In which I live-stream with Help One Now and Pure Charity

I woke up to great news this morning.

Phase 5? FUNDED!!!!!!


I feel like renting a plane and flying a big THANK YOU banner over your houses, my friends (and special shout-out to all the Canadians. Apparently we are over-representing with this thing….). We fully funded Phase 5 of our Haiti school legacy project! And we’re doing it brick by brick, just a bunch of regular people, together, doing something amazing.

Absolutely BRILLIANT news after Generous Tuesday.

I love that we’re still four weeks from Christmas, and already¬†we’re in the home stretch.


Now. This live-stream interview thing.

I think that it was a conspiracy because somehow I didn’t realise it was a live-stream interview until just beforehand. In a way, that may have been protection because I only had about an hour to pray in tongues frantically, practice, clear away the dining room mess, and breathe into my paper bag while trying to get the baby down for a nap so that the house would be quiet for this thing.

This is an interview between me, Chris Marlow, founder of Help One Now, and Mike Rusch, the COO of Pure Charity.

These guys are just right mix of crazy prophet, regular friend, and get-it-done work horse. So in this video, we chat about my experience in Haiti, about Pure Charity’s involvement, the places where I found hope in Haiti, about how north west Arkansas apparently doesn’t have a good wireless connection, and a few other things.

My main point of pride: I did not cry and only blubbered a teeny bit.

Small victories.

So, what do you think?

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Photo source: Scott Wade’s Instragram feed

  • the Blah Blah Blahger

    the video pooped out…I was so looking forward to having your voice play in the background while I work this morning. :-)

    • Sarah Bessey

      That’s too bad! It should be okay – most others have watched it. Maybe try changing the video quality? Sometimes if it plays in a higher quality than what the internet connection can handle, it’ll just bog down in trying to load/buffer. Rats. (P.S. Miss your voice, too.)

  • pastordt

    YOU ROCK. Sorry Dan disappeared and Mike sort of faded in and out, but you were very clear and strong. Thank you.

  • Linda Stoll

    looks like you made it through in front of the camera without the paperbag! i love your laughter …

  • Jillie

    Love your heart, Sarah,

  • Abby Barnhart

    this is a good week – so much live bessey! xoxo

  • Jessica Heights

    1. I am SO proud of you!!!! You are such an inspiring woman with a beautiful heart. :)
    2. You may be the cutest thing ever!!!!