In which I share 10 can’t-miss blogs

Since my 10-books-a-day-for-a-week was so popular, I thought I’d also share my 10 Can’t Miss Blogs with you. Obviously, I read more than these 10, but these are the 10 that are always, world without end, amen, in my Reader.

Gracious, I love reading blogs. LOVE IT. I mean, obviously, I’m a blogger, after all. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the Internet.

For a while there, I subscribed to blogs willy-nilly, liked All The Pages on Facebook, followed everyone on Twitter – there was SO MUCH happening, I loved it. But, like most of us, I don’t have time to keep up with that kind of overwhelming conversation – however profitable and wonderful (some of) it is. It started to crowd my real-life and thoughts. And that wasn’t good.

I’ve become a bit more protective of my online space. In addition to managing my Facebook, Twitter, and email inboxes in a way that they serve me instead of the other way around, I’ve had to make some hard decisions about blog reading.

The truth is that I can only keep up with about 25-50 blogs through my Reader before it becomes overwhelming, and I start to feel pressure from the 526 UNREAD in the header. So I unsubscribed to everything, zeroed it out, and only subscribed to the ones that I absolutely could NOT miss. I didn’t subscribe to blogs that made me angry, or blogs that irritated me, or blogs that made me feel like I didn’t measure up. Nope, I subscribed to the blogs I found consistently interesting or inspiring.

(Now, to be honest, I still love to read blogs, so my solution  was to create a special bookmark list for those others that I still want to keep an eye on from lifestyle to mommy-blogs to cooking to photography to doctrine and theology to ecclesiology to news and views or writing and publishing. Then, if I have a bit of extra time, like this week when Brian is travelling and I’m sick as a dog, ahem, I just visit them and read to my heart’s content. But they aren’t in my reader, making me feel behind and overwhelmed if I don’t get to them.)


A Deeper Story: Tales of Christianity and Culture – A collective of kick-ass writers, A Deeper Story was created as a place for tackling divisive and nuanced issues through narrative and personal story. I am always moved by what I read there, and the commenters are full of grace instead of arguments, too. (Disclosure: I also writer for Deeper Story, but I was a subscriber before I joined the team.)

A Holy Experience – I have followed Ann’s blog for years now, and she is the most faithful, consistently beautiful and insightful writer. Her heart for God, her love for her family, has profoundly influenced how I approach my spirituality, and my mothering. Her photographs are peace-making, and she’s the one exception to the rule about No Automatic Music on Your Blog. Sometimes I open up her blog, and just listen to the music while I chore around in the kitchen.

Rachel Held Evans – Rachel isn’t one of the 50 Women to Watch according to Christianity Today for nothing. She is bold, provocative in the best ways, a thinker, deeply theological, and funny as hell.

The Runamuck – Amber Haines takes my breath away with her beautiful writing, she’s got the soul of a poet. I think she’s part priestess.

Adventures in Babywearing – Steph isn’t exactly babywearing anymore so the title is a bit misleading. But she’s the master of “just write” and she can say more in a simple story or observation in a paragraph, complete with sermon and subtext and take-away, than most of us can say in a book. She’s honest, too. I am taking cues from her on how to write about the tinies and my life as a mother without compromising their private moments and thoughts.

Sorta Crunchy – Megan was my first blog crush, and now she’s a dear real-life friend, but that’s beside the point. She wrote a book called Spirit-Led Parenting – one of my personal favourites – but she writes on everything from television to immigration reform, cloth diapering to clothes, church to family. (She writes like she talks. True story.) I love how she sees the world, and I’m so personally invested in her life now that I couldn’t miss a single post.

SheLoves Magazine: Stories of the Sisterhood – The manifesto of SheLoves is that we would be women who love (and I love that). Every single day of the week, there is a story about a woman in the world. It can range from women in Haiti, to women in Costa Rica, to women in Surrey, everything from single to married to mothers to grandmothers. Every voice and perspective is so unique. They are doing a monthly theme right now and I love reading how different women approach the same idea or concept. (Another disclosure: yep, I write here, too.)

