In which I link you up (vol 17)

The rare moments of quiet from Evelynn Joan are worth Instagramming

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Rising by Glennon Doyle Melton at Momastery

All Hail Maggie Smith! by Gina Dalfonzo for Her.meneutics

Unequally Yoked by Addie Zierman for Deeper Story

Return to Sender: A Guy Serves a Feminist Response by Ed Cyzewski

What I Learned Turning My Hate Mail Into Origami by Rachel Held Evans

Home, in Five Parts by Idelette McVicker for SheLoves Magazine

I only have my stories by Ashleigh Baker

The Prophetic Imagination, April Book Club by Kelley Nikondeha

Even the Rocks by D.L. Mayfield for A Deeper Church

Syria: A Collection of Images by The Big Picture

Picking Up My Drum: What This White Guy Learned From Richard Twiss by Jimmy Spencer Jr.

Notes from the Margins: The New Radicals Are Already Here by D.L. Mayfield for Christ & Pop Culture

You are as valuable as the orphans by Amber Haines for A Deeper Church

What Roger Ebert Knew About Writing by Spencer Kornhaber for The Atlantic

The Tar Sands Disaster by Thomas Homer-Dixon for The New York Times

Being Gay at Jerry Falwell’s University by Brandon Ambrosino for The Atlantic

New Gatsby movie trailer (!!) at Mashable

my own most read post

In which Jezebel gives way to Deborah ::

This is the thing I believe about the Kingdom of God: it’s for all of us. It’s for the powerful and weak, it’s for men and for women, it’s for the outliers and the insiders. It’s for all of us. And so there is no neat and safe and tidy box: instead there is the wild and untamed and glorious riches of Christ Jesus, there is Deborah and David, there is Junia and Paul, there is Martha and Lazarus, Esther and Sarah, and there is you and there is me. In Christ, oh, hallelujah, there is room for us all. Don’t let anyone scare you from the battle, Deborah. God has called you, Esther, for such a time as this.

People cloak it in spiritual language. But don’t be deceived: anything that steals the very essence of God’s calling on you, God’s shalom, God’s justice, God’s way of life and living as a warrior, as a prophetess, as a mother, as a teacher, whatever-your-vocation-or-calling as a woman after God’s own heart, is a liar. There is a big difference between choosing silence and being silenced.

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weekend meditation

“This much is certain, that we have no theological right to set any sort of limits to the loving-kindness of God which has appeared in Jesus Christ. Our theological duty is to see and understand it as being still greater than we had seen before.”

– Karl Barth (The Humanity of God)

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  • Ed_Cyzewski

    Let’s just make it a standing rule to include Addie and D.L. in lists like these. And thank you for linking me up.

  • Christie Purifoy

    Oh, the “Being Gay …” article, wow. Incredible. Not at all what I expected (and I have glimpsed my own dark, judgmental heart). For Lent I gave up leaving comments in which I mention tears, but Lent is over, and I’m free to say, this one had me in tears! (Ok, really, I gave up chocolate, but I’m considering a permanent ban on the word “tears” in all of my blog comments.) :)

  • kelley nikondeha

    I miss Richard so much… reading this article just made me long to sit with him again. I ache for more lessons. My son still cries when we talk about him, like yesterday when we prayed for Mr.Twiss’ family as we drove to school. He is forever with us.

    And I agree with Ed – D.L., Addy, these women always bring their best offerings to us. Loved their work this week. Also appreciated Ed’s response. So much goodness, such great friends.

  • the Blah Blah Blahger

    I read the Brandon Ambrosino piece yesterday and it was just awesome!

  • D.L. Mayfield

    thanks so much for the link love! i have been thinking SO much about your Jezebel post. anyway you could flesh that out into a book, or a series, or something? plz?????

  • romprincess13

    every link you offer gives me a glimpse into a better life – and makes me feel so much less alone. You’re pretty much a mentor to me all the way from Canada, I feel you’re lightyears ahead of where I’m at, but I want to get to where you are…….geez, that sounds to sickly sweet and ‘inspirational’ but damn, it’s true! :)