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These days, words are becoming flesh for me.

I drove in the pitch dark pouring rain to Pastor Helen’s house, perched precariously on the hill next to the ocean, navigating hair-pin turns in a minivan. I was nervous and now my nerves were shot. After all, this was a gathering for the women of SheLoves Magazine. I respected these women; I worried that I might be a disappointment, that I might not fit with all of their soul-goodness, fit with the sisterhood thing. But no, of course not. Idelette and Tina were as gracious as I’d imagined, Kelly might be a soul-sister I’ve just discovered and I tucked Destiny, Claire, Kisa, Musu, all of them, into my heart a bit deeper. 

Do you know what it’s like to sit in a room full of intelligent, passionate, hungry-for-justice, diverse, grace-filled, funny, articulate, crazy, anointed, Jesus-loving opinionated women? 

It’s brilliant. Absolutely bloody brilliant. 

All ages, all stages, all nationalities, all accents, all experiences, our fingers curled around cups of tea, and it got real. We talked about why we cared about women. We talked about callings and battles, about finding our voice, about learning how to be vulnerable and how incredibly scary it is to take off your mask but how much better it is to feel the wind on your face. 

So many women, so many stories, and somehow, divinely, here we all were, and it felt like something prophetic was being born, a spark. Like, see here, world, see here, Church, this is what it looks like, this is the better story of womanhood here, right before my eyes, sitting beside me in real life.  

I spent the day making double batches of shepherd’s pie. I’m the community care leader at our church so if a mama has a new baby or someone falls on rough times, that’s us, we do the simple work of making meals. It’s humble and it would be more exciting, maybe it would make a better blog post or book idea, to sell everything and move to Africa but all I have a hunch that all I would be doing there is the same thing I’m trying to do here: love people, forgive, extend grace, make meals, welcome people into my life, raise my tinies, write, learn from people much smarter than me, preach the Gospel back and forth to each other with our lives, sing, gather, love and love and love. 

This week, there was another graduation at Mercy. One of our sweet graduates told a story publicly for the first time about everything that brought her to Mercy and when I heard about her life, her childhood, I couldn’t breathe, my lungs just forgot how to work. And I remembered again how I used to think that life didn’t take a lot of faith, I was so stupid, so naive, so sheltered. Her there, whole, on the road of wholeness, took more guts and faith than I think I posses and I love her, I love them all, our girls. And every woman there is my hero. 

It gets real when it’s real people.

Intentional community is a huge risk. But if we truly believe that people can live and work and worship and love in harmony (which, as Pastor Helen beautifully described that night, is simply moving from dissonance to resonance with each other) then here is something true:

Words need flesh. Dreams need hands. Visions and prophecies need hearts beating, minds grappling, hands working and we need a lot of screwing it all up, too. Sisterhood needs women, church needs people, and if, as Ruth Bell Graham said, a marriage is a union between two good forgivers (which, I believe it is) then the church, universal, is a gigantic family of good forgivers.

The work of loving people, it looks daily and mundane and normal, in fact, there usually isn’t anything very sexy about it if you’re doing it right, and then suddenly, the scaffold of giving and taking and working and justice-seeking and forgiving and serving and loving turns into this magical thing of community and transformation and family and this is church, a foretaste of what God intended all along. Look at us, looking after each other

Community is the work of gardeners, not POOF! magicians. 

It’s a good thing to tend to the better story.


It’s Ash Wednesday today. My sister and I attempted to round all of the five-tinies-five-and-under to the Anglican church for the imposition of ashes but it didn’t come together. I miss the drag of the priest’s finger across my forehead but really it’s okay. This is my 8th year observing Lent, these forty days a time of fasting and repentance, of remembering that we are dust and to dust we shall return, of remembering the depth of my need for Jesus. In years past, I’ve fasted the Internet or blogging or certain foods or coffee. I usually observe the daily offices during Lent and this year will be no different.

I’ve been thinking about these words from the book of Isaiah for Lent this year:

“This is the kind of fast day I’m after:
   to break the chains of injustice,
   get rid of exploitation in the workplace,
   free the oppressed,
   cancel debts.
What I’m interested in seeing you do is:
   sharing your food with the hungry,
   inviting the homeless poor into your homes,
   putting clothes on the shivering ill-clad,
   being available to your own families.
Do this and the lights will turn on,
   and your lives will turn around at once.
Your righteousness will pave your way.
   The God of glory will secure your passage.
Then when you pray, God will answer.
   You’ll call out for help and I’ll say, ‘Here I am.’

