In which I meet a coyote and other matters of little importance

This morning I went for a walk just after dawn. I headed up the hill and I watched the sun rising on the valley, right over the blueberry fields. There was a heavy mist on the hills and I felt like I was in an enchanted Tolkien novel. It was cool and damp, I was breathing deep and smiling so big, my cheeks hurt. I wandered through the cemetery across the street and headed over to the walking trail. I noticed that all of the blackberry bushes – which are an absolute menace in our area – were ripe and began to make plans to wash all of the sand pails when I got home so that I could take the tinies blackberry picking later.

And that is when I came face to face with a coyote.

We stared at each other in the weirdest game of chicken I’ve ever played in my life. He stared at me. I stared at him. In my head, I was all HOLY SH*T! Either that is a HUGE dog or a coyote. Oh, sweet Jesus. It’s a coyote. I thought coyotes were scared of people? Is he going to charge at me? Am I going to be attacked IN A GRAVEYARD by a COYOTE? Who gets mauled by a coyote at dawn in a graveyard? ME, THAT IS WHO!

He turned and trotted off. I turned and walked very swiftly because, even if a coyote is chasing me, I am completely unable to run. If you ever see me running, come quickly because I will be dead by the end of the block.

We did not go blackberry picking.

That about sums up the day.


I am now the mother of a  5 year old. We had a lot of fun yesterday.


In related news: Joe has absolutely no fear of water.


Speaking of my tinies, I’m wondering about how to write about them as they get older. (I love to write about them. And not like the Practices of Mothering stuff but about them – their stories, their victories, the stuff we’re figuring out together.) I know it’s kind of frustrating for some readers because you read here for other reasons and the “mommy-blogger” stuff can be kind of irritating. And they are getting older, needing more privacy. I guess I’m wondering about my site overall. I don’t feel like I fit the “mommy-blogger” world but because have the mummy-stuff on here, I can’t fit in the spiritual/deep/writer blogs either. I’m kind of swinging both ways these days and I’m thinking that the spirit-writer part of me is going to win out, the one writing through my own faith and journey and spirituality with some authenticity.

The truth is that this blog doesn’t really fit in most boxes. I’m too liberal and crazy for the nice Christian bloggers, too theological for the mommy-bloggers and so thankful for you crazy people and how  we don’t fit the box but somehow we fit together.

But can these things co-exist int this space? Can I write about faith and politics and struggles but still post pictures of my tinies’ birthday? Or is it just time that their personal lives began to have a bit of a curtain over the details?


Oh, and I am giving away $250 gift card to Lululemon over on my Reviews blog, if you’re interested.

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