In which I link you up (vol 1.10)

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I’m a feminist because Jesus made me one” by Alissa Quart for New York Magazine. (<— Oh, you know. Just being quoted in New York Magazine. NDB. #FreakingOut Now I will also say: I’m not quite sure what the connection is between my work and the ladies in this profile but hey, I’ll take the free publicity.)

Best Satire Reviews on Amazon by Kristen Howerton for Babble

The Changing Face of the Christian Faith (Or Why Mark Driscoll Tweets and John Piper Blog Posts Matter) by Zack Hunt for The American Jesus

The Scandal of the Evangelical Heart by Rachel Held Evans

Let’s Talk About EBT (Early Thirties Breakdown) by Lora Lynn of Vitafamilae

One Thing We’re Waiting For (And Why It’s Time to Stop) by Emily P. Freeman

One Good Phrase: Secrets Don’t Make Friends by Megan Tietz for Micha Boyett (This entire series will be stellar.)

Mothering a Revolutionary by Kelley Nikondeha

Hard Questions by Caris Adel for Love is What You Do

25 Reasons We’re Taking Our Kids Around the World by Stephanie for EntreFamily Travels

Poem: Resolution by Sarah D. Park for Simple Mom

A Roomful of Yearning and Regret by Wendy Plump for New York Times

Moldova on my lips (and a special prayer request) by Idelette McVicker for SheLoves Magazine

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my own most-read post

In which we numb the light

How is it that in this raw season, when I feel like my whole heart is thumping exposed, I have never been happier?

It’s true. I’ve never been so spent yet so joyful. I’ve never been more convinced of my calling and yet scared to walk it out. I’ve never been more attuned to the suffering and yet quick to everyday joy. I’ve never been so easily wounded and yet I love being armour less. I feel defenceless yet disinclined to pick up the sword. I can’t explain it but I stood in the middle of the field that night with my arms open wide, the echoes of “Who do you think you are?” running away like mice while my littlest one filled her fingers with earth. I’m her mama, I thought, I’m me, always, I’m yours, Jesus, and I turned and surveyed it all like the gift it is, open to all that came my way for a little while.

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weekend meditation

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect

and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

– Anna Quindlen

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  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    um, that quote?? amazing. And your numb the light post is on my tippy top list of favorites of yours…read in my in-box and didn’t come back around to tell you – so i’ll do it now. great googly-moogly your heart speaks and sooths my own. so thankful for you and your words, always.

  • Christie Purifoy

    I remember being blown away by Wendy Plump’s Modern Love essay when it appeared in print a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing the link – I’m so glad I could read it again.

  • Canita Lee

    Today, I am teaching the Commencement Speech that the Quindlen quote comes from to my AP Language & Composition students today! What a great piece it is!!

  • Charlotte

    Early Thirties Breakdown? But I’m not over my quarter life crisis yet!

  • Katherine Willis Pershey

    I just read Resolution to our Moms in Faith circle this morning. I need to buy her book – I’m loving her residency at Simple Mom.

  • Cheryl

    Love your Instagram, and I’m pretty sure that spot is right around the corner from my Aunt & Uncle’s house, just across from the pond.