In which I present you with wise women over 50

I’m honoured to welcome Diana Trautwein here. (Or as I like to call her, Pastor D). She’s a retired pastor, a wife for 46 years, a mother of 3, Nana to 8 beautiful grandchildren, with tremendous wisdom to offer. She did the stay-at-home-mom thing for 20 years and experienced a mid-life call to ministry, she went to seminary and then served as a pastor for more than 17 years. 

I know many women in my season of life that long for older women to come alongside them. Many of us yearn for the wisdom that older women have to offer. That’s partly why I’m so thrilled about this collection of bloggers as an addendum to the 50 Church & Faith Lady-Bloggers List. But that is not the only reason: the voices of these women are valuable to the entire church! I honour each of them, I’m thrilled to shine my small light here onto their work. Many are new names to me and as I’ve been clicking through their blogs, I’ve been already been so blessed. What richness! What depth! And now, I’ll stop talking and let Diana introduce you to them…

Up front, a disclaimer: I’m not a big fan of lists, for lots of reasons. However, since we’ve been blitzed with lists of late, I am grateful that Sarah took the time, interest and energy to compile one consisting of articulate women who contribute something of value to the internet conversation about faith-based issues and experiences. A BIG shout-out to Sarah for doing this good, good work.

As I read through her amazing collection of 50, I rejoiced at the variety and texture! And I happily realized that I know many of the names I found there.

However, I noticed that there were very few representing my particular demographic – older than 50, older than 60, some of us even older than – gasp! – 70. And here is what I love about Sarah: when I sent her a note, gently suggesting there was a slight hole in the fabric, she agreed with me. And she invited me to put together a list of bloggers who fit the category of 50 or Over.

This little compendium of 21 + five honorary-not-quite-50-yet members is what I’ve come up with in the last 24 hours. I offer deep thanks to my group of about a dozen Facebook friends who helped me put these names together. Some of those friends are in this age category; several of them are not. All of them were so grateful for Sarah’s invitation to think intentionally about this issue because they think it’s important.

In this collection, you will find poets, photographers, married women, widows, divorcees. You will find a priest, several published authors, schoolteachers, pastors’ wives, businesswomen, a hospice worker, some stay-at-home moms, a cancer survivor, a claims adjuster, a spiritual director, a former nurse, a couple of short-term missionaries, and a whole lot of heart.

All are women who have walked through suffering and loss, joy and laughter, gratefully experiencing and celebrating life, in all its wacky, messy, gorgeous reality.

Each one of them loves Jesus and longs to live more fully into her faith.

They write about writing, about mothering and grandmothering, about wrestling with the hard stuff, about living with chronic illness or aging parents or struggling children.

They have a lot to teach and each one of them has a great gift of encouragement, something they share liberally, both at their home sites and in the comment sections all over the cyber waves.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Honorary members of this particular club:

Thanks so much, Sarah, for inviting me to do this. It has encouraged my own heart to re-discover these wise and honest voices and I am happy to share them with your readers.

And I KNOW there are others out there – so if you know one or two, why not leave their addresses in the comments?

Diana and her 90 year old mama

Recently retired after 17 years of pastoral ministry, Diana wants to learn how to finish well. She’s been married to Dick for 46 years, stayed home for over 20 years to mother three of her favorite people on earth, is richly blessed to have each of their spouses in her life, and has been Nana for 21 years now (six boys in a row followed by two girls, ages ranging from 2-21).  She is also a little bit crazy, going back to seminary at age 44 while managing a small floral business from home. She loves wrestling with God through scripture and life, and usually, she manages to wait for the blessing. She is in training to become a spiritual director and thoroughly enjoying the wonderful world of cyberspace, now that she has a little more room on her plate.

  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    i have the pleasure of reading some of these regularly, and the honor to fall softly under the instruction of the new-to-me.  Thank you!

    • pastordt

      Thank you, Tara, for stopping to comment. I see your name here and there in the comments around the cyber-sphere and am on my way to check out your own space.