This is the fast I’ve chosen: to pray for the beautiful Church, in particular God’s daughters worldwide. I’m tucking something extra into my heart and words and prayer and practice – God’s women globally, in particular our residents and applicants to Mercy, all fighting the good fight for their freedom and for transformation, for hope.

God is stirring the waters in my soul, the song I’m hearing whisper across the water is breathing your name somehow, and I feel like taking some time to brood over God’s women in the world, in the church, to pray, to wait, to cover us all.

So this Lent, I’m carrying you, my broken and beautiful family, in my heart, this is the fast I’ve chosen, I feel you thumping along with me here and I want some flesh on my words, I want righteousness to pave the way.

With that in mind, can I pray for you? If so, let me know in the comments. I can hold you up to Jesus, I can stand alongside you during Lent. What’s on your heart today?

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  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    oh sarah…this leaves me breathless. yes. please pray. I’ll do the same for you.  We are in the midst of moving mountains, I feel it. Some days ache for the pressure of self against the hillside. That’s when I look around and realize I’m not alone, oh no. so many souls doing the same. joining hands. being real and raw is risky. loving well is hard. but this work, its rewarding.

    • I feel it, too. Tara. We’re all here together. 

  • I don’t know if I’m going to fast for Lent, but I felt like I needed to do something to observe the beginning of the season, so I went to an Ash Wednesday mass at a nearby Catholic church. I really enjoyed it, although I was sad that as a Protestant I couldn’t participate in communion. My favorite part was the receiving of the ashes. I walked up to the priest (who had a very sweet, kind face), closed my eyes, and as he made the cross of ashes on my forehead he said “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return”. That’s stuck with me all day and I’ve been pondering the idea of living in temporary flesh while having this eternal spirit inside of me.

    I liked the service a lot because it was quiet, and I’m in the midst of a noisy situation. Work needs to be done, steps need to be taken, and decisions have to be made, and I just don’t have the strength for it. So if you could offer up a prayer for wisdom and strength, I would appreciate it. Thanks Sarah. 🙂

    • I think that’s part of the reason why I go to Anglican services instead of Catholic – they allow all Protestants to participate in the Eucharist. I missed that feeling this year – I love it. I used to go to Eucharist once a week but it’s hard to make it happen these days. But yes, I’ve got you down, Charlotte – I’ll be praying. xo

  • Alanna

    Can you pray for me? Yes. How? I want to write… which means fasting from myself. I want to tell my story because the words come so easily because I’ve lived every moment of them. At the same time, I have that moment – a multitude of them actually – in which I fear the reaction to the stories that are told.  In my soul, I know they will resonate with those who need to hear them most… and those are the ones I want to reach. This passage you shared is one of my very favorites in the whole Bible. So, to do that… I have to throw off myself. I have to let my fasting not simply be a sacrifice of what I don’t do but also a giving of myself to something I do… and that not for me, but for Him and those He loves. So, if you pray, pray for courage… not just for me, but for us all. Blessings, Sarah! I love reading your heart.

    • I’m coming alongside you, Alanna, praying tonight and throughout Lent. Bless.

  • Lovely. I wish I was familiar with the scrape of the ash, but I’m not. However, inspired by Jen Hatmaker and “7”, a few of us are doing something new for Lent:

    • Love @jenhatmaker’s book! I just finished it a few days ago. 

  • Maybe it’s hormones, but for some reason I’m teary.  I’m not not prone to crying, but I’m not a blubber woman.  I think it’s the beauty of sisterhood (and I have a great one surrounding me), whom are all sick right now.  Maybe it’s pent up during winter rains & wind.  That text from a friend saying, “you’re a good mom,” but inside you whisper, “Oh, but only if you knew how horrible my soul is.”  I’m meditating on the same passage from Scripture this Lenten season.  Focusing on Isaiah 58 for Redeeming the Table.  I guess, it’s when there’s a fire deep in your belly and you’re just not sure what to do with it all.  Prayer for that, for the Holy Spirit anointing in my mothering, partnering (wife), & friend.  

    I know it’s Lent and what comes with that spirit, but sometimes, I simply want Pentecost to come.  The fear that the baby inside is not really alive. It’s all those things.  I’m tired, worn down. that’s me. Thank you for simply asking.

