.  looking forward to more good stuff from you.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, michael!

  • SortaCrunchy

    It is the AWESOME here. You know how I feel and how I am proud. XOXOOXOXO

    • Sarah Bessey

      thank you, my friend. 

  • Trina Holden

    Yep, Gretchen pretty much rocks. Congrats on completing the transfer, and opening the door to a broader voice. I did the same thing a while back…just became “” and it’s been really freeing. I hope you dance in this place…

    • Sarah Bessey

      Very cool. I can’t imagine even attempting this without her. She’s been a dream – so laid back about it too.

  • beth@redandhoney

    Congrats! Today is a day of change for me too with a new blog design! :) Such fun!

    • Sarah Bessey

      So cool, Beth! LOVE your new site. 

  • *nnie

    As a brand new beekeeper, I’m quite sure it is my responsibility, nay, my DUTY, to inform you that being a Queen Bee is no fun.  You spend all day laying eggs – pretty much every 6 seconds, you have another baby.  So the picture you chose is, I hope, not prophetic.  Then again, you have cute babies, and Joe DID arrive pretty fast.  But still.  

    • Sarah Bessey

      What would I do without you, *nnie?? Now I’m terrified that it *is* prophetic – you know me and my charismania. 😉 

  • Katie Noah Gibson

    Hurrah for new digs!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, Katie!

  • Laura_InTheBackyard

    Beautiful!  Exciting!  Hooray!!

    • Sarah Bessey

      I just like you so much, Laura. xo

  • Johanna Hanson

    I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying poking around. Heading to like your new FB page and am sure to follow along!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, Johanna – good to “meet” you!

  • jennifer

    “But I’m not a brand, I’m just me, and you’re just you, and I guess we’ll figure it out. ” This line speaks the word COURAGEOUS to me. I have struggled during my current time of re-creating my blog. I’ve often felt like I had to do it everyone else’s way which honestly is not who I am in every sense. Thank you for expressing your reasons for your own change. It has brought me much encouragement to simply be me! 

    • Sarah Bessey

      So glad to hear that, jennifer! Thanks for telling me. I hope your blog starts to come together in a way that reflects your true self.

  • Tsh @

    Excited for you, Sarah! A good, wise move.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, Tsh – it feels right even if it feels a bit intimidating.

  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    excited for you! if you feel cramped, take new land to spread into. even if its a bit scary, i know that you will expand to every inch of it, and then you’ll have to grow some more.  all my love to you. yay!

    • Sarah Bessey

      It is scary but I feel so supported in every step. Love having you here, Tara. xo

  • Linda Stoll

    As we morph and grow and change, the depth of our writing and our site design usually end up working together to reflect the truth of who we’re becoming.  Congrats … and keep the beautiful picture right up there.  Your serenity, sense of humor, and deep reflective nature shine through!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Oh, gracious, Linda – thank you so much!

  • Annie |

    Way to grow, Sarah! 😉 And that image up top cracks me up. Wahoo!

    • Sarah Bessey

      I know, right? Hilarious! I can’t stop giggling when I see it. 

  • HopefulLeigh

    I’m so proud of you, Sarah! And happy and excited and a little teary as well. I’m grateful for the day we first connected on the interwebs and I look forward to seeing what happens next for you. Cheering you on all the way.

    The new digs are lovely, by the way!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Yes, Leigh – so thankful for you in my life!

  • Michael

    Congratulations on the transformation!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, Michael!

  • Stephanie

    Congrats on your new name! The change seems fitting. So proud of your success and the way this space has blossomed.

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