  • Kari

    Another great list. I will recommend my friend Peggy Haymes.

    • pastordt

      Thanks, Kari, for stopping by and for adding to the wealth!

  • Kamille

    Wow Diana–you truly are an inspiration.  It’s so refreshing & encouraging to know older women in the faith who take value in motherhood, while still using the other gifts outside of it.  I hope that sounds right.  Thank you!

    • pastordt

      Thanks, Kamille. Being a mother has been both the most difficult and the most wonderful part of my life and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. And I have been richly blessed in the second half of this journey to use a lot of what I learned in the mothering half as I have pastored in two congregations and now as I’m dipping into spiritual direction. Never underestimate what parenting teaches us, how it molds us. In fact, anyone – parent or not – who invests in children and their formation will be forever changed themselves. Glad to meet you here at Sarah’s place.

  • Nancy Franson

    Thank you both, Sarah and Diana, for your work in reaching out and encouraging fellow bloggers. I deeply appreciate the grace with which you held this conversation–and here on the internet, for the whole wide world to see!

    And, I missed a huge part of Diana’s conversation last night, so let me please add the fabulous Deb Colarossi who blogs at Talk at the Table: Her words are rich with grace and beauty and she is the real deal.

    • Patricia W Hunter

      Absolutely!!!! Deb Colarossi is amazing.

    • pastordt

      EXACTLY what I was hoping for – lots more ideas/links/inspiration. I’ve a couple of plaintive notes from those in the 40-50 age bracket this morning who feel as if they’ve dropped into the black hole of blogdom, so I’d welcome any leads to others who are post 40 in these comments. I’ll add one here and maybe a few others as I go… Kim at

      • Sheila Seiler Lagrand

        With the caveat, please, that we don’t think of forty as “older” :) 

        • pastordt

          Are you kidding? Forty is YOUNG, gettin’ younger by the day. :>)

    • SortaCrunchy

       I have to echo the praise for Deb. She is a gift. Absolutely.

  • Coleminer77

    Thank you for this list. I long for this kind of wisdom.

    • pastordt

      Thanks for stopping by to say thanks, Coleminer. Whether wisdom actually comes with age or not is up for grabs – but life experience? Yeah, that we’ve got by the barrelful.

  • Patricia W Hunter

    Thank you, Sarah and Diana. I’m truly honored to be listed with these amazing women of God who inspire and encourage me with their gifts, talents, humor, art and grace. I LOVE the Body of Christ and the cross that makes us one. 

    • pastordt

      Again – I think there is a comment-eating lurker out here somewhere. Thanks for your thanks, Patricia – and for your always beautiful and peace-filled posts.

  • dukeslee

    I know most of them women on that list, and hold all of them in high esteem for the way that they exalt the Father through the written word. They’ve mentored me again and again. So glad to see this list here. 

  • Rachel Strietzel

    Glenda Childers is a real life friend from my church, and I have to say she is even more amazing in person.  Great list!

    • pastordt

      Hey Rachel – thanks for the IRL shout-out to Glenda, who is such a lovely, encouraging person to ‘know’ out here in the far reaches of wifi. Thanks for commenting.

  • Shelly Miller

    Okay, well, I haven’t reached fifty yet. Glad to be recognized but thinking I may need a face lift. Thanks Diana!

    • Nancy Franson

      That’s why you’re on the honorary list, Shelly–women not fifty yet, but exercising wisdom beyond their years!

    • pastordt

      By our reckoning, you were within close enough shouting distance to make the honorary list, Shelly. But as I said in a comment up above, we’re open to links to women of all ages around here – but focusing in the comments on 40-50 and 50+. You fall in the first one – and you most certainly do NOT need a facelift. 

      • Shelly Miller

        Diana, I am definitely in shouting distance and so incredibly honored to be among such wonderful women for which my life has been deeply enriched. Thank you so much!