The Carnival in My Head: Kathy Escobar – Kathy may eschew proper capitalization, but she brings the good stuff. She’s outside of the institutional church thing in what she calls “a messy little community” called The Refuge. She’s also a mother of five, and a pastor. She writes about disillusionment, being an ex-good-Christian-woman, freedom, all the stuff that gets under my skin and makes me want to give standing ovations, bang on pots and pans, that sort of thing.

Simple Mom – Tsh was one of the first blogs I ever actually subscribed to, and through her links or shares, I eventually found most of my “tribe” in the Internet world. An entire empire of sites now, this one covers everything from finances to time management, cooking to parenting, it’s such a useful resource that lines up with much of how I like to run our life.

Eugene Cho – Eugene comments on issues in the Church with a gentleness and wisdom beyond most others. He’s a good place to turn for perspective without cynicism. He’s a pastor, an advocate, and thinker.  I love the work that he does with One Day’s Wages, too.

Your turn: Which blogs are your favourites? Why?

Make sure you include the link so that the rest of us can read it, too.

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  • Kelly J Youngblood

    I feel pretty overwhelmed by all the ones I have subscribed to as well. You listed 6 I knew of or follow myself and 4 that are new to me that I’ll have to check out. Thanks!

  • Lisa Mamula

    Besides this one, I never miss a post by a few other lovely ladies.

    1. Momastery! ( Glennon is an incredible person, doing incredible things, big and small, in the name of Love. Fantastic, always.

    2. Jamie TVWM ( She’s so real, so grounded, so honest about herself and her highs and lows. Love her.

    3. Jumping Tandem ( Dee is a real-life friend, but her blog would be a favorite even if she wasn’t. Lately she’s been writing about the writer’s life, and about allowing yourself to dream, and her blog helps me get out of my own head.

    • Stephanie Precourt

      THANK YOU for sharing Jamie’s blog. Now I want to go to her church.

      • Sarah Bessey

        I love Jamie. Although I did have a bad experience with a pie-caken thanks to her influence…. 😉

    • Sarah Bessey

      Jamie is one of my favourites! And I’m so excited you listed Deidra’s blog! I’m new to her blog but we’re going to be going to Haiti together in just a couple of weeks, so can’t wait to meet her in real life.

      • Lisa Mamula

        I know! You two are there together right now, and I am hungrily following all your updates! Dee is just wonderful. I always feel stronger and calmer after being around her. :)

  • Amanda M.

    I read about half of these. My favorite blogger is Shannan at flowerpatchfarmgirl – beautiful heart she has.

    • Sarah Bessey

      I haven’t heard of that one, Amanda – thanks for the head’s up.

  • Stephanie Precourt

    Oh gosh what a nice surprise to see this. I, too, have become much more guarded with the blogs I read (and since moving- in real life, too, who I let in as friends now that I am on this side and can be so choosy especially since I’d been a little loose before- online and off. I could go on but it would be saying too much here!) But thank you. I am so conflicted about writing those honest thoughts – either people will find out I’m crazy or I feel like if I was truly honest I wouldn’t be writing it public at all. Ironically that’s something I’ll probably write about in the future. :) I love the blogs you listed. I’m a new reader to Momastery- I always have chills when I read her, and lately I’m really excited when I see a post from Hollywood Housewife and my friend Love’s blog Moments With Love. And truthfully I was thinking about giving my reader a makeover. Am looking forward to finding some new fresh reads. Love to you-


    • Sarah Bessey

      Yes, we could talk for days about the boundaries thing, I think…Lordy. I look forward to reading that post… I imagine, as always, you’ll say everything I’m already feeling and thinking on the topic but better. I do like Momastery (but not steady, just small doses), and Hollywood Housewife and Love’s blog are in my reader, too. Love both of those.