    • I’m carrying you tonight, Kamille. Bless you, friend. xo

  • Marnie

    It seems so much to offer, to pray for strangers, and I feel like it is taking too much to ask you to pray for me too, but there it is.  You offered and my heart leaped and I wanted it too.  I know you say you aren’t perfect but as one who came from a much more fragmented start than you I look up to you and your solid foundation.  Will you pray that it is possible for those foundations to be built, even after we are grown? 

    • It’s never too much, Marnie! Always love to pray for you, for all of us. I’ll absolutely be praying for that very thing. 

  • This is beautiful Sarah. Thank you for the ministry of your words. I would ask prayer for my husband, 12yo daughter, & I as we adjust to moving back to our seminary town which we consider home. My husband just got a job (after we arrived here last week) and we’re living with friends until we can find a place to live that we can afford. I am beginning the process of applying for disability because my health has gotten so bad that I cannot work any longer (I have fibromyalgia). My biggest struggle right now is finding my place in ministry (I’m an ordained minister most recently having served as a hospital chaplain for 2 years) when there are many days I cannot get out of bed. Please pray for wisdom and guidance as to how I am to serve. My heart longs to minister and I don’t know what that is supposed to look like in my new normal. Thank you Sarah.

    • My mother in law is a hospital chaplain (and a damn good one, too). I love that ministry – that tells me a lot about your strength and wisdom, CC. Praying for you and all that you have mentioned – it’s a lot that you are carrying. Honoured to come alongside. xo

  • lorinda morey

    Please do pray. My therapist said that somewhere out there a group of as you put is so well: 
    room full of intelligent, passionate, hungry-for-justice, diverse, grace-filled, funny, articulate, crazy, anointed, Jesus-loving opinionated women? 
    Pray that I can find a group here in my town. Pray that this time I won’t be wounded by “church”. Pray that I can take the risk. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Praying for all that and more, Lorinda. xo

      • lorinda morey

        Thank you, Sarah. Reading your blog entry again has me willing to be willing to look for groups in my area. And to step up my prayer life. I will be praying for you and your family. 

  • Mizmelly

    If I hadn’t given up social networking for Lent, I’d share this 🙂 I will join you in your fast as my heart is burdened with a number of close women friends who are going through such suffering at the moment. I struggle to believe that God hears. And when I do see answers I daren’t believe. So I will enclose those close to me with those far and wide, as well as you, dear, inspiring friend with your tinies and your Brian and all that you have going on just now, and I will pray that God leads us deeper into her Mother heart. God bless you, M

    • haha! Nicely played, luv. 😉 And yes and amen. 

  • Oh Sarah I so needed to hear this today! I know I’m doing what God is calling me to do but this Labour and Delivery thing, being with women in such intense times is a lot more overwhelming than I thought it would be. We did our bereavement and loss day today and I sobbed through most of it making me doubt my ability to even be with a woman who is experiencing the loss of baby, yet deep down I know too that it is important work, and not something I can do in my own strength. I don’t even know where to start for lent, I feel so tired and empty, glad to be walking lent together with so many other beautiful women in the church.

    • I often think of you, Jenn, and your work. I’m thankful for you being there on behalf of the women. You seem perfect for it because of your very honesty and “weakness”. God’s grace has space in you to move. Praying for you and all of those that you touch daily, including your wee ones, of course. xo

  • Stevey

    Lovely Sarah, an offer of prayer is always a beautiful one that makes my heart skip, and yet I am so often fearful of actually saying ‘yes and please oh please’. There is a longing in my heart for a spiritual mama, and for sisters to love and with whom I can fight for justice… At the moment, I am finding something bittersweet about doing this alone with Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • I know its hard to admit that we need someone but I’m glad that you did, Stevey. I’m praying and I’ve got your name here, written down. xo

  • Anne Judd

    You’ve inspired me to observe Lent in a different way this season.  Maybe it’s to be a Lenten intention rather than a giving-up…I love your commitment to pray with a focus.

    • Yes, that’s kind of where I was at, too, in my spirit. Glad you “get me.”

  • Just AMEN and AMEN over and over again!! This is the kind of fast I am after…thank you thank you for this…just after I posted my lament at how overwhelming Lent is to me-you post this-and it is clear, so clear…it is not about what we DO, what we GIVE UP (of course if can be for some), but it is about how we live our lives showing what Lent truly is….extending the grace we were given so undeservedly…..

    • Yes! I felt that way too when I thought it through – God is good.

