In which it is World Breastfeeding Week

It is World Breastfeeding Week!


(Joseph nursing at Granville Market.)
I have been lactating or gestating for nearly four years now. Straight. And sometimes both at the same time – like when I was pregnant and Anne was still nursing.
Most people hear that and think, Oh, you poor thing! But truly, it has been a joy and life-giving for me – and for my babies!
My babies have never had a bottle. I pumped a couple of times just in case but to be honest, that was a vile experience and I abandoned it. After all, I didn’t have to go to work and drop the baby off anywhere. So since they were always with me anyway, this was certainly the easiest thing in the world.
I don’t really cover up when I’m nursing. I just nurse whenever and wherever it’s necessary – even in church occasionally. And if you think that’s offensive, you have company.
I am fortunate to be able to exclusively nurse my babies from the breast because of our generous maternity/parental leave.
Annie nursed until she was 18 months old. I wasn’t quite ready for her to be done. But she was done. I have a suspicion that Joseph might nurse until he’s old enough to get on his bike and ride to the store to buy his own milk if I let him. This kid loves it and shows no signs of slowing despite the fact that he is finally eating solids.
When I did the post asking for your best advice for a new mother with a new baby, breastfeeding topped the list.
All this to say, that breastfeeding changed me profoundly. I know everyone has a different experience and I am fortunate and blessed. But here’s the thing – it did change me.
For more, check out World Breastfeeding Week.
and with La Leche League if you need support or resources both online and through your community.

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  • Mary

    I nursed JB until he was 2 1/2 and Liberty was almost 3 1/2. Loved it. I am such a big advocate of breastfeeding!

  • Catherine Chiarino

    I am so happy for moms who are devoted to successfull breastfeeding. My first son did until he was about 11 months…and he was done. My 10 month old is still loving it, so I hope we can go longer this time. It is so rewarding and benifitial!

  • Sara

    Your cheerleading helped me through! I remember writing you after my little guy was biting my nipples off, and you were so encouraging and helped me stick with it. Alas,he refused to go on after the holidays when my helpful family fed him pie. No more milk for him, thankyouverymuch. Sigh.