  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    yes.yes.yes! I agree to all that you have listed. such an amazing list. Love to see it, and love to see what others are readers of as well!

    • Sarah Bessey

      Your blog is phenomenal, Tara. Love your work.

  • Camille

    I follow way too many blogs, but these are the ones that I never want to miss. Well, and yours of course. :-) 1. Rage Against the Minivan (
    2. Jen Hatmaker (
    3. The Wayward Follower (
    4. Stuff Christians Like (
    5. Jamie TVWM (
    6. Elizabeth Esther (
    7. Rachel Held Evans (

    • Sarah Bessey

      I am subscribed to almost every single one of those. Great minds… :-)

  • amber@therunamuck

    Sarah, you only call names that are true, and I wish the world could meet you in real life. You’re one of the rare ones, make me want more and more and more eternal things, more Jesus. You got me at just the right time and made me cry. Your list is good, and you would certainly be on mine,

  • Melanie Gillgrist

    Thanks for your list! As someone new to the whole blogging world, I’ve had fun discovering all the communities. And yes at times overwhelmed by it all. But it has been so encouraging to find voices that speak wisdom, and compassion and where I don’t feel so crazy!

  • Sandy Jones Fox

    I love blogs but I am finding that I am reading fewer and fewer. I love yours because you have a unique poetic voice and the things you write feed my soul. Most of the blogs that I read right now have to do with people striving to lead a contemplative life in an active world. Micha Boyett of Patheos is powerful as is Christine Sine of Mustard Seed Associates. I don’t read blogs that are issues oriented or controversial. At some point in my life, I may again but for right now, it’s not what I need.

  • SortaCrunchy

    Why are you so good to me? Gracious. Thank you for including me on this list. It makes me want to hide under my desk. :)

    Amber is so right. You speak truth so powerfully and you have spoken truth INTO me in ways that I can never, ever repay. Thank you, precious sister.

  • Emily Taylor Jones

    Great list- some I already read, some I’ll check out, but I laughed out loud on that last one because Eugene Cho has been my pastor for the past four years! I know his name has gotten bigger lately, but it’s always a surprise to see someone you know being called out. He is great, love him. Definitely recommend.

  • April Yamasaki

    Hi Sarah – I’m glad to discover your blog and your list, since I’m relatively new to blogging and reading blogs, and I’m also living in the Fraser Valley. I’m amazed at how prolific you and others are, and find it challenging just to keep up with my own blog I love your image of the bonfire that I came across on Thanks!

  • Kacie

    it’s such a balancing act. I’ve discovered that the blogs I most want to read are people that I know that are writing from their heart. They may not be big bloggers, but it allows us to have a conversation, and usually they are across the country or world. There are a few big bloggers I still follow (you’re one!) becuase they continue to interest or challenge me.

  • Tiffany Norris

    Thanks for this prompt! Look forward to reading!

  • Brenda

    I thought I had added this note before, but don’t see it on your list of comments, so I’ll try this again. Have you read any of Kelly Flanagan’s entries on his blog ‘UnTangled’? His provokatively titled piece, ‘Marriage is for Losers,’ might be an interesting place to start.

  • Amy E Patton

    Last night I stayed up well past my bedtime and unfollowed blog after blog. I felt so guilty. I want other people to read my blog and cutting off these ladies made me feel as though I was costing them a reader as well. I was also afraid of losing all the newer blogs because “what-if” someday they became amazing bloggers, or the ladies who don’t share my faith “what if” I am not able to radiate Christ in their lives? What if. What if. What if. Yet, I had to create margin in my own reading/writing life so that I would have time to really read and write and invest. I have more pruning today. Several blogs are on my “probationary” list. But I am still looking for those must reads in my life. So, I added a few of the ones you listed just to check them out. Thank you for sharing and for letting me know that it’s OK to let go. Amy (

  • Jessica Leep Fick

    One of my faves is your co-writer Grace Biskie over at A Deeper Story: It is difficult to pick which blogs to read- thanks for your list!