In which it is time to face the truth

We have a 19-year-old babysitter. She watches the tinies on Monday and Friday afternoons while I work for Mercy. She’s a very sweet girl and reminds me of several girls that were in the youth group that Brian pastored for a season. She’s bright, sweet, genuine and intelligent. Most of the time.

Scene: We’re in the car. I’m driving her home at the end of the day. We’re chatting.
Me: So did you get to do anything fun this week? Or was it all studying?
Her: Actually, we went to a midnight movie last night. We saw that new movie, “New Moon.” Have you heard of it?
Me (thinking): Gracious providence. I don’t exactly live under a rock. Of course, I’ve heard of it! (out loud) Yes, I believe so. Was it everything you hoped and dreamed?
Her: Yep. But it was, like weird. Not the movie. Just the experience.
Me: What about it was so weird?
Her: Well, it was full of, like, older ladies. Like seriously. They were totally in their 30s.
Me (laughing): That is crazy.
Me (thinking): Wait a tic. I’m 30. That’s me. I’m one of the crazy ladies. I’m an older lady now?
Her: I mean, my friend and I were all “We should go get our knitting if we’re hanging out with the seniors!” Right? (laughing)
Me (laughing): Totally!
Me (thinking): Wait a tic. I KNIT. And I’m in my 30s now. I’m the grown-up driving her home after her babysitting job. OH MY GOD……SHE THINKS I’M OLD!
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