  • Sarah, I love this. I crave this kind of community deep in my heart. Where to start? How to convince others to take the leap? I have been living in a new state for nine months and my husband and I still haven’t found much community here. I would really appreciate your prayers. 

    • I have no idea, Laura – it’s taken me fits and starts over almost 6 years now to build it and now it’s coming together and I’m thankful but I have no idea. I will pray, you know it.

  • Lauren

    I don’t feel like it’s quite fair to ask you to pray for me, because I’m a lurker here, not a conversationalist. But you offered…and I just can’t turn it down. I think I need more boldness in my life…I am content with easy options (not that they’re bad…just that maybe I’m missing out on better?). And I need a good dose of trusting Jesus’s plan for my life…work and relationship things are just tough right now. Too much unknown in the present moment, but maybe that unknown and fear is leading to a non-easy option path? I think what it really comes down to is that I’m just confused with life right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying for these strangers like me who read your blog. 

    • Of course, it’s fair! You don’t *earn* anything by commenting, Lauren, you’re still part of my life by your presence. I am praying for you, luv.

  • pastordt

    Yes, this is a perfect fast for this season – in the church calendar and in your life just now. Pray for the beautiful, broken church and the women in it. Thank you, Sarah.

  • Pray for our little guy.  Pray for justice for him and a family.

  • Gillian

    Thanks for what you’ve written. That passage from Isaiah is so important to me this year as my husband works to help release people from debt. It’s a huge challenge for us as a family with three small boys. Would love if you could pray for that.

    Also, I’m on a journey to wholeness. I’m traveling out of depression with the help of a counsellor, but it’s hard hard work. I’m digging up painful memories and long-buried emotions, and boy does it hurt. I’d love to be able to sit and cry some of it out, but the tears won’t come. Would you please pray for healing tears? Thanks so much.

    • You are in the hard work of transformation, Gillian. A hero! Know that I am praying and honouring you for your commitment to hope. Also praying for your husband’s work as well. Bless you, sister.

  • “The church, universal, is a gigantic family of good forgivers.”
    “Community is the work of gardeners, not POOF! magicians.”

    Two great thoughts, Sarah. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Ness in Part

    Like others have mentioned, somehow it feels imposing to ask you to pray. I don’t know why – you’ve offered so graciously. So, I’m going to get over my hesitance, because really, I could use it.
    I have a beautiful son and he’s amazing in so many ways, but my heart aches for another child. Unfortunately, my body is not as cooperative. I’ve had five miscarriages, one before my son, and four in our trying for a second. I’ve spoken with doctors, done a pile of tests, and there is no concrete reason to be found for my losses. The most they can offer is a few tips on how to make things “optimal” and thyroid medication to lower my TSH levels to a level that is hopefully more conducive to carrying a baby. Soon that will be balanced out and we will give it another go. I’m hopeful and terrified. There is only a chance this will help, a slight possibility that it will be different the next time. 
    I definitely believe in God’s healing and miracles, but going through so many losses with prayers and faith that he would step in, that my babies would live, has brought my heart to the place where I feel unable to believe that those are for me. I do believe in his love for me, and have seen it in many ways through these years, but healing for *me*… God heals people, but not me. That’s not what he has for me. One of the things my church is very good at, is praying for others. I desperately want to ask them to pray for me, but not only is it a difficult subject to publicize, I wonder how I can ask it when I can’t have faith that it will make a difference. 
    Believe me, I know how broken and backwards this sounds. How full of Satan’s lies. But I can’t get past it. I’m just stuck here in this place. Hoping for another baby and terrified that all there is for me is more loss.

    • It’s never imposing, luv, never. I am holding all of this to our Jesus and your heart, very tenderly. Praying now.

      • Ness in Part

        Thank you, Sarah.

  • You can always hook me with a good gardening metaphor! We certainly are tending stories so that they can grow. Gardens start out as a literal pile of crap (if you’re doing it right) and a few ambitious seedlings. The process is not a pretty one to watch, but so much good comes in the end.

    • This —> Gardens start out as a literal pile of crap (if you’re doing it right) and a few ambitious seedlings. The process is not a pretty one to watch, but so much good comes in the end.

      LOVE IT, Ed.

  • Mary1912

    LOL..I went to the Catholic church yesterday because the Anglican church nearby did not have a noon service and I really needed to go at noon. This is my second year doing this. So what did I do? Well, I received the ashes. When my Catholic friends went up for communion I stayed behind and pulled out my communion cracker and cup in one and took communion myself. right there.

