In which iSanctuary rescues human trafficking victims (+ a giveaway!)

iSanctuary is a social enterprise which employs young women rescued from human trafficking in both India and the US through the production and sale of fashion jewelry.

iSanctuary’s employs girls in India, ages 15-25, who have been rescued from the commercial sex trade and taught the skill of making beautiful handmade jewelry.

These young women are paid double the fair trade wage, enabling them to become self-sufficient once they transition out of the shelters, and allowing them to re-gain a sense of dignity, self-worth, and hope. iSanctuary also provides medical assistance, education, skills training, life skills, leadership opportunities, and financial stability to the survivors they work with. iSanctuary also started a program in the United States for victims of human trafficking, which consists of professional training, computer skills, building job history and references, positive experiences with authority, and developing self-sufficiency.

Over the course of five years they’ve been able to serve over 200 women as part of their dream to end human trafficking. Eshet chayil!

To bring awareness to their work, iSanctuary would like to give one of my readers a Barbed Wire Bangle. The Barbed Wire Bangle is both neutral, yet eye-catching. It’s simple, brass look makes it a great addition to any outfit, while it’s fun, spiraling design gives it that extra something. Pair it with any look, from cocktails to casual. (And it was handmade by survivors of human trafficking.)



To enter to win, visit the iSanctuary shop and then leave a comment on this post telling us which one is your favourite item. (Please make sure your comment includes a way for me to get in touch with you if you win! Email address is fine.)

I’ll choose a winner randomly. Giveaway closes on 31 January 2013.

Learn more about iSanctuary here.


All images courtesy of iSanctuary. 


  • Jenny Lee

    I love the Vintage Rose Pink Necklace. Thanks for sharing about iSanctuary! :)

  • Rosanna

    Gorgeous stuff and such a great cause! The bracelet shown here is my favorite.

  • Alexandra Stoehr

    What an awesome organization! Bellissimo Gold Necklace is my fave!

  • J.R. Goudeau

    I love the belissimo necklace too!

  • Stephanie Lai

    Love the Vintage Rose necklaces!

  • Jamie

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
    The crystal grey necklace is lovely!

  • Laura Silvestri

    Thanks for sharing! I will definitely think of this next time I buy a gift! I love the Beautiful Green Necklace :)

  • Abby Norman

    The barb wire stuff (bracelet and earrings) are my favorite. But seriously, can we talk about how beautiful and also reasonable this stuff is. I can actually afford to give it as gifts!

  • C.C. @ I’m On My Way

    I love the Everyday Hoops Silver Earrings. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing about this organization.
    <3 C.C.

  • shelley nienhuis

    The first thing I thought of after reading this post was the documentary “Half the Sky”. Have you seen it? Thanks very much for making a path for iSanctuary to enlighten a few more of us. I’m in love with several of the jewellery pieces but I may just have to buy the Twisted Up necklace…

  • Jennet Sullivan

    Ohh, these are all beautiful!! I love the earrings especially :)

  • KristenM

    Lots to love but the Glamor Girl necklace is a favorite. I really like the barbed wire bangle as well for it’s powerful imagery.

  • Anna

    I love the drop brass earrings. :)

  • Janice

    This is so great. I love the Barbed Wire Hoop Silver Earrings.

    And I’m bookmarking the store because I love what it is. For years I’ve dreamed, “Wouldn’t it be great to go help stop human trafficking?” So today I’m going to do it. Beginning with purchasing something from this shop. Maybe even a barbed wire bracelet so if I win I can give one away as a gift.

    Thanks for sharing Purchase with a Purpose with us.

  • Team Cotey

    I love both the peacock cuff & big drop earrings…thank you for letting me know about iSantuary!

  • Jackie Turner

    Oh, such beautiful things, but I think my favourite is the brass flower ring. I bookmarked the site for the birthday of a friend of mine. She worked in India with women who’d been trafficked. She will love this. xo

  • Amy Lepine Peterson

    I love it all. Thank you for highlighting this organization.

  • cemcgill

    everything here is so pretty and affordable… a definite for gift-giving. Thanks for sharing!

  • Caroline

    everything here is so pretty and affordable… a definite for gift-giving. Thanks for sharing!

