In which I link you up (vol 14) + international women’s day favourites

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My Fear of Feminism and Freedom in the Gospel by Amber C. Haines for A Deeper Church

What We Talk About When We Talk About Abuse by D.L. Mayfield (an important read) for Christ & Pop Culture

Ashamed by Rachel Held Evans

Dear Mom on the iPhone: I Get It by Megan of Fried Okra

ShePonders: Mean Words by Kelley Nikondeha for SheLoves Magazine

When God Takes Your “Yes” and Turns it into a Community by Paige Allen

Thank You and Good night (My Farewell to Hospice) by Adam S. McHugh

RAW Tools: AK47s into Farm Tools by Shane Claiborne

Church Livestock by Bill Kinnon

The Sexy Wife I Can’t Be by Mary DeMuth for A Deeper Family

What Makes a Great Blog Post? An Interview with Sarah Bessey at Mary DeMuth’s blog

Why Afghan Women Risk Death to Write Poetry by Eliza Griswold for the New York Times

How it felt to watch Season 3 of Downton Abbey, As Told by the Cast of Downton Abbey at Buzzfeed

Unvirtuous Abbey on Facebook

Yep, sure did cry and laugh and clap like a toddler over this. Isaac and Amy – Yes to Love

international women’s day favourites

More than 95 people linked up in our International Women’s Day synchroblog, celebrating the stories of the women who have influenced our spiritual journeys. I absolutely loved reading all about your spiritual midwives and patron saints. Here are a few of my favourites but don’t let this limit you: the entire contribution is worth your time. You can never say “eshey chayil!” enough, in my never-quite-humble opinion.

Holy Liar by Sandwich Thoughts

Never Too Old or Too Young by 11-year-old Lydia Lee (This girl captured my heart.)

Telling our daughters (and sisters) they have a voice by Sarah Markley

Who Makes You Better? by Melissa Feddersen

How Brokenness Sings by Kelli Woodford

Let me tell you about her by Tara Owens of Anam Cara Ministries

I don’t know her name by Catherine at Measured Words

God knew her name by Danielle at From Two to One

We Honour Her! by Idelette McVicker & Sarah Richardson for SheLoves Magazine

She Speaks Grace (my mother-in-law) by Jessica of Bohemian Bowmans

The Hand that Fills the Crockpot by Abby Norman for Accidental Devotional

Mothering After Death by Dayna at Dayna’s Musings

my own most-read post

In which art is like manna ::

Art doesn’t lend itself to perfectionists and misers. I’ve found that my creativity responds to generosity.

I believe the freedom to create – or to “spend it all” as Annie Dillard says – is in direct connection to our trust in God’s provision. Do we believe, even in our art, that he is the giver of all good gifts, the provider, the El Shaddai, my God of more-than-enough?  Or are we in charge of hoarding it for ourselves and our carefully crafted outcomes and desires?

favourite instagram (@sarahbessey)

weekend meditation

  “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” – St. Francis of Assisi

and finally

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  • Jessica

    Thank you!

  • Lydia Lee

    Thank you so much for linking up to my blog Sarah! It means a lot to me!! :) God bless you.
    –Lydia Lee, yaldah chayil

  • Kelley Nikondeha

    Thanks, Sarah! Love when we are linked… I also resonated with D.L. Mayfield and Rachel Held Evans, those both stuck with me. And I’ve been fixated on Shane’s video ever since I saw it! Even today Justin was asking me about policemen and when they get to use their guns… and I said that in this world, guns are part of the tools, but in the world Jesus is shaping – “the gun metal will become used for farm tools instead” he said, finishing my sentence! Love that he’s getting the dream. the work ahead to put our gun metal to better/higher use! xoxo

  • kelli woodford

    thanks for highlighting my piece here, Sarah. you made me blush.

  • Jackie Turner

    “Tell Our Daughters and Sisters They Have a Voice” is taking me back to Lydia Lee’s blog… is my computer wonky?

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks for catching that, Jackie – fixed it!

  • Amy L. Sullivan

    So this post is like a little gold mine of goodness…can’t wait to dig in, Sarah. Thanks.

  • Mary DeMuth

    I’m just so humbled to be mentioned, thanks.

    • Jessica

      It was our lucky week, Mary. 😉

  • Paige Allen

    Thank you Sarah for mentioning me…and thank you for your kind words of encouragement – they mean so much.

  • Danielle | from two to one

    Thanks so much for including me, Sarah!