In which I take up the Pinterest challenge

(Again with the Pinterest! Woman. Honestly.)

I am going to make this thing this weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get great ideas and then they pile up and then I don’t *do* any of them. Case in point: my drafts folder for my blog and the seven unfinished books-I-am-currently-writing. *cough cough*

Pinterest can turn into that, too. I see so many beautiful things, so many cool ideas or crafts or recipes and yet I just pin instead of make.

So I have decided that this weekend, instead of just pinning beautiful things, I will make some beautiful things. 

Here’s the challenge: Pick one thing from your Pinterest boards that you’ve been wanting to do or create or make or cook or bake.

Then actually do it this weekend.

Would you be interested in having a link-up party for it? If so, I’ll post mine on Sunday with a link-up and you can post on your own blog about it and then put the link here so that we can all see your creative self.

Let’s do this. After all:

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