  • S. Etole

    So honored [and surprised] to find my name here. Thank you seems hardly adequate. But I do.

    • pastordt

      Susan,  your beautiful photos, your amazing life story and your genuine kindness just radiate off the screen when I’m at your place. So thank YOU.

  • Jean Wise

    wow what a surprise and honor to find my name on your list.  Thank you for the encouragement.  I know many of those names but there are some new ones to explore too.  Thank you for compiling this list and bless you on your journey!

    • pastordt

      Thanks, Jean, for all your good words and encouragement to go deeper into the Mystery.

  • thegypsymama

    Oh this is a treasure!

    • pastordt

      You are too kind, Lisa-Jo. And a treasure, too, by the way.

  • Kelly J Youngblood

    What a wonderful list to make.  I am inspired that she went to seminary at age 44 after being a SAHM for 20 years.  I am currently a SAHM and hope to return to seminary before I am 40 (I did a few classes a few years ago but never came anywhere near finishing).  It was encouraging to me to read that little piece of information.

    • pastordt

      I actually encourage anyone with even the slightest interest and time/energy to pursue seminary. EVERY follower of Jesus needs what seminary can offer – deeper experience with church history, with biblical studies, even systematic theology. The challenge is to keep folding what you learn into real life – which is, after all, exactly where it belongs. Go for it, Kelly.

      • Kelly J Youngblood

        Oh, I’ll go for it, that is for sure–the only question is when.  I’ve got a tentative timeline jotted down, but I feel at peace in that God will make it feasible when the timing is right.

      • Sheila Seiler Lagrand

        And this comment is just one beautiful example of the many things I love about you, Diana. You are such an encourager. 

        • Sandra Heska King

          Ditto. I’ve thought about seminary–even at my age. 

          • pastordt

            You don’t have to do a ‘program,’ you can just take what’s of interest to you – and it’s worth it, the time, the energy, even the $$.

  • Jeanne Cowger

    Although I love reading blogs of young women who are thinking deep thoughts, and make me expand my mind, I will have to check out those on this list

    • pastordt

      I love reading blogs of young women, too, Jeanne. In fact, this year of exploring has been one of the single greatest affirmations about the continuation of the Kingdom of God into the future of anything I’ve done in my life. God is not dead, nor doth he sleep – lots of young women (and young men, too, actually) out here who are honest, searching, fearless and committed. I’m just glad that there’s room at this fabulous table for those of us who have the lived a little bit longer. Together, we can feast.

  • SortaCrunchy

    What an incredible, inspiring list. I am so thankful for these voices! What hope and what beauty. Thank you, Sarah, and thank you, Pastor D! 

    • pastordt

      You are very welcome, Megan.

  • Kari

    I think Disqus has eaten my comment twice now. Let’s see if the third time is the charm.

    This is another great list. I would add my friend Peggy Haymes. I’m not going to put a link in case that’s the problem.

    • Tyler Hayes

      Sorry about that. It looks like our spam filter was a little overzealous. I went ahead and approved your comment and deleted the duplicates. If this happens again would you kindly let us know at Thanks! cc @emergingmummy:disqus

    • pastordt

      We got it this time – and you got an apology, too. Wow, that is impressive.

  • Sheila Seiler Lagrand

    Diana, and Sarah, both of you. Look at what you’ve done! This list is such a treasure.

    I’m not sure how my name landed in the company of all these amazing women. But I am deeply honored and truly humbled. Thank you both for all you do. 

    And the dialog that led here was amazing, too. Enlightening and uplifting. Thanks for that, as well.

    • pastordt


  • Sandra Heska King

    So now my age is out in the open…

    But I’m so thrilled to join my voice with the chorus here–of all ages.

    • pastordt

      Your ‘age’ is out in only the most general of ways, sweetie. Nobody looking at you would believe it anyhow.

