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Here by Diana Trautwein

The Halfway Point by Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil

My Response to Dan Savage’s Accusations About The Marin Foundation in The New York Times by Andrew Marin

New Zealand House of Commons Burst Into Song After Legalising Same Sex Marriage at McLeans

Losing Beliefs, Not Faith by Kathy Escobar

When Flourishing is Possible, and We are on our Way by Micha Boyett for A Deeper Church

The Unbelievable Holy Spirit by Ed Cyzewski at In a Mirror Dimly

A Country Brimming with Life and Complexity and Promise by Kelley Nikondeha for J.R. Goudeau’s series on Questions of Travel

Primum Non Nocere (First Do No Harm) by Tara Livesay

For my friend, Brennan Manning by John Blase

Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Trial Should Be A Front Page Story by Conor Friedersdorf for The Atlantic

Relationships Are More Important Than Ambition by Emily Esfhani Smith for The Atlantic

I’m Sick of Hearing About Your Smoking Hot Wife by Mary DeMuth for Christianity Today

my own most-read post

In which I have circles of friendship – and a Lobster

weekend meditation

Welcome with open arms fellow believers who don’t see things the way you do. And don’t jump all over them every time they do or say something you don’t agree with—even when it seems that they are strong on opinions but weak in the faith department. Remember, they have their own history to deal with. Treat them gently.

– The Apostle Paul, Romans 14

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  • Diana Trautwein

    Awww – thank you, Sarah B. Here I am, at O’Hare, 24 hours behind my scheduled arrival at the Jumping Tandem Retreat, on my 3rd possible flight out to Omaha, praying this one will actually get me there — and I find this sweetness. Thanks so much.

    • Danielle | from two to one

      You’re in Chicago!?

      • Diana Trautwein

        I was at O’Hare – for the day and night, completely unplanned, believe me. :>)

  • Mary DeMuth

    Humbled to make your list, Sarah dear. Thanks.

  • Beth Woolsey

    I love your linky lists, and I particularly loved the posts by Tara Livesay and Kathy Escobar. Thanks for the work you do to source good reads.

  • michaboyett

    Sarah, friend. It’s an honor to see myself here…a sweet gift during what’s been a pretty hard week. So thank you.

  • Ed_Cyzewski

    Thank you Sarah for the link up. What’s the charismatic version of a fist bump?

  • Tara Porter-Livesay

    thanks for the link Sarah. appreciate you and your wicked smmmaaaaht ways.

  • Becca

    I always love your links so much! Thanks for sharing!

  • kelsey

    I wrote a reply for why you support same sex written back in 2010, and this is what I posted. I want to share it here also since this is a more recent post.

    Hi. Thank you for your
    input on this topic. I would love to share some input to why after reading your
    blog post I still do not agree with you. I am not posting to argue or try to prove my
    own point, but to bring in a perspective some may not have heard yet. I am not
    an argumentative person and after reading you will definitely see that. I just
    love Jesus and would love a chance to share and let people know that we can
    live together without fighting, yet still think differently.

    Well first your first
    reason was “it doesn’t affect you much” I want to point out that almost
    everything bad that happens in this world does not affect each of us… or so we
    think. We cannot see God’s Whole scheme of things. But either way, this is a
    personal thing… does abortion affect you? Or has it affected you? Answer yes or
    no is not relevant to the issue actually because something doesn’t have to
    affect a “Christian” in order to be against God’s word to be sin. It actually
    doesn’t matter and isn’t relevant to whether or not something affects us
    individually. It affects my life on a day to day basis being friends with an
    atheist who has had an abortion, and my aunt being a lesbian, I have an atheist
    aunt, and a grandma who believes everyone who isn’t a murder will go to heaven.
    So as for all these affecting my life? Well that simply doesn’t matter.. what
    matters is how it will affect their life and more importantly their afterlife.

    For your second reason, I
    cannot speak for any same sex couples but I want to know more about why they
    want to be married? Is it for the government benefits, or just simply to be
    recognized by society as equal? I think I would get a different answer from
    many people. But my main question for you is where do you look to for defining
    marriage? Isn’t it from God? Where did God say in the bible that marriage was
    designed for same sex? I agree totally with your blog post about us “all being
    honest” because that part is true. Our society makes HUGE mistakes to
    categorize sin. And that is where the trouble lies I feel. If I anger, hatred,
    in my heart, or talk badly about others, or treat others poorly, I am indeed
    sinning. It all is the same. The difference though we are forgetting is the
    LIFESTYLE choices. I simply am not okay with sinning and living my life apart
    from Jesus. I truly want him to refine me and convict me of what I should
    change in my way of thinking and living. This is the difference. So yes we all
    should be aware of our sins and check our heart…seeking God for forgiveness and
    forgiving others. In a perfect world we could all be perfect, but if you are
    not prideful and not afraid to admit your faults and reveal the works Jesus has
    done in you, then that is where people begin to see his real love. His love
    extends to all, but he will not leave us the way we are if we truly want to
    follow him, being led by the spirit and his word.

