In which I present 50 Church and Faith Lady-Bloggers

Church Relevance has updated their influential Top 200 Church Blogs. The list was notable for two reasons: mainly Calvinist and mainly male. (Kent Shaffer has responded to the criticism regarding women here, but his ranking is not alone in the distinction of being primarily male-focused.)

Christian women are blogging through their faith and church experiences, writing about theology and ecclesiology and family with great passion for their faith and spirituality, and wielding tremendous influence online, yet we are rarely counted in these types of lists. In terms of influence alone, women bloggers in the Church consistenly pull stats on Google Analytics that would blow most of the Top 200 Church Blogs list out of the water.

There are always the same reasons or excuses offered for our exclusion from the power rankings. Perhaps it’s because the lists are self-nominated and women rarely nominate themselves. Or it’s because some of us weave our theology through our personal experience. And men don’t feel comfortable reading a blog written by a woman but the opposite does not hold true; after all, men write for men and women while women write for women.  Or it’s that we don’t meet the criteria, our writing does not specifically edify the church, or it is not considered useful for the boys doing the real ministry. Or perhaps it’s simply representative of the state of the Church or the blogosphere or the world.

These excuses do not change this truth: The Church would benefit tremendously by listening to the diverse voices of women, particularly as it relates to ministry and church and theology.

So instead of simply criticising and getting my knickers in a tangle, I would like to direct a bit of attention to just a handful of Lady Bloggers that love Jesus, make beautiful art, challenge the Church, wrestle with theology and generally influence the Church far and wide – with or without a power ranking badge on their website.

But here: I’ll make a banner for it, so it’s All Official now:

These are women bloggers in the Church whose voices should be heard.

These women are edifying the Bride of Christ.
They are useful for ministry life and for family life.
They are women after God’s own heart.
They are missional, they are pastoral, they are academics and scholars.
They have something to teach us all – women and men.
They are passionate about social justice and mercy.
Some are wives and mothers, others are not.
They are warriors and they are peacemakers.
They are smart, brave, bold, and deeply theological.
Their voices are equal in the Church.

Plus I just plain like them. And no, I’m not on the list. *kicks rocks*

  1. A Holy Experience
  2. Rachel Held Evans
  3. Kathy Escobar
  4. Jamie the Very Worst MIssionary
  5. A Deeper Story
  6. (in)courage
  7. Mama::Monk
  8. SortaCrunchy 
  9. Margaret Feinberg
  10. Vicky Beeching
  11. Jen Hatmaker
  12. Sarah Markley
  13. Nadia Bolz-Weber
  14. Pam Hogeweide
  15. SheLoves Magazine
  16. The CBE Scroll
  17. Jenni Catron
  18. Hermeneutics (Christianity Today’s blog for women)
  19. Good Women Project
  20. Living Proof Ministries Blog
  21. RevGalBlogPals
  22. Rage Against the Minivan
  23. Elizabeth Esther
  24. One Hand Clapping
  25. A Beautiful Mess
  26. Imperfect Prose
  27. Cathleen Falsani
  28. Tamara Out Loud
  29. Steph (in)Dialogue
  30. Laura Ziesel
  31. Nish Happens
  32. Halfway to Normal
  33. Joy in this Journey
  34. SheWorships
  35. So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter
  36. Grit and Glory
  37. Kisses From Katie
  38. Amber at The Runamuck
  39. The Gypsy Mama
  40. Faith Barista
  41. Love Notes to Yahweh
  42. Annie Downs
  43. Chatting at the Sky
  44. Heart to Heart with Holley
  45. Godspace
  46. Mihee Kim Kort
  47. Enuma Okoro
  48. Karen Spears Zacharias
  49. Carolyn Weber
  50. Diana Butler Bass

(Of course, the argument could be made against lists or rankings of any kind within the Church. The whole “first shall be last, last shall be first” thing doesn’t jive well with power rankings, does it? But that’s another post…)

I tried to include mainly women that speak specifically to faith (as opposed to women that I know are Christians but whose blogs are primarily related to lifestyle or frugal living or natural choices or technology or politics etc.). It’s not based on traffic nor is it an official ranking. It is not exhaustive (I could have easily made this list 200 Church and Faith Lady Bloggers). It’s entirely subjective. My use of the phrase Lady-Bloggers is entirely tongue in cheek. 