      • Sheila Seiler Lagrand

        Absolutely concur with what you say about Sandy’s youthful appearance :)

        I’m so grateful for this list, Diana and Sarah. But I must admit that somehow I missed that gene that makes us ladies circumspect about our ages. 

        I never understood it. I’m kinda proud to have made it this far, to tell you the truth. :)

        • pastordt

          I’m with you there, Sheila. 67 is feeling younger by the minute.

          • Sheila Seiler Lagrand


  • HisFireFly

    To be considered worthy to hang out in such good company is an honor that leaves me grateful and humbled. Any wisdom I share must be His…

    I believe Jesus is smiling His big, broad smile at the love that’s being shown here…

    • Sheila Seiler Lagrand


      • Patricia Spreng

        Yes and Amen!

    • pastordt

      I am trusting that the warm glow I feel today is pretty much the reflection of that smile coming through Sarah and all these gracious commenters.

  • Erika Morrison

    Diana – it made me intoxicatingly happy to see this. And, can I just take this opportunity to say: meeting you in this blog world and having you a part of my processes and experiences has changed and enriched my life and now I have these tears gathering in my eyes . . . I love you and am so grateful for who you are.

    • pastordt

      I typed a reply here earlier, E, but it got eaten, I think. Thanks for your sweet words and your dear heart. I can feel the Spirit blowing through your house way over there on that far eastern shore. Love you, too.

  • Glenda Childers

    Thanks, Sarah and Diana, for including my name in your sweet list. I turn 60 this year. One of the things I love about blogging is the mix of ages. Just like a good small group … I love the mix of ages.

    I would love to add the lovely Suzanne of Privet and Holly. She just had a birthday, so just made it in time. A beautiful writer.

    I love your blog, Diana, and look forward to getting to know yours, Sarah.

    Happy blogging … sister of all ages.


    • pastordt

      Glenda – you are SUCH an encourager and I thank you for these words. Glad to have another to add to the list, too.

  • Patricia Spreng

    Oh, I hope you can hear me clapping Diana!!  And, Sarah… It’s so nice to meet you and the rest of our sisters!  I’ve spent the last hour digging around your blog and you are a beautifully talented writer.  I am honored and privileged to have met Diana in person and the way you feel when you read her blog is exactly how you feel when you talk to her in person… she is the real deal.  Diana and Sarah you have bridged a gap… good God work here!  Blessings

    • Patricia Spreng

      p.s.  I hate looking like an old fart, not having my disqus face show up!  Oh well.  Try to imagine the beauty!

      • Sheila Seiler Lagrand

        I’m imagining. Stunning. Just gorgeous :)

      • pastordt

        Sweetie, even when you’re 110, you will NEVER be an old fart. NO WAY. And fortunately, I don’t have to imagine the beauty. You, I have seen IRL. 

  • Jody Collins

    Sarah/Diana–well, thanks to this post I was introduced to yet again another beautiful space where the life of God is reflected.  I can’t wait to ‘visit’ each one on the list AND Sarah’s other Christian lady bloggers list.  What amazing jewels God has in His Kingdom!

    • pastordt

      Jody, It’s been such fun to welcome a ‘new’ blogger in the last 4 months or so and you have a lot of wealth of discover out here – written by women (and men) of all ages and stages of life. Enjoy it!

  • Laura Boggess

    What a wonderful, wonderful gift it is that all these ladies share their wisdom and wit. So grateful, Diana, that you put together this list. Wonderfully done.

    • pastordt

      Your space is surely one of my very favorites, Laura, and I thank you for your kind words here tonight.

  • Deb Colarossi

    Thank you for the mention Nancy. ( and Patricia and Megan ) . While I not even close to 50 , at only 49 , I am very grateful to know so many of these inspiring women . And those on the other list as well. Somedays that’s it’s own kind of miracle. 

    • pastordt

      I remember thinking I wasn’t even close to 50 at 49…but let me tell you a little secret. It’s just around the corner – and it’s actually a pretty great decade. Thanks for stopping by here tonight.