  • Mary1912

    I should add that my Vineyard has two Ash Wednesday services in the evenings but it wasn’t going to workout for the schedule. Maybe next year. 😉 Prayers…Wow…I can’t even express what God is doing in me right now. It’s like I’m blindfolded and he’s guiding me around…I know I’m going somewhere…but don’t know where. Pray I stay on the path he has for me, I suppose. Thank you for asking.

  • Oh so beautiful, friend! I find myself in tears, some over your words and some over that which I need prayer for. My best friend, her husband, and their daughter arrive today for a long weekend visiting me and our other best friend, her husband, and their daughter. While I am looking forward to the visit, I am also filled with trepidation. Last year’s visit had me feeling like a fifth wheel and spiraling down a staircase of jealousy and self-hating bitterness. After that weekend, I talked through it with local best friend and we unpacked a few reasons why I ended up feeling that way. I so badly don’t want to go down that road this weekend. I’m not taking any time off of work and I’ve also scheduled a few me time things, which I think will help. It’s unfortunate that spending every waking minute with the whole crew would send me in to a tailspin but I think it’s also good for them to have time together by themselves. We all love each other dearly but there are rare moments when my singleness and their married and parenting-ness just gets in the way. It takes my breath away when it happens and I hate it. So much more I could say but you get the gist of it. Thank you for your prayers, sweet friend. I will be praying for you as well.

    • I saw this a couple of days ago but apparently my comment didn’t show up? Did you see it? Anyway, I am praying, Leigh. I understand, I do. Holding it all up.

      •  No, I didn’t see it. But I’m thankful for your prayers just the same. The visit is over and it went both better and worse than I expected. At the same time, I have new insights and that will serve these friendships well.

  • What a dear heart you are, Sarah.  I feel really blessed to have discovered you years ago.  I would love to be included among your prayers.  Prayers for balance would be greatly appreciated.  

    And I will carry you on my heart as well.  Thanks for your words (as always) and for your willingness to connect to other women.    

  • Stephanie

    I love that you’re the community care leader at your church. Tim & I often say that the “Meals Team” is one of the most important teams in local churches. Nothing quite echoes of love and care than a home-cooked meal delivered to your door during a difficult time.

    • I totally agree. I like doing something “tangible.” As a writer, it can feel kind of isolating in some ways so it’s something “real” I guess. Gets me out of my own head which is also nice.

  • Kimberly

    i played my Catholic music job on Ash Wednesday and received ashes…it helps me to observe this season…
    so happy to have found your blog this year….you’re a blessing.
    my family & i are going through a time of huge transition…prayers are appreciated. i’m not always sure how prayer works…but i am always sure that it matters.

  • This is just beautiful, I’m a little late on my Lent commitments, but I need to seek them out.  I am the care team called “manna meals” at church too, I love bringing food to those in need because I know what it’s like to be on the other end of that grace and those simple graces are everything.  

  • Emily Wierenga

    i have tears. God is moving. so powerfully… 

    • Emily Wierenga

       oh, and yes, i’m desperate for prayer. desperate. but you know this… love you.

      • I do know it and I’m always always always carryign you and your four boys and your books before our Jesus.

  • Andrea

    Whoo boy, prayers! I have some requests that are almost too personal too share with the people I know in person . . . that seems sad, but somehow it is who I am, that I hold these things very close, and far away from people who can actually look into my face and ask me how they’re going. Because saying they haven’t happened yet gets harder each time.

    I am looking for an agent for a novel I’ve completed. So far it is going badly.

    I am looking for teaching work out West, in SK or AB, away from all the family I know so that I can build the family I believe God has whispered is the one I am meant to have: there is a not-so-tiny little girl an ocean away and I cannot bring her home unless I adopt while living in one of those two provinces.

    She needs a mama even more than I need a child, and that is saying A Lot.

    Your prayers in support of the hopes that flavour my every breath are coveted. Desperately.

  • lindsay

    Your writing always stirs my heart. I am grateful for you, lovely. 

    I guess I would ask for prayers for freedom & the courage to choose it in those areas of my life that I’ve shared a little about before. Those things are starting to take control of my life again and it scares me. Shame & self-worth are big struggles. 