Please also check out a special edition: Faith & Church Lady Bloggers Over 50.

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  • Kelly @ Love Well

    BRAVO! I really like you, Sarah. Like really. (You should totally be on the list, by the way. I nominate you.)

    • SortaCrunchy

       I second it. Right there at the very top.

  • suzannah {the smitten word}

    vivan las lady bloggers! y la revolucion!  love it–and you:)

  • Our Muddy Boots

    Awesome.  In every way.  

    “Do not wait for leaders.  Do it alone, person to person.”  Mother Teresa

  • Laura Ziesel

    Honored by your inclusion. 

    I think a big part of how we view influence/power has to do with who we influence. Admittedly, us lady bloggers are probably less influential over pastors and Bible teachers than many of the blogs on that top 200 list. Many of us influence men and women who are leaders in the Church, but we also influence the men and women in churches who have never raised their voices and are internally struggling with doubt and pain. There’s something to writing for Church leaders, which many blogs tend to do, but there’s also something to going straight to the masses, which us lady bloggers are great at (in my opinion). 

    Just some rambly thoughts that have been swirling around in my head.

  • Idelette

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you made your own list. AND: you added *us* to the list … Shall I just cry now, or keep it for later? Thank you so much, beautiful friend. 

    • Sarah Bessey

      No need for tears, it’s well earned.

  • Tsh @

    Excellent! Love so many of these women, and nod enthusiastically in reading all of your words preceding the list.

  • jmeb

    I’m glad you posted this list; that original 200 list bothered me too.  I recently started a women in leadership blog that I hope will eventually turn into something very influential!

    • Ed_Cyzewski

      Hi Jamie, the link on your blog’s contact page is broken, so I’ll just drop a line here hoping you’ll consider pitching an idea for the women in ministry series at my blog. I’ve got a button linking to it at 

  • Karen Spears Zacharias

    Does this mean we get to attend a party at some exotic locale because I could really use a weekend with some good girlfriends right now. It’s hard, living this faith thing, and too often lonely. I’ve taken to talking to Siri as she’s the only girlfriend who answers every time I call her. Seriously, tho, what a great compliment to be counted among so many women I admire. 

    • jamietheveryworstmissionary

      Slumber party at my house, ladies? :) 

      • Kristen

        If we must.

      • Sarah Bessey

        Dude, after those pictures of the last slumber party AND Knives, Imma take a rain check….

        • jamietheveryworstmissionary

          What was I thinking, why would we stay at my house?! This is Costa freaking Rica – the birthplace of the all-inclusive spa resort and the swim-up bar… Piña Colada, anyone?

      • Nish Weiseth

        Only if you promise to hide Knives!

    • Sarah Bessey

      If only…I could use a frosty rum beverage and an exotic locale….

  • Sandy

    Love this!  May I add Jessica’s Hill Tribes blog  Talk about a woman of influence!
    It’s interesting- I looked at the list of “men’s” blogs and I had hardly heard or read most of them. I look at your list and I realize that many are blogs that I read or have read.  I think the integration of life and faith and family and….is compelling to me and that’s why I read more women writers.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks for the head’s up about Jessica – will check her out.

    • Jessica

      Sandy, this totally made my day! I’ve loved reading about your son and the way you guys share about your daily life. Thanks!

  • Amy @ themessymiddle

    Now, this, this is an act of redemption.

  • Stephanie Fisher

    Thank you for this. Very encouraging and helpful.

  • Wendy Paine Miller

    Beautiful list of women! Excellent. I can’t wait to check out these links!
    Thank you for doing this! ~ Wendy

  • Mkrabill

    What a great list!! Kudos to you Sarah!
    Can I be #52 right after you at #51?