    • Nancy Franson

       Deb, you are the bomb-diggety! That’s what everyone on the internet says :)

  • Debbie Young

    This is so cool!  I’m only familiar with a few names, but I marvel at the quality of people I’m meeting through blogging!

    • pastordt

      Okay everybody, add another name to this growing list – Debbie writes and posts about remarkable art (and goats, too) at Faith, Art and Farming. FAB.

      • Debbie Young

         Hey thanks!  I’ve changed my blog address to !

      • Nancy Franson

         Yes. And she’s fantabulous!

  • Sharon O

    I am also a blogger age 57 married for 38 years, one day sitting in church I was praying saying to God “I want a mentor, you know like how the older woman who teaches the younger one.”  I heard a soft stirring and felt a sllight tapping and it seemed like the voice of the Lord saying “you ARE the older woman who could mentor”… ouch. Yes he is wise… if it is ok to share, my blog is:

    • pastordt

      It is more than okay to share your blog – thank you!

  • Simone

    For a moment, I gasped when I realized I fit into the honorary member club..meaning I’m getting pretty close to fifty. I am honored to be recognized because this is what I feel I was truly called to do…to allow others to feel loved, important, special. If one person goes away feeling that from visiting my blog, then I know that that’s my very reason for writing. Thank you so much for reminding me that my voice does matter.

    • pastordt

      Yes, Simone. Your voice does matter. Thank you for bringing your gifts of encouragement out here into this virtual community space.

  • Sharyl
    • pastordt

      Thank you, Sharyl – the more, the merrier.

  • Ann Kroeker

    I’m honored to be honorary! I hope that my blogs occasionally offer wisdom reflecting my years. I’m going to enjoy my in-between-ness, and celebrate women on every list everywhere! Thanks for inviting me into this, Diana, and thank you, Sarah, for celebrating the female voice–all ages. 

    • pastordt

      One of the things I love about all the blogs I’ve been discovering these past 15 months is how uniquely crafted they are. Each one reflects its creator in layout, content, style – no two alike. I, too, thank Sarah for this wonderful week of celebrating women in the blogosphere and I look forward to more discoveries in days ahead. One blog that I happen to love – and she is out of the country this week, so I couldn’t consult as to her age (maybe she’d squeak through in the honorary addendum) is Megan Willome, poet extraordinaire and commenter of love and laughter. You can find her at

      • Ann Kroeker

        Yes, our friend Megan! Not sure of her age, but you should check with her. And she *is* extraordinary.

  • Linda Chontos

    Here are a couple of lovely women who beautifully fit into this category: This is Dawn – selflessly helping her daughter with four sweet little girls. Her life is rich with the wisdom that comes with having walked through difficult places. Another  such Grandmother is Linds : She lives in England and she too has walked through and continues to walk through difficult days. She is an amazing story-teller and you will love her!

    • Linds

      Thanks so much for adding me, Linda! You are a sweetheart. I would like to add Bev Gibson – she is an inspiration and she makes me laugh too – a winning combination! is where you will find her.
      Linds Langdon

  • Linda Chontos

    Oh – one more please. Charlotte at :   She lives on a farm, makes the most amazing quilts and shares the most charming stories of her growing up years. She is an absolute delight.

    • pastordt

      Thanks for all of these, Linda. Your gracious heart shows through with these kind suggestions.

  • Sue Awes

    Diana – I am humbled (and blessed!) to be included in this!  Blogging has brought me into a community that I didn’t even know existed – and now I have new and rich friendships with women (of all ages) – I surely hope that you and I can meet face to face this side of heaven!  Thank you – and thank you for the introduction to some I am about to meet.  

    • pastordt

      Oh, Sue! I am so glad you found your way here. I love your weekly post, filled with art and music and wonderful stories. I’d love to meet you, too. Feel like I know you a tiny bit cause I used to know part of your family – loving these connections across the invisible waves around the world. What a gift.

