In which it is time to face the truth

We have a 19-year-old babysitter. She watches the tinies on Monday and Friday afternoons while I work for Mercy. She’s a very sweet girl and reminds me of several girls that were in the youth group that Brian pastored for a season. She’s bright, sweet, genuine and intelligent. Most of the time.

Scene: We’re in the car. I’m driving her home at the end of the day. We’re chatting.
Me: So did you get to do anything fun this week? Or was it all studying?
Her: Actually, we went to a midnight movie last night. We saw that new movie, “New Moon.” Have you heard of it?
Me (thinking): Gracious providence. I don’t exactly live under a rock. Of course, I’ve heard of it! (out loud) Yes, I believe so. Was it everything you hoped and dreamed?
Her: Yep. But it was, like weird. Not the movie. Just the experience.
Me: What about it was so weird?
Her: Well, it was full of, like, older ladies. Like seriously. They were totally in their 30s.
Me (laughing): That is crazy.
Me (thinking): Wait a tic. I’m 30. That’s me. I’m one of the crazy ladies. I’m an older lady now?
Her: I mean, my friend and I were all “We should go get our knitting if we’re hanging out with the seniors!” Right? (laughing)
Me (laughing): Totally!
Me (thinking): Wait a tic. I KNIT. And I’m in my 30s now. I’m the grown-up driving her home after her babysitting job. OH MY GOD……SHE THINKS I’M OLD!
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  • Jill

    pawhh ha ha!!!

  • Joy

    That’s hilarious!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I must be positively ancient then as I have nearly 10 years on you.

  • sarooney

    Oh pu-leeze! We’re just getting started! 😉 It is kinda strange though that Twilight has such a huge mid-thirties fan base, since it’s target market is clearly teenie-boppers). What does it all mean?

    • Sarah Bessey

      If only we knew…. I don’t quite understand it.

  • Mary

    ROFL. You know. I watch these hottie football players on the field and remember that many of them are 18-19! GAH! How did I get so old and they got so young???

    And I read someone was born in 1990 and I’m remembering myself traipsing the Southwest that year! It’s a weird feeling to be getting older.

    • Sarah Bessey

      It is weird. Brian says the same thing about football players (well, minus the ‘hottie’ part). When you’re a kid, they’re grown-ups! And now they look like absolute babies.

  • Leanne

    Hahaha, that is too funny! Now, just so you don’t think all people her age think the same, I’m 19 and do NOT consider 30 to be old! Goodness gracious! And in her defense, my parents had never heard of Twilight or New Moon. Yes, they may be in their 40s, but they are very up-to-date on most things (stress the MOST part of that ;-). I was shocked that they had never heard of it!

    By the way, I found this site from your Xanga site. I followed a link below and eventually landed on your birth story with your son. Wow! What an incredible experience! Thanks for sharing that.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, Leanne! I’m glad you’re here. :-)

  • Kelsey

    Sarah, I am one the girls who was in that youth group and I read your blog religiously and STILL think you’re cool! SO THERE! :)
    ps. I have been thinking of taking up knitting- any books you can recommend?

    • Sarah Bessey

      Oh, Kelsey – I have to admit…you were one of the girls I had in mind! She reminds me so strongly of you and the Stewarts. I love her already.

      For knitting starters, I liked “Stitch n’ Bitch” as it’s more in a language we can understand. But honestly, no book beat going to a shop and having a lady show me how to do it. Then I could use the book to understand why and how and keep me going. But I needed that first bit of help from a real live person.

  • Gina

    Oh, snap!! <—- learnt that from a 19yo friend

    Isn't it nice that having a couple/few kids, and being married for a few years (or, perhaps slightly more than a decade) makes you an old fart? So…erm…rewarding. Or something.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Or something.

  • Tez

    Ha! The average age of my co-workers is 17. I’m positively ancient to them and yet, I’m so not, right? Like, that’s just totally wack dude!

    Or something…