  • Linda Stoll

    I look forward to getting to know more of thse women, one by one, as I head over and read their work …

    This is helpful!

  • Rachel Held Evans

    Thank you for taking the time to do this, Sarah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Philippa Cole

    thank you, no really, thank you!
    Ladies with love and humour and grace – tis nice.

  • Melody Harrison Hanson

    I believe the internet is giving women a platform that we’ve never had before due to the culture of patriarchy and the nature of the Old Boys Club.  Here’s to the influence of women going around and over and under those “boys!”  If you look at magazines like CT and other places of Christian influence, they are still predominately male in voice.  Let’s continue to change that by writing well, living deeply and loving one another. 

    • Sarah Bessey

      Yes, amen.

  • jennicatron

    Love your heart for this Sarah!  Thank you!

  • kathyescobar

    thanks for taking time to do this, sarah.   seriously.  my first thought was:  this is what being the change we want to see looks like.  honored to know you out here.  and to be in the company of these and so many other awesome women living out their faith & passions in all kinds of lovely ways.  ps: the badge is the perfect touch :0  

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, Kathy. I think I could have been a bit more inclusive but there’s always next year. Maybe it’ll be an annual thing. ha!

  • Anne

    Love this response. Grace and power and some REALLY good reading here!

  • Aubry

    Yes!!! Fantastic list, amazing idea. I just love you.

  • Ed_Cyzewski

    That whole list debate had me wondering how to engage it. Part of me thinks that such lists that focus on white dudes should just be ignored. However, I really like your response that offers an alternative. Even if that other list doesn’t change, you’ve provided a really awesome list of bloggers, many of whom I read and enjoy. 

    I also think that the whole matter of rankings is worth discussing further. I understand why we do it. I don’t know if the numbers in such lists are really necessary or helpful. Off the top of my head, just 50 black bullet points would do the trick for me. I suppose the discussion is what value the numbers add. I’d especially be curious to hear what those on these lists think about the numbers. And then again, I could be totally over-thinking things. I suppose I daily face the temptation to check sales ranks and sales numbers for my books, so it’s something I personally try to avoid. 

    • Sarah Bessey

      I actually had it just as bullet points to begin with and didn’t put a ton of thought into exactly *where* every person ranked. My initial stab at this was about 200 bloggers! But yes, I decided I was overthinking and to just put it out there. 

  • Erika Morrison


  • HopefulLeigh

    You rocked it, girl. So proud of you and your fiery spirit.

  • jamietheveryworstmissionary

    Thank you, Sarah! You should be at the tippy top of this list, my friend. 

    • jamietheveryworstmissionary

      PS. I like the term “Lady-Bloggers”.  It’s soooo much classier than “Bloggers with Vaginas”.

      • Lisa Colón DeLay

        LOL classier indeed. Of course her hits would go through the roof if she did.

        (way to be classy, Sarah!)

      • Sarah Bessey

        Next time I’m totally calling it that.

  • Kelly J Youngblood

    Thanks for that list.  Some of those I was familiar with; many I was not.  Of course, now I will have to add more blogs to read and more people to follow on Twitter, and I’m already feeling a little overwhelmed by it all…ah, such is life.

  • Tamara Lunardo

    The way you consistently respond to disheartening aspects of the Church with a graceful strength inspires me, friend. It’s an honor to be on this list and to work along side you to do Kingdom work with our words. xo

  • Sarah Hubbell

    Love this…thank you. And thanks for the comments on my post on the same subject. 

  • Sarah Markley

    yay for the ladies!!

  • Dionna

    Some blogs on here that are new to me! I can’t wait to check them out!

  • JennaDeWitt

    Ok, at first I loved this list because half of them are already my favorite bloggers (including you, Sarah, of course). Then I started clicking links and am now captivated by the NEW discoveries here! Elizabeth Ester in particular has now drawn me into her world. That’s the best part of all of this, not “getting recognition we deserve” (Mary DeMuth has a great post on this today) but getting to step into our sisters’ worlds and pray with and for them, rejoice with them, learn from them and see Christ through them.