  • Carol J. Garvin

    I missed your original post, Diana, so was bewildered by someone who left a comment on my blog, saying she came “from Diana’s list.” It demanded a little sleuthing, and I’ve arrived here, only to be stunned and humbled by the inclusion of my name on your list. I am indeed over 50 although have never thought of myself as particularly wise. You bless me, Diana. You are the one whose blog enriches my online reading with so many thoughtful posts, gorgeous photos and kind comments. Thank you. It’s an honour to be on this list with so many wonderful women of faith. I look forward to checking out the blogs I haven’t had the privilege of encountering up until now.

    • pastordt

      Glad you found your way, Carol. And YOU are one of the published authors on this list. Love your good questions about writing and the photos of your beautiful home in Canada. And you can thank Sarah for that ‘wise’ moniker. I don’t consider myself wise, either – just experienced in life. Which I suppose is a slightly more subtle way of saying ‘over 50.’ :>)

    • Sheila Seiler Lagrand

      Carol, if it was my cryptic comment, I apologize for leaving you to sleuth about. But… well done! 

  • Elizabeth

    I am so encouraged to have discovered this list.  I had lunch today with my friend Shelly Miller and she mentioned this.  We enjoyed discussing life and blogging and I mentioned, as I am an over 50 blogger, that I know mostly the younger bloggers.  So grateful to now have this list and so excited to go exploring into the world of these women’s blogs.  Again, thanks and I’ll look forward to returning here.

    • pastordt

      Elizabeth, this particular blog site should be at the very top of your visiting-forever list. Sarah writes exquisitely and from the heart – nose around here a little, you’ll see what I mean. And thanks for taking the time to comment – I am loving how this list is growing.

  • Dawn

    Sally Clarkson at I Take Joy is a great inspiration to me. 

    I appreciate the majority of blogs by the young women of faith, especially as my daughters have started to move into their 20s. But I also need the voice of wisdom and experience as I consider new challenges to my faith. Challenges that are unique to those of us 50 and older.

    • pastordt

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to our list here! It is great to see the range of ages, styles, theological points of view, life experiences represented by Sarah’s list, by this one, and by all those who have been suggested in these comments. Pretty amazing, actually.

  • Hazel Irene Moon

    Thank you for placeing my name on your Honor Roll.  That was a pleasant and unexpected surprize.  Here are a couple more names of ladies over 50.  Our Foster daughter Nancy Kehr and my friend JoAnn Norton both over age 50. 

    • pastordt

      Happy to feature you a little, Hazel – your zest for life and amazing techno skills continue to inspire me as I wrestle my through this steep learning curve. Thanks for being such a great encourager.

  • Janmacy

    How exciting.  A year or more ago I also tried to find bloggers who were about my age.  Almost 65.  It seemed that most were young women with children still at home.  Don’t take that wrong,  I’ve learned a lot from them. 

    I’m an over 60 woman blogger who is still working full-time as a nurse case manager.  Which seems to hamper weekly posts.  If you want to lengthen your list to 60 Faith-Lady bloggers here is my site: 

    • pastordt

      All suggestions/links are welcome here, Jan. I worked until I was 66, so I know it’s tough to juggle post-writing with jobs that immerse you in people-care. But I’ve been inspired by the young moms out here, who do such wonderful writing even when working full-time at home (some also outside the home) caring for small ones. So, I, too, have learned so much from the wonderful array of younger women who blog. 

  • Kim Hyland

    Sarah & Diana, it thrills my heart to see this post. I believe Satan works overtime to keep the younger and older women’s lives as far apart as possible. There is SUCH power in the union of the bright hope and ideals of younger women with the wealth of wisdom and experience of the older. Pursuing these relationships rarely comes easy. We have to be intentional whether we are younger, older, or more likely both! This list has great potential to bridge that gap in the blogging world. Diana, thank you for compiling it. I can’t wait to visit these women. And Sarah, thank you for being open to such a wonderful idea!

