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What You Lose When You Let People Categorize You by Donald Miller

“The truth is, you are not a category, you are a human being. Don’t let anybody fence you in.”

The Song of the Women by Ann Voskamp

“I’ve been rejected all of my life because of my size.” The singer holds her milk white thigh right there and she’s vulnerable thin to the front row and to those at the back of Section K and I look down at my feet.”

With Age by John Blase

 to be thoroughly happy, occasionally sad.

Rising Up, Calling Them Blessed by Ashleigh Baker

My spiritual mothers, my midwives are these, the women who have waited with me through the groaning years of labor pain, so close they feel it themselves. They’ve been here, waiting and watching and believing for me when I couldn’t believe for myself. They are the ones who have wiped my brow, who have held me up when I couldn’t stand. They have themselves aided in this birth of my soul. I rise up here and call them blessed, these strong and valiant women. They are a holy generation.

Why I’m Going Back to Church by Erika Morrison (So relate to this one….)

we never in a world full of decades dreamed that our family would be engaging consistently with organized church again . . . Until the fate-full day when the Spirit prompted us to do specifically that. And when I say “prompted”, what I really mean is: we were Divinely influenced with what felt like the strength of 100 wild horses behind the pinkie-finger of God.

The Zoo by DL Mayfield

 Church wants you to have a happy family, the job that you want, the things you need to feel blessed and secure. Church wants you to be political, but only once every four years. Church wants you to evangelize, to make sure everybody believes just like you do, the only plain way to read it. Church wants you to go out and do some good, but keep it light and happy and fixable, worthy of a picture or two. Church wants to bus you in for one week year, to work with the poor and powerless. Church wants you involved in studies and retreats, ESL classes and outreaches, preferably seven days a week.

And don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Mary DeMuth’s newest book, “Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Follow Jesusright here. I’ll pick a random commenter on that post to win on Monday.


Legacy Project Update

We have funded Phases 1 (The Door) and 2 (The Foundation) already!!! Woo hoo!

We are almost there with Phase 3, the East Wall. And get this – A generous donor has offered to match every dollar of Phase 3! So if we can fund the Eastern Wall by Sunday, Phase 4 will be done, too.

You can donate here. And please help spread the word, too.

Don’t forget that in addition to direct donations, you can fund these projects with the percentages of cash back you receive from retailers through Pure Charity. Just register your credit cards and shop at the major retailers supporting Pure Charity.

If you don’t know what in the world I’m talking about, click here.

Most Read Post

In which I tell the truth about telling the truth   (P.S. One of my favourite things about you guys? I get to pull out my soap box and rant about the Church’s response to homosexuality, and instead of the typical flame-war in the comment sections (the kind of thing that makes me pray that no one reads it, as is typical elsewhere when a Christian dares to challenge status quo), your responses are all grace, and truth, and love, together. You guys make me so proud – just love being “a safe place” for talking about these things with you.)


My Favourite Comment

“It’s a too-small band-aid on a complex issue representing real people with real stories and real lives with political and daily life implications we can’t even guess from our gated communities.”…. This is me, this is my life. I am a 50something white evangelical woman who has a gay daughter who loves Jesus with all her heart. And the church has nothing to say to her or me or my family that is anywhere close to useful or loving. I have read, especially during the election season, the most incredibly hurtful and ignorant things on FB from friends about ‘those people’ and I feel like screaming to them “Do you have any idea that there are real people who you supposedly love who you are saying those things about?” That is why people like you and Justin Lee and Rachel Held Evans are so important. You make me feel somewhat hopeful about the future, that over the years, after ‘our little secret’ is known in a wider circle, we will not be alone. I do not have any answers as to why or what now. I do not know how to reconcile what the majority of the evangelical church says the Bible’s position is on the subject with what I know my daughter to have been born to be and how she is to live her life in light of who she is. All I know is that she did not choose to be this way, I did not make her this way by bad parenting. She pleaded with God for years to take it from her, finally accepted herself (after years of depression and self-injury) and set about to decide for herself what the Bible really says. She would give anything not to live with the reality that she will be ostracized and rejected by segments of society her entire life, including most likely members of her family. I am incredibly proud of her for still having a faith at all and not despising the Bride of Christ. This I know….She is the same person now as the day she was born, as she was 5 minutes before she finally had the courage to tell us at the age of 20 what I had instinctively known for years. You are exactly right. Besides whatever ‘truth’ there may be on this subject, this I know to be truth also….God says to my daughter “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.You are cherished.You were chosen even before creation. Your hairs are numbered. You were knit together in your mother’s womb.” That’s who I know my daughter to be. And then I rest in truth of His grace. These are the truths I cling to. – Julie on that same post


Weekend Meditation

“Cynics look high and low for wisdom – and never find it:

the open-minded find it right on their doorstep!”

Proverbs 14: 6


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  • Ed_Cyzewski

    Wow… that comment was powerful. A friend in church once mused to me, “What if my child ends up being gay?” I think that kind of thinking cuts through a lot of the rhetoric and hurtful things people say.

    • Idelette

      I’m with Ed. That response … Wow. Beautiful, powerful.

  • Anna Armstrong

    I’m at work this morning, it’s feels early and gray and I was just longing to touch base with Jesus somehow, rather than (what feels like meaningless) facebook browsing. So I came here. And instead of just one dose of inspiration, received links to many points of inspiration and Jesus-connection. So thank you!

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