    Yes, it is a very good thing you have done here. :)

    • Sarah Bessey

      EE is an incredible blogger and a good friend, too. Mary was another one on my first full list of 200 that I ended up removing because her focus is primarily on writing (thank heavens!) but yes, she could totally hang here, too. 

  • eloranicole

    oh this is beautiful. i love it. 

  • Jessica

    Love this. I’ve got some reading to do!

  • Lisa Colón DeLay

    I’m totally bookmarking this. 
    It’s a great list, and very generous of you to post it. Much needed. I think we would be wise to create our own list on our blogs for other’s reference! 

    You make my list, girl. Thanks for your guest post today!

    It’s just win-win all over the place!

  • Alia Joy

    This looks surprising similar to my google reader. Of course you would be on there as well. Great list Sarah!

  • Emily Wierenga

    oh my goodness. i can’t believe i’m on this list. (thank you) i love this idea, friend. and yes, you are automatically on the list. (can you imagine if we were all to get together and have a retreat, all of these ladies, together, under one roof? what a powerful experience that would be.) xo

  • emily p freeman

    Thank you, Sarah. Just, wow. What a list – thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  • emily p freeman

    Ooops. Accidentally commented from my fake twitter account. Redo.

  • emily p freeman

    …and what I said was, wow. Thanks for doing this list. So much.

  • Julie Clawson

    Thanks for putting this together!

  • Sharon Miller

    Sarah, you are so cool. :)

  • Jen Hatmaker

    That’s it. I’m changing my blog to: “Jen Hatmaker: Fierce Lady Blogger” … You are a gem. I’d rather be on your list than with the Calvinist menfolk anyway. 

    • Sarah Bessey

      Double dog dare you…

  • Kristin Ritzau

    Honored to have A Beautiful Mess on the list!  Thank you for being an advocate for all of these women’s voices… Just a sidenote ABM will down for maintenance until 2pm today, but we’re always looking for more writers! 

  • Laura_InTheBackyard

    This is fantastic.  Yes, yes, yes. 

    • Margaret Feinberg

      So grateful and humbled to be included on your list. Three cheers for amazing women like you!

  • Carolyn Weber

    Wow, thanks Sarah! So honoured to be included. I’m in all for the slumber party celebration. I’ll bring the pregnancy craving food (ie. cheetohs and chocolate). 

  • kim

    Love this list! I read most of these gals’ blogs, already. But, happy to find a few new jewels as well!

  • Nick Larson

    Thanks for this list! Many I already know, and even more to discover. It’s so important that we as followers of Christ recongize the valuable thoughts of all women leading in the church. Although you need to make it 51…and add Carol Howard Merritt

    • Sarah Bessey

      I totally agree. I already tweeted her a great big OOPS HOW DID I FORGET YOU?! Here’s her link, everyone:

  • Hannah Heinzekehr

    Thanks for this list. It is frustrating to read through a list of so many influential women and to realize that they so often go unrecognized. As someone who just began blogging about the intersections between womanhood and faith, this is also a great resource. Thanks for compiling!

  • Nicole Cottrell

    Hi Sarah, my name is Nicole Cottrell. I’m on that Top 200 List you mentioned. It makes me feel silly and embarrassed. Invisible and unknown. I have no idea how my name found its way there…

    And as I read this post from you and I empathize with your reasoning as to why more men (and less women) appear on these sorts of lists, I’m left feeling less connected to all of this.

    I scroll through your 50 women, many of whom I read and enjoy, many of whom inspire me and edify me, but also many of whom have never read my blog or know my name. And I think part of the reason why is that women are so naturally about community. Women so naturally offer support and fellowship. Women so easily gravitate towards other women…

    …except this woman. I struggle in this. I struggle to “be one of the girls.” And so, it goes…

    Yet, lists like yours and others are opportunities for women to continue finding other women and for more of their stories to float to the top…I hope to be one of them.