    In your third reason you
    are explaining about defending the “traditional” family. If we are looking at
    the word “traditional” that has to do with culture… If we truly believe in
    Jesus and the Bible, we will believe it all; we cannot pick and choose what is
    convenient for us to believe and what we want to believe. There are many
    man-made things and Traditions is one of them such as the Easter bunny, Santa
    Claus Etc. Traditions are not made by God. So to say marriage is simply just a
    tradition is contradicting that God didn’t make it. God simply made the way not

    Your fourth reason of why
    you are for same sex marriage from what I have read that it is all about
    people. Yes I agree that people make their own decisions and that when given
    the opportunity by God to speak life and conviction into others’ lives is when
    we can really show people the love of Jesus without having to agree with them
    and support everything that would be convenient for us to support. I always ask
    my friends who don’t agree with me, “don’t you think it would be nice for me to
    be able to just go with what I WANT to believe rather than what I DO believe?”
    Yes it would be. But this is the way that Jesus has shown me, if one day I am
    wrong, well what will happen to me? Whether that there is no God, or that all,
    or people go to heaven besides the ones we think shouldn’t like the murders, or
    child rapists etc.? Well I have come the simple conclusion that nothing will happen to me.. I will either not
    know I was wrong, or go to heaven and live eternally with the one True King!
    But what happens to those others that are wrong? … I am in total agreement that nothing should
    ever be done without love. I agree that with all “hot” topic debates that
    involve religion that the goal is not to “WIN” It is not about being right, it
    is about looking into the soul of people and being the light of Jesus in their
    life. I however disagree that to show the love of Christ means to support
    everyone else’s decisions. But we should not waste our time getting angry. In
    the bible it does instruct us to go out into this world and speak the truth and
    taking stance on things that are against Him. And that means EVERYTHING… not
    just this topic, but too many people ignore those other things and like I
    mentioned before categorize sin, which is why we are always being called
    hypocrites. Which at some point we all truly are, so let’s admit and take away
    our pride and get to the bottom of what matters, is how I see it. I for one do
    not want to be content with being hypocritical of people. People make choices
    and choices stem from the heart, if we have gunk in our heart that is what will
    overflow out of our mouths and actions. It doesn’t matter what type of sin… it
    could be sinful thoughts and actions alike… all of these things we forget
    about. Sin is something as simple as lacking confidence. Many people wouldn’t consider that a sin, but
    it is because we should be confident in who we are made to be in Christ.
    Obviously God’s response to this sin is nothing but reassurance and love of
    course, but in some context it is even convicting and could be a handful of
    things. This is obviously just an example but each individual has their own
    testimonies. But these feelings will eventually lead to actions. It is deeper
    than the 10 commandments. Everyone looks at their own intent and judges
    themselves based upon that while they judge others on their actions, which is
    also hypocritical and unfair.

    Lastly I just want to
    give a little more insight to my perspective and why I hold true to not
    supporting same sex relations. One is
    that with all things, the devil uses history and our past oh too many times to
    blind people from believing truth. Likeminded you had mentioned something
    similar to this in regards to the word submission. I think history and culture
    provides an opportunity for people to either be brought to Jesus or pushed
    away. Any believer alike knows and believes that God wants to protect us, and I
    am a firm believer that when people look at the bible and Christianity if they
    think of it as just rules they are blind to see the intention of God, they
    doubt his good intention and heart for us. It wasn’t meant to be a “you can’t
    do this, that, and the other thing!” It was written to protect us and give a
    full, meaningful, miracle filled life. People are always on the defense,
    Christians and Non-Christians alike “WHAT!? Something wrong with me?? No way…I
    am right about everything!” Christians should stop looking to defend marriage
    like you said, but in a way to be right though and without confrontation. However
    when given a chance to stand for the truth we should take it with all we have.
    We are called to bring people to Jesus first and then let him do the refining, but
    this does not mean we have to support everyone and everything. If I went and
    murdered someone tomorrow and my family didn’t support my decision and accept
    it, am I going to say they are “hateful bigots who are murderphobes?” No of course nobody would say that. Well maybe nobody… but only because in their mind that sin is worse than others, bringing it back to categorizing sin. Well some might say “well I am not hurting anyone by doing this or being with this person.” And my response is always, “you may not know it, but you are hurting yourself…whether you see it now or after you are gone.” I think more times we need to challenge ourselves and put ourselves in situations to be challenged. I think all too often people don’t want to be challenged. I never have had one person come and ask me and seek out to find my opinion. They feel like they already know it and assume they know what I have to say, but me on the other hand I:seek opportunity and ask questions because I know I have the holy spirit, living God inside of me to speak through me. Believe me, I want to believe that this is okay, but I don’t believe it because of all the things I have read and researched. I have gone to God MYSELF aside from all others, my will aside, No matter what anyone has said to me, I take it to God myself. I don’t care who it is, anointed or not, I am his first. His will done, and have yet to hear from him that this lifestyle is what is his best for us. Isn’t that what he wants for us? His best for us. Anything short of his best for us is not what he wants. And if people choose not to care that is their choice. God gave it to us and so we each shall choose which way to go.