  • Anne Lang Bundy

    Sarah and Diana, I’m honored—and humbled! Wow. Thank you. Since I’m in my fiftieth year (I’ll actually be 50 in December), I’ve no qualms whatsoever in being included on an “over-50” list. But when you put the word “wise” in front of it, I shake in my boots.

    Please, Lord, please, let me bless those who look to me, and ever point the way to YOUR wisdom. Please bless those who have included me here, and give them wisdom for their own ministry.

  • glenys hicks

    Hi,  I am an Australian Christian woman. I am 59 years old,  married to Christopher, a
    mother/stepmother of 6 and a grandmother of 13. I love encouraging women
    in the spirit of Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 My blog is called Morning Cuppas With Glenys.  You can find me at    I would love to be included in your list of mature lady Christian bloggers… Blessings, Glenys

  • serena

  • Snacks from the cruise buffet

    Thank you!

  • Kerry Allor

    I was sent here to read this post by a friend. Wow! I totally missed this! I am truly grateful and humbled by this post and list of Bloggers!  

  • Jeanne Damoff

    This is a lovely surprise and such an honor. I know and admire many of the amazing, gifted women on your list as well as the far-from-fifty-year-old Deb Colarossi. Her words are a deep pool, worthy of a good, long soak.

    Thank you, Diana. You’re an inspiration to me. Much love to you, friend.

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  • Marilyn Yocum

    I am honored and humbled, my friend, to be in such company.

    • Sheila Seiler Lagrand

      [Gasp!] Marilyn!!! So nice to see you!!! xoxoxo

  • Linda Thomas

    I am so surprised to see my name on your list! I don’t think I knew about this blog post from last April! I’m fighting tears. I’m humbled. I’m thankful. May God use us, as a group and as individuals, to honor Him and celebrate Him!
    With a pitter-patter-y heart,
    Linda Thomas

  • Debra Lang

    What a wonderful find! Thank-you for gathering these special ladies all together in one group. I often search for such lists of kindred spirits and come away disappointed sometimes, but not today! I, too, am over 50 (though I still can’t believe that most days…) and would love to leave the address of my own As I See It Now blog here, if I may. All these months later after your original post –thank-you! Blessings, Debra

  • Carolyn

    My dear sweet friend and colleague shared this link with me and has officially pointed me to an easy on-ramp of the blogger sphere. I’m about to knock 50 down with a stick and can’t wait to enter the party of Jesus-loving wise women. Thanks, for sharing a list of a few sisters at the party ;-)!

  • Sharon O

    I am a 58 year old middle aged blogger with six grand children married almost 40 years, if I can I will share my blog with you all.

  • Diane Roth

    wish I had seen this earlier. I’m over 50, and I blog at and yes, I feel invisible sometimes.

  • Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    Having found you late in no way means least. The well is deep, very deep indeed, and we’re all the better for it. Bless you for this list; for recognizing there are Titus women in blogland…thinking of Kathy at Cedar Pond, Gretchen at Gretchen Joanna, Karen at Pom Pom’s Ponderings and myself at Thistle Cove Farm. Dave, my husband, died in late 2011 and the journey since has been intense and, even though I am a strong Christian and my faith never wavered, (dare I admit) there were days (the entire month of March after Dave died) that I didn’t want to live. Daily, it was a fight and struggle to stay alive and the battle won only when God whispered, “If you want to, go ahead but you’ll miss all the blessings I have for you.”
    Blessings!? For ME?? Is it selfishness to want His blessings? No, it’s His goodness, grace, mercy and love that keeps any of us fighting the good fight. I desire His favor and will in my life.
    Sarah and Diana, I look forward to meeting you both, the other side of the veil. God’s blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  • Beadseller1

    Thank you for this list! I find myself in my 50s now and writing a blog myself: JoyfulWonder. It’s wonderful to get encouragement from other women in the same stage of life. Thank you for your lovely blog!