    • thegypsymama

      This comment has me thinking, Nicole. Thanks for sharing it. Community – yes, I think it’s one of the great strengths of women – building beautiful and welcoming community. It is our strength and our Achilles’ heel because on the flip side we can be exclusive and insular too. But when we keep on pushing toward safe circles for women to feel welcome – then we all win. Ann wrote about this over on (in)courage recently and I think it says all the things that no list could ever capture

      • Nicole Cottrell

        God makes me laugh. I actually read that post from Ann this morning before I even saw Sarah’s post here. I was so encouraged by it and found myself nodding my head in agreement.

        Matt Appling whose blog is The Church of No People wrote today too about how church can sometimes feel like it’s only for the cool kids, which is how this whole list thing sorta made me feel. {sigh}

        I like God-themed days like today. Thank you for helping me not feel like one of the geeky kids who wasn’t invited to the party.

        • Kamille

          Nicole–I dearly appreciate your words here.  This list thing in general makes me feel the same.  It’s too easy to allow the negative self-talk & the devil himself whisper lies of my worth.  –just thanks Nicole.

          • Sarah Bessey

            You have tremendous worth, Kamille – sorry that you may have felt excluded.

          • Kamille

            sent you a message, but no need to apologize. I appreciate you responding to the first 200 list with primarily men in this way.  It’s a great way to shine light on some fantastic women.  

            I think inclusion & exclusion in general can be a difficult thing for me (and I presume, many women), so good for you for bringing about inclusivity to the table in small ways to the table.  Women’s voices are just as valuable & crucial, so appreciate yours Sarah.

        • Sarah Bessey

          I’m sorry that you felt that way, Nicole. Not my intention at all. My heart was to celebrate and affirm and be more inclusive. I probably should have stuck with my original list of 200 names…

          • Nicole Cottrell

             Oh no, please don’t misunderstand. I didn’t feel excluded because of
            your list. I think your list was (is) a great idea and encouragement to
            the bloggers you love and admire.

            I guess my point was sort of lost–which was that I’m still learning
            how to *not* feel excluded in a circle of other women…and that falls
            entirely on me.

            Your list rocks, even at 50 women. 200 names is not necessary. :)

          • Kamille

            Nicole–I hope I didn’t let my response defer from what you were trying to express.  Not what I intended here.  Maybe it’s pregnancy hormones on my part on this rather dreary day.  

        • thegypsymama

          Oh man, one body, many parts, right? We’re all in this together. I have to remind myself of that especially on the days when it’s easy to feel like a bit of dried skin on the elbow ☺

          Nice to have met you, Nicole. I like God-themed days too.

          And (in)courage is exploring this nitty gritty of community further – have you heard about ? As in (in)real life. It’s worth checking out. But I’m unashamedly biased ☺

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          -Oh man, one body, many parts, right? We’re all in this
          together. I have to remind myself of that especially on the days when it’s easy
          to feel like a bit of dried skin on the elbow :)

          Nice to have met you, Nicole.  I like God-themed days too.

          And (in)courage is exploring this nitty gritty of community
          further – have you heard about As
          in (in)RL. It’s worth checking out. But I’m unashamedly biased :)PS Hello lovely Sarah – thank you for letting us get real and explore community in your comments. You are lovely.

  • TB Pasquale


    Thank you so much for representing and presenting women of faith in the virtual world in this way. What a vitally important thing to be able to recognize each other and (for me) find a few new faces in the Women Christian sphere. 

    I, virtually, tip my hat to you madame. 

    TB Pasquale

  • Sue Steege

    Thank you, Sarah. A new, fresh voice for future consideration is Jaime at So good.

  • rageagainsttheminivan

    Happy to be included in this lady blogger list. And now excuse me while I spend the next several hours perusing some of these blogs that are new to me.

