In which I urge American Christians to tip their hat to the Queen

My very first post at Christianity Today’s blog for women, Her.meneutics, went up this morning. And of course, it’s on a matter of GREAT theological importance: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! That’s just how I roll, baby. Changing the world, one adoring post about the Queen at a time.

When Prince William married Catherine Middleton, my American husband was of the opinion that we had all gone mildly crazy. I loaded my bag with my best English teas, and picked up a half dozen pink cupcakes. My sister brought along the delicate old-fashioned “company china” she had inherited from her husband’s Great-Auntie Toots. My eldest daughter and my mother had a dress-up party, roping themselves in pearls, teetering in high heels, peering out from under the edges of wide brimmed hats. Then we sat in my parents’ basement, all of us, to watch the entirety of CBC’s Royal Wedding coverage, from start to finish. And it was brilliant.

So, of course, the Diamond Jubilee celebration marking the 60-year reign of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a smorgasbord of pageantry goodness for someone like me. While it would be easy during this celebration to turn her public persona into a caricature of tiaras and Corgis, there is something deeper….


We love the parade of flotillas down the Thames, sure, we adore the mystique of Balmoral, and the epic Englishness of the Diamond Jubilee events, but really, the draw is that we share a universal story with her. Despite her unique bloodline, lengthy titles, and privileged experiences, we feel connected to her because she has been one of the few constants of our lives, generation after generation.

Read the rest at Her.meneutics. I would love to hear your thoughts there, too!


  • Louise

    I already know I’m going to love this post! 

  • the Blah Blah Blahger

    SO excited to read this…

    PS – I follow Hello Magazine and have been ALL OVER this coverage. ; )

  • Marion

    well done!
    (signed,a Brit from B’ham, England, who loves Her Maj. and wonders why so few realise what a great example of gender equality she represents in a briliant way – as does her husband as he is not affected by male pride or a desire to be first, but supports this gracious and wise woman who trusts in God.