  • Katherine

    I am a volunteer advocate for foster care kids – I am advocating for a young lady of 13 who has been in the foster system for 4 years. She is just getting to know me and I don’t know if she trusts me. She gets into a lot of trouble and I don’t see a good future for her. I am trying to be a safe person in her life, someone who listens to her and hears her but also encourages her to be a better person. She sees any gentle suggestions I give as silly at the least, and oppositional and unsupportive to her at the most. This is lonely work and I am a bit discouraged. I know I have been called to do this, and I think now that I have hit a hard part of this I am glad the call was so strong on my life. If it wasn’t I would be tempted to give up. I am also very saddened for her, because she has led a short, tragic life. I don’t think anyone has ever lifted this young lady up in prayer – I have been the first. Can you pray for her and for me, that I would have the wisdom to know what to say and what to do for her? I want to show her Jesus in my actions, but not alienate her in any way. It’s a very hard line to walk.

  • Kayla Grieco

    Sarah, I really like the fast that you’ve chosen. Thank you for your kind heart, it totally shines Jesus. I decided that I’m going to pray for specific friends every day this lenten season Thanks for the idea! 

    Could you pray for me too? I feel like I’m living a double-life lately. I’m a different person on the outside…the inside me is kind of hurting and struggling. I have wonderful dear sisters to talk with, but I’m not seeking them out as I should. I’m trying to pursue Jesus, but my heart just feels a little un-noticed and not cared for. It’s so silly, since I know Jesus loves me deeply and listens to all the cries of my heart. And also, I’m 22 and I just graduated college…I have no idea what to do with my life. My heart desires to find someone to love, that loves Jesus and cares for me well, and to start a family…but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I’m so impatient for it! Pray that my heart is content with Jesus and His perfect timing..

    Thank you Sarah 🙂 

  • Sarah, I really like the fast that you’ve chosen. Thank you for your kind heart, it totally shines Jesus. I decided that I’m going to pray for specific friends every day this lenten season Thanks for the idea! 
    Could you pray for me too? I feel like I’m living a double-life lately. I’m a different person on the outside…the inside me is kind of hurting and struggling. I have wonderful dear sisters to talk with, but I’m not seeking them out as I should. I’m trying to pursue Jesus, but my heart just feels a little un-noticed and not cared for. It’s so silly, since I know Jesus loves me deeply and listens to all the cries of my heart. And also, I’m 22 and I just graduated college…I have no idea what to do with my life. My heart desires to find someone to love, that loves Jesus and cares for me well, and to start a family…but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I’m so impatient for it! Pray that my heart is content with Jesus and His perfect timing..

    Thank you Sarah 🙂 

  • Kelchels

    talked about callings and battles, about finding our voice, about
    learning how to be vulnerable and how incredibly scary it is to take off
    your mask but how much better it is to feel the wind on your face.”

    YES!   Sarah, I’ve been lurking for months and finally just have to tell you how grateful I am for you.   Your
    writing has helped me put words to my own thoughts and find my own
    voice, on so many subjects.  I feel stronger than I have for years, like
    I’m coming back to myself.  Thank you! 

    So with a little bravery (most of which I’ve picked up from you!), I’ll
    take off my mask and ask you to pray for me.  I am craving closer
    friendships and community.  Please pray for this introvert to have the
    courage to reach out to the women around me and build those
    relationships.  In earlier seasons it seemed like my best friendships
    just happened naturally.  But as
    I’ve gotten older (and married, and moved across the country) I’ve
    become more isolated.   I need to find some sisters for this journey. 

    Thank you, Sarah!

  • Annie

    I pray that you stay inspired beautiful woman.
    Please, please pray that I find peace again.
    I lost a perfectly healthy child in childbirth and the pain and sadness and anger…Oh the anger!
    Pray that I find the courage to accept what is.
    Courage to have a child again.
    Courage to believe in my body and natural birth again.

  • Gwyn_Sully

    It’s kind of funny sometimes how willing we are to pray for others, but how difficult it can be to ask people to pray for us, even when it is offered.  It took me far too long to bring myself to write this; it was so tempting to let doubts take over and just leave things the way they stand.  After all, it’s almost two weeks after the fact at this point.  I am always paranoid about posting on a blog after a discussion has already died.  Not to mention that anything that smacks of asking for help is totally against my nature…

    I am currently trying to work my way through defining what I believe and where I stand with my faith.  If you could pray that I would remain open to hearing and learning difficult things and allow myself to really look at them, beyond my initial gut reaction, I would very much appreciate it.