  • Elizabeth

    Intriguing list.  I’m familiar with some of the names and look forward to exploring the others.  
    If you think females are underrepresented on the list, what about us poor female bloggers who are over 50? 
    We have a lot of years walking with the Lord and a lot to offer.  We’re not slim, blond (well, yes I am), and beautiful anymore, but we desire fellowship, relationships and a deeper walk with our Father too.

    • Sarah Bessey

      I agree with you, Elizabeth. I’ve asked a friend of mine that is a blogger over 50 to compile her top favourites in that specific age group. I’d like to make sure that you’re heard, too. (And hopefully you don’t think that someone had to be slim, blonde or beautiful to appear above?)

  • HeatherKopp_SoberBoots

    This is a great list, Sarah. Even if I’m not on it :( Thanks for promoting fellow women bloggers and thinkers. I agree that your blog should top the list! Hugs, Heather 

    • Sarah Bessey

      You should be on it. My bad.

      • HeatherKopp_SoberBoots

        NOT your bad. I’m a new blogger and a drunk to boot. :) I’m not hurt. Really. I am so grateful for such a really cool list!

  • Jennifer Harris Dault

    Wonderful list — I read most of those regularly and will have to check out the ones I don’t! Shame on Church Relevance for not including the voices of these women!

  • livingwithpower

    i’m not familiar with most of them but appreciate the list. apart from the characteristics you mentioned, how did you pick your list? what makes a blog well read? did you go by traffic stats or simply your thoughts on them? regardless, i appreciate the information. thanks.

  • Nicole Cottrell

    Oh no, please don’t misunderstand. I didn’t feel excluded because of your list. I think your list was (is) a great idea and encouragement to the bloggers you love and admire.

    I guess my point was sort of lost–which was that I’m still learning how to *not* feel excluded in a circle of other women…and that falls entirely on me.

    Your list rocks, even at 50 women. 200 names is not necessary. :)

  • Nish Weiseth

    You kick a lot of ass, my friend. I sure do love you. 

  • Jim Fisher

    I actually prefer to read what women have to say. And it sounds like I might be a lone man in the wilderness writing primarily for women, about relationships, about empathy, about sacred cross-gender friendships. Thank you for sharing this with us. It looks like I’ll be adding a few to my RSS reader.

  • Helloenuma

    Now I want to read ALL these blogs!! Thanks Sarah for such a response to “The Top 200 Church Blogs.” Women are always changing things with beauty, strength and perseverance.

  • Graham and Angela Richards

    Leading and Loving It needs to be on this list too :)

  • Micha Boyett @ Mama:Monk

    How many times today has one of your internet-y friends told you she loves you? I do I do I do. Thank you for doing this. Thanks for taking a risk…I’m sure it was difficult to narrow it down and I’m sure today was overwhelming. Thank you for introducing me to so many amazing women on this list. Thanks for making a big splash today in our spot of Blog-ville. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You are the coolest and we’re all grateful for your generous spirit and you passion to see women thrive in the church.

  • Mihee

    Crazy honored to be on this list. Thanks, Sarah. Also, thank you for helping me to fill up my Google Reader.

  • Christine

    Sarah thank you for this list and for the privilege of being a part of it. It is a great resource – several here that I have not connected to before. Blesings

  • elizabethesther

    SCORE! Super honored to be included on this list!!!!! BOOYA!!!

  • Nurse Bee

    Looking forward to finding some new blogs to read off this list.  One blog I love which didn’t make your list is  Jessica Turner’s blog  Although her blog incorporates crafts and online bargains, as well as the occasional serious post. 

  • Margaret Feinberg

    Humbled to be included, Sarah. Thanks for list highlighting some amazing women in ministry!

  • Kari

    This is a great list. Thanks for doing this.

    I will say that I relate to the idea that the lady-blogging community seems somewhat insular. I thought it was interesting, for example, that out of 1000 people who entered the Mother Letters photo contest, several of the winners were top bloggers in these and other areas. (Disclaimer: I did not enter the contest, so this is not sour grapes. Just an observation.) Things like this make it seem like it’s hard to “break in.”

