10 Ways I’m Losing My Blogging Mojo

1. I’m not easily outraged. (I often feel more sad and grieved than furious these days.)

2. I can’t drop everything to write madly and coherently about timely and hot button issues. (But I’m really thankful for the people who can and do.)

3. Something happens and I think, “oh, I should write about that!” and then I see that other people are already saying it so much better than me and I figure, well, I don’t need to write it now. So I don’t and instead I point people in their direction.

4. Most of what I write doesn’t fit into tidy lists and bullet points or bold tweetable quotes anymore. (I can’t figure out if I’m being sarcastic or ironic by putting this post into a list format….)

5.  I’m not too interested in telling anyone else how to live their lives anymore, let alone in six steps with a pinnable graphic.

6.  I write whenever I feel like it. I’m undisciplined and sporadic and all-over-the-map.

7. I’ve changed my mind before and I know I’ll change it again. I’m less inclined to plant my opinion flags all over the place.

8. I think people should be more polite to each other. #SaidTheCanadian

9. I feel gross about self-promotion and strategizing and branding. I like the language of friendship and conversation and community better.

10. What’s good for stats isn’t always good for my soul. And I’m selfish enough to pick my own soul health first.

11. I’m terrible at conflict and confrontation, arguing and “calling people out.” Seriously. Terrible. Ask my poor husband. Besides, I’m too aware of all the ways I fail and fall short to be too hard on people anymore.

12. Anyways, most of my arguments can be summed up in one sentence: hey, how about you use some common sense, be kind, love everyone, and don’t be such an ass?

13. I want to be a better listener and sometimes that means I need to shut up now and again.

14. I want to tell a better story – a story of the Kingdom of God and the ways that we are loved and we are free – instead of listing out all the ways someone else is doing it wrong.

15. I am too wordy. I turn lists of 10-things into 15 and then I say, well, whatever, screw editing, and publish it anyway.


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