In which I have felt really, truly beautiful a few times

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest



It wasn’t my high school graduation. I wore a blue-velvet dress with a see-through panel for my waist, trimmed with sequins. (These were the 90s, so be gentle.) My hair was curled, I posed for pictures.

It wasn’t one of my first dates with Brian. I was 19, bold in my push-up bra and red lipstick, in a carefully selected little black dress from Express and sky high heels, headed off to a spring banquet, drinking Diet Coke through a straw.

It wasn’t my wedding day. I wore a princess-style gown, surrounded by yards of tulle, my hair was perfectly demure beneath my veil, my lipstick understated, I had on fake-nails and my sun-kissed glow was even faker.

No, the days of my greatest beauty are the days that didn’t require a professional working my skin and hair or a certain size dress or a pair of industrial Spanx.

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Also, filed under Things That Are So Far Out Of My Comfort Zone, It’s Practically Ridiculous, there is this. Yep. That’s me on a video chat, talking about Pinterest with Rachel Held Evans, Laura Leonard, Rachel Marie Stone, and Sarah Pulliam Bailey for Christianity Today’s blog for women called Her.meneutics.



  • Patsy Paterno

    When we see ourselves as God sees us, that’s when we know we are truly beautiful! 

  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    oh, this has me sinking down into it. really questioning when i have felt lit and beautiful. beautiful Sarah, your words always take me to those beautiful places. thank you for them. always.