In which I link you up (vol 1.4)

Link Love

Going to Hell with Ted Haggard by Michael Chesire for Leadership Journal

On Israel, the Church, and the Politics of Jesus by Jonathan Martin of Renovatus

Hell and the Final Word by Scot McKnight of Jesus Creed

Something is Wrong with my iPad : I Still Hate My Life by Sam Weiner for McSweeney’s (profanity)

When in Comment Sections :: a hilarious tumblr site (with profanity) of common responses in Faith blog comment sections.

The National Geographic Photography Contest Part 2 at The Big Picture of

This is Christ’s Body, Broken for You by Rachel Held Evans

16 Ways the Toy Industry is Stuck in the Stone Age by Hillary Reinsberg for Buzzfeed

My Advent Ache by Kelley Nikondeha

Good Night, Nanny-Cam by Jen Nessel and Lizzy Ratner at The New Yorker (a modern spin on the gentle family favourite)

The Women in Ministry Series 2012 in Review by Ed Cyzsewski (loved this series so much, and these are the best of the best)

A Gathering of Beings by Heather Kopp

Poem-a-Day Friday: Advent Series (Star) by Micha Boyett

My own Most Read Post

 In which we get this part of the Incarnation ::

If more women were pastors or preachers, we’d have a lot more sermons and books about the metaphors of birth and pregnancy connecting us to the story of God. (I am rather tired of sports and war metaphors.)

The divinity of God is on display at Christmas in beautiful creche scenes. We sing songs of babies who don’t cry. We mistake quiet for peace. A properly antiseptic and church-y view of birth, arranged as high art to convey the seriousness and sacredness of the incarnation.  It is as though the truth of birth is too secular for Emmanuel, it doesn’t look too holy in its real state.

So the first days of the God-with-us requires the dignity afforded by our careful editing. READ MORE

Build a school today, transform a community forever

We’re into Phase 6 of our Haiti school building project, and are already halfway through fundraising this portion.

If you can participate or want to spread the word to your own circle, here’s the info.

Weekend Meditation

Some things have to be believed to be seen. – Madeleine L’Engle 

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  • mothering spirit

    Love these link-ups today; thank you. I have already laughed out loud at the Goodnight Moon twist, and shared that same Advent ache of how bright and broken our world seems all at once right now…this is gift to savor good writing.

    • Sarah Bessey

      I love good writing, too – so glad you enjoyed!

  • Bethany Bassett

    That picture of Evelynn is beyond precious… a real live baby doll, who is moving out of babyhood much too fast for us readers (much too fast for your mamaheart too, I’m sure). Thanks for the link list; it’s a good thing the When In Comments Tumblr is only five pages deep, or I’d never pry myself away!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Much, much, MUCH too fast for me, too, Bethany! *sob*

  • Joy Lenton

    You had me hooked from the get go with the picture of your adorable little girl. Then you drew me in further with the bait of lovely blog posts to read and reflect upon. I’m truly caught up in your links. Thanks, Sarah. :)

    • Sarah Bessey

      Glad you enjoyed them, Joy (and yes, shameless about pictures of my gorgeous girl. She’s joy personified.)

  • Stacey Miller

    Thanks for posting, Sarah! Loved the comment section – I laughed out loud and disturbed the kids diligently working on their homework. Oops!