It’s a day of cool water
between your toes,
dried with a towel
held in the hands
that counted the hairs on your head.
Because now we live
in a kingdom of inversion,
from least is greatest.
The Master, the Teacher
is your dearest friend.
Bread is torn
and red wine is poured out
with revelations and tears
from the Son of Man.

It’s also bitter betrayal,
leaving a feast with bread
that is clenched in a hand
dipped in blood.
There’s a new command
and it’s not “Don’t do such-and-such.”
It’s wide and expansive
without qualification or borders.
It’s wild and unexpected,
sweet and crazy,
this new great command.

Oh, love each other!

Love as He has loved us.
Love is your new identity,
your calling card
and name.
It’s how humanity will recognise us,
this new birth mark of Love.
There’s deep grief coming,
denials three times over.
There’s shadow and death,
pain and suffering,
so strip your altars
and still the bells.
All will fall silent tonight.
Tomorrow it begins.
We were loved
right to the end.
We are loved
right to the end.
A repost from the archives, a reflection on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday) of the Holy Week. It’s nearly Easter but first come these days. Image general domain from the movie The Passion of the Christ. 

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