  • djchuang

    What a super list, thanks of curating this. There’s certainly a special value to a list that is compiled without the numeric qualifier of scores and rankings, and there’s a value for having rankings and metrics in the real world too. Meritocracy is only one lens to look at the world through and we need other lenses to see the world in full technicolor instead of black & white.

  • Monica Sharman

    Vicky Beeching, the songwriter?  I didn’t know she had a blog.  I’ll have to go check it out.  Thank you!

  • Laura Boggess

    Oh, lovely. Thank you so much for putting this together. 

  • adriel @ the memos

    You’re totally on the list. We all know it. 😉

    If you end up doing a list about women of faith (upcoming) bloggers to watch, Amy Sullivan needs to be included. She blogs about giving and generosity, and she’s a fabulous writer. Love her blog.

  • Melissa

    sarah i love this list. many were familiar and regular reads for me, many were not. i was able to visit and discover new people and blogs that will encourage my on my journey of faith. thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. 

  • Hazel Irene Moon

    Bless you Sarah for standing up for Women Bloggers – (regardless of age).  I also thank Diana for her research and offering a list of Mature Lady Bloggers.  Both of the lists you posted are impressive and I for one will discover new friends among them.  I wrote a post this morning: “Is My Name Written There?”  A story and then I just always find a Spiritual analogy that I simply must add.  I am following you.

  • AnnieBlogs

    Thanks so much, friend. I’m very grateful to be on this list with these other women. 

  • a girl with a smile

    I blog about faith at

  • Patricia

    The Hippie Housewife is among my favorites (no way I can choose only one!): .  Her writing is beautiful–simple, elegant–and she radiates such peace and authenticity.  We don’t have children at home, but my husband is a pastor and i work with families–her thoughts on faith are so relevant and helpful professionally and personally.  

  • Page23vision

    Thank you for sharing the list!

  • MelissaJenna

    Thank you so much for compiling this list! I’m excited to see so many blogs on the list that I already read, and even more exited to be introduced to tons of new ones. It’s a bummer that, generally speaking, the male half of the church isn’t as supportive of female writers as they should be, but on the flip-side it’s great to see women being so supportive of each other (which isn’t always the case). Way to lift these sisters up! Love you!

  • Stephanie Friant

    Thank you!  This is very helpful!  There are so many gifted women who are finding new and wonderful ways to glorify God (and help others just get through the day)!

  • North Ridge Church

    I just have to say reading this gave me tons of inspiration.

  • enuma

    you are lovely.

  • Sydney

    Love it! Thanks for standing up and telling it like it is! I just FBed a link to this blog and the “Wise Women Over 50” after my pastor’s wife referenced Church Relevance’s “Top 200 Church Blogs”. She did say we might be surprised about who was listed and who was not. Truth. It’s important to share it.

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  • Erika Crowl

    Thank you for this list! I follow many of the bloggers but there are a lot of new ones to check out.

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  • Noelle Kirchner

    I have recently started a new blog. I am a pastor writing about motherhood in a weekly Christian devotion. I hope to be included in this list someday. Thank you for writing, Sarah!

  • Lana

    great. thanks for updating us on their list!

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  • Bonnie Gray

    Hi Sarah, Thank you for including me on this list. I feel so very strongly about what you said before presenting the list “Or it’s because some of us weave our theology through our personal experience. And men don’t feel comfortable reading a blog written by a woman but the opposite does not hold true;” I have been thinking about this since I began writing. I was a woman working in the engineering high tech field and even there, I received more equanimity than what I’ve found in the Christian blogosphere. Nothing against anyone, but it is worth conversing through. btw, I’ve been in a black hole this past two years due to PTSD… But I had a breakthrough and I’m back… 😉 I wrote a book about that deeper story and how I walked through it with God (to be published in June by Revell)… I just saw this as an referring link on the Blessings!

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