This is a filed under Big Scary Things for me for two reasons.

First of all, I have never done a video blog before, but I decided to be fearless (there’s that word again!) and go for it. Does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice? Also: glasses + computer screen = a bit of a glare despite all efforts.

And of course, I’m also sharing the topic and tentative title of my book!

Someone hand me a glass of wine.


No book deal or contract yet – it’s still just a proposal with a few chapters, making the rounds of publishers, at this stage of the process. (Oh, the things I’m learning! So thankful for my agent, Rachelle Gardner at Books & Such Literary, holding my hand every step of the way.)

So no more about my nerves, eh?

Here’s me and my webcam having a date with you:


In which I announce 10 Book Week
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