on my nightstand

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead
by Brene Brown :: Her book, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are
, has given me a whole set of language for the work God has done in my own life and heart over the past few years. It’s a weird/fun thing to see your own breakdown spiritual awakening reflected back at you. This book takes it even further and I’m about to run out of ink from all of the underlining and “yes!” margin-scribbling.

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament
by Peter Enns :: I’m just cracking this open as part of the amazing Reading in Transit book club for theology nerds. There’s still time to jump in.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn :: I tried twice to read it and finally put it aside. Just not my style or interest.

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption
by Katie Davis :: Katie Davis really interests me. I confess I struggle with some aspects of the book but it’s interesting and inspiring, absolutely. I keep thinking I’d read the book her mother and father would write – how did they possibly let their barely-graduated high school daughter take up solitary residence in Uganda without losing their minds? As a mother, she is stressing me out; as a believer, she’s challenging me.

Harvesting Fog
by Luci Shaw :: Latest volume of poetry from my favourite poet. And *sigh* it’s gorgeous.

Prototype: What Happens When You Discover You’re More Like Jesus Than You Think?
by Jonathan Martin :: This is an advanced copy of Jonathan’s book and can I just say: AMAZING. So good. I’ll do a full review of it later but seriously, it’s worth a pre-order.


television worth watching

We cut our cable again this month (we do this every once in a while). I never miss it – I just don’t watch much TV.

So I’m watching Series 2 of Call the Midwife online thanks to the BBC iPlayer. Also, Once Upon a Time but I’m kind of losing interest and momentum with this one. Feeling rather meh about it now.

The biggest ZOMIGOD of my television life right now: Doctor Who. I heard about it forever but I don’t like sci-fi or alien stuff. But I grabbed the first season (starting with the ninth doctor) and decided to give it a go. After the first episode, I thought it was a horrible show with cheap special effects. I watched another couple. Brian gave up in disgust; he rolled his eyes so hard at this show, they nearly fell out of his head. But when I mentioned that I didn’t like it on my Facebook page and on Twitter, I was swarmed by assurances that NO ONE likes the first few and I should stick with it. Well, I believed you. And I did it. And all of a sudden, right around episode 9, I lost my mind and became completely addicted. I’ve blasted through Series 1 and I’m halfway through Series 2. I’m a converted New Whovian, drinking from a firehose. (The only reason I’ve been able to watch so much Doctor Who in a short amount of time: the tinies are all disgustingly sick and I’ve been housebound for a week. In between laundry and baths and my rants about the levels of bodily fluids I’m required to address, I’m escaping to the outer edges of the universe.)

movies i’ve watched – in or out of the theatre

I haven’t been to the theatre this month and I haven’t watched any movies. See: Doctor Who.

in my ears

The extent of my musical taste lately has been the soundtracks for Jane Austen movies. I prefer quiet most days. Or Jian Ghomeshi.

in my kitchen

Our kitchen lately has been the scene of the BRAT diet, thanks to the sickies. But I did make Jamie Oliver’s perfect roast beef with Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes as a special treat. A girl can only eat so much toast.

favourite pin

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Source: designmom.com via Sarah on Pinterest

random thing making me happy

The delightful and creative Melody Joy sent me a necklace as a special gift. This is called the Mama Bird’s Nest necklace, one little pearl for each of the tinies. I cannot tell you how many people stop me to rave about it. You can pick one up here. It is so lovely.

what i’m looking forward to next month

Right now, I’m simply looking forward to having a healthy family again. From this blog to God’s ears, eh?

We are also spur-of-the-moment moving the tinies around. Anne is getting her own room, and the two littles will move in together (which thrills them both – they worship each other). So my innocent suggestion of a coat of paint has resulted in my midwestern husband tearing the room apart, retexturing the ceiling, replacing the baseboards, planing the window casing, painting the ceiling, and relaying the carpet pad. His motto for almost everything is “if you’re going to do it, do it right the first time.” So the room is torn up, Evelynn is sleeping with us, and I’m pinning little girl room ideas madly, printing free printables of Anne Shirley quotes, and longing for the thrift stores. I think I might post about it when we’re done – it might be fun to do some light and fun posts for a while. #NoVirginityFollowUpPostsThankYouVeryMuch


So what about you? What’s on your nightstand? What television show has captured your imagination? What are you pinning or cooking or planning?

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