  • Andrea Beyer

    So hard to decide, they are all so pretty. I think the grey key necklace or the vintage lilac rose necklace are my favorites.

  • MelissaT

    I love the light leaves silver necklace. All of their designs are just beautiful!

  • Laura Desch Johnson

    My fav is the vintage rose blue necklace… and i’m thinking i need to ask for some of this jewelry for my birthday :)

  • Devon

    I love the key to my heart necklace. Thanks so much for sharing this organization with us!

  • Cortney

    I can’t decide between the vintage rose pink necklace and the simply speckled bracelet. Will definitely be using this site for gifts in the future!

  • Loma Kath

    Brass drop small earrings. Thanks for sending me to this site — beautiful and affordable and a just use of money!

  • Rachel

    I love the sweet child’s calypso necklace. : )

  • Suzanne

    Thanks for sharing more about this organization. I love the Bellissimo gold necklace.

  • Brooke Oliver

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  • Kaity

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  • Mandy Schwandt

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  • Judy

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  • Lina Neufeld
  • Stephanie Crabtree

    I like the brass drop and wood like to know earrings. And all the bangle-like bracelets! This is an inspiring combination of worlds :) stephanie.crabtree at

  • From Tracie

    What a wonderful organization!!

    I love the Dreams Silver Blue Earrings and the Bellissimo Silver Necklace.

    Tracie (

  • Aubrey

    Looking through this jewelry makes me wish I was better at accessorizing! I love the Key Grey Necklace and the Ring of Sage Bracelet. I will definitely be bookmarking this website for Christmas shopping later this year. (I can be contacted via email at aubreyleeann {at} gmail {dot} com.)

  • Elizabeth

    What a great story. I love the Beautiful Green necklace but everything is beautiful. Thanks for letting us know about iSanctuary! (elizabeth (at) thinkliz (dot) com)

  • emily

    I love everything it’s so beautiful and such a great cause!!But I gotta love the gold colored barbed wire bangles absolutely LOVE!!!Emily

  • Jessica Harkins

    I love the Simply Speckled Bracelet!! jessicaraeharkins at gmail dot com

  • Shan

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  • junia701

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  • David and Yolanda McLean

    I first thought my favorite was the Ring of Bronze Bracelet, then I looked at necklaces and there was the China Chain Black Green necklace, but the Brass Drop Small Earrings are lovely too!!

  • Gwyn

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  • Sarah Caldwell

    I love the Belissimmo gold necklace and the grey key necklace (though it looks like that one is out of stock – glad people are buying from this wonderful organization!). Thank you for your words!

  • Melody

    I really like the ring of sage bracelet…though I’m not sure I could pull it off! :) And my mom would absolutely ADORE the Bellissimo silver green earrings. The wrap bracelets are fun too. Along with everything else on this website…

  • Bree

    I can’t decide which is my favorite, either the Key To My Heart or the Bellisimo Gold necklaces. They are all gorgeous. I think I am going to plan to buy Mother’s Day gifts from here.

  • Ashleigh Rivers

    I love the cocktail peacock bracelet! The colours are just astounding.

  • Kristine

    What a lovely find – with purpose!

    I am drawn to the Vintage Rose Blue Necklace. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mary DeMuth

    I adore this one: It’s pretty (but all of them are). My email is mary @ marydemuth dot com.

  • Hannah C.

    The one thing that troubles me about this is that $8/hr, assuming full-time employment, is still not a living wage – especially not in CA. I’m hoping there’s more to the story for US survivors than just an $8/hr job. :/ It’s inconsistent for me to even think this, considering I have no idea where most of my clothes come from or where they’re actually made…and that troubles me too.

    As for the giveaway…I like the Bellissimo gold earrings.

  • Kerry M.

    Loving this jewelry and the organization. Favorite is the Beautiful Green Necklace, but keeping them all in mind as gifts. Contact: klmciver (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  • Mary

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  • Lisa McKay

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  • Kendall Ashley

    I loved the barbed wire bracelet and I love, love, LOVED the glitz and glam necklace and bracelet! You can get in touch with me via Twitter, which is how I’m signed in now, or you can get in touch with me over email:

  • Erin

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  • Megan Elliott

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  • Jessica Buckwalter Clemmer

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  • Leslie

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