In which I have a very bold, very BALD friend

This is my friend, Terri. (I call her Tez because she’s Australian and that’s what those weirdos do. Just add random “z” to names.)
Terri has been my friend for nearly nine years now. We first met on an online message board (remember when we had to use those on the Internet?I feel like a grandmother recalling typewriters or -gasp! – pen and paper.) Over the years, we’ve become good friends. We even met in person when she came through the States while I was pregnant with Joseph. I drove down to Seattle to meet her and a gaggle of friends for a sleepover. She laughed at me when I woke myself up by snoring. My only defense is that I was pregnant. In one of our conversations that weekend, talking about that book “The Shack” and the fact that God is represented as an African-American woman, she laughed until she nearly cried when I seriously made the comment “Well, it’s not like God actually has a penis. So who cares?”
She is a woman after God’s own heart. And I’m thankful for her wisdom in my life.
Anyway, she’s also a dizzy fool because she just shaved her head. BALD! BALD! (I can hear Elaine to George – ‘YOU’RE BALD!”)
Out of the depth of her selflessness (and a few good glasses of white wine), she sat down on Saturday to participate in the World’s Greatest Shave to benefit the Leukemia Foundation. Her cousin is battling the disease and so, as a show of support and love, she gathered donations, threw a BBQ and let her friends shave her hair all off.

I’d need a drink, too, if I shaved my head at a summer BBQ. In front of an audience. And said audience – who claimed to be friends – actually all cut my hair into a mohawk with a braided rat tail and then laughed and took pictures before finally shaving it all off.

Such a good sport, she is.

Good on ya, Tezzers.

She raised $854 on behalf of her cousin for this foundation that provides practical support and care to families battling leukemia and other blood related disorders. She had a goal of $1,000. If you’d like to help her reach her goal (it’s just over $100), you can click here to donate.
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  • galpalval

    Tez is my hero.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Mine, too.

  • Aunt Nina

    I would never have the guts to do this. Then again, if someone I loved were sick, maybe I could.

    At any rate, Tez makes me proud to be her friend and a wee bit ashamed of my own vanity.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Me, too, Jennie. I still can’t believe it. For some reason, I can give time and money but giving my vanity? My hair? Oy. That’s a tender spot.

  • Stephanie

    I actually just finished “The Shack” a few months ago – and those images of God have stuck in my head. Such a creative interpretation. And, actually, I think that African American woman is probably closer to God’s true character than a lot of the other common portrayals in the church, don’t you?

    • Sarah Bessey

      I agree completely, Stephanie. I can’t help but call him Abba or Papa now.