In which it’s time for a giveaway

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I’ve decided to host a contest! I notice a lot of other bloggers doing this, so it sounds like fun to me.

To enter, just post in the comments section here and let me know where you live right now.

I see on my tracker that I get visitors from all over North America and even the world (hello, reader in Sweden!). So I thought it would be fun to see where everyone is from….even you lurkers that never post a comment. You can post comments anonymously (but may not want to….otherwise, how will I email you to get your address and send you your prize??) and if you’re not a Xangan.

I’ll give the winner a choice between one of my two currently read and reviewed books:

Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning or Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel.

I’ll do a random drawing on Friday night at 8 PM (Pacific time).

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  • Sarah

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    Columbus, Ohio.

    8/20/2008 10:59 AM Venicestar (message) block delete reply


    8/20/2008 11:14 AM PepsiGirl28 (message) block delete reply

    8/20/2008 11:43 AM Jemelene (message) block delete reply

    Monroe, WA….we should meet sometime:):)

    8/20/2008 12:14 PM mezzogirl1974 (message) block delete reply

    northern Alberta, Canada

    8/20/2008 12:17 PM Tasia007 (message) block delete reply

    Austin, Texas!!

    8/20/2008 12:34 PM scgonzales (message) block delete reply

    East Aton, IL
    until Monday.
    Altoona, PA :)

    8/20/2008 12:52 PM tuscansun5 (message) block delete reply

    Austin, Texas! (Hey, who is that other gal from Austin? A friend of Poet's is a friend of mine!)

    8/20/2008 1:28 PM Covchic (message) block delete reply

    Springville, California.

    8/20/2008 1:54 PM aznemama (message) block delete reply

    Bethany, IL

    8/20/2008 2:16 PM midwestmomma (message) block delete reply

    In an undisclosed location, disguised as a dolphin.

    (And I think your book choices are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, man.)

    8/20/2008 2:22 PM shegoespublic (message) block delete reply

    Minneapolis, MN

    8/20/2008 3:17 PM linzi424 (message) block delete reply

    Coming at you live and in person from the Jesus Capital of the World – Tulsa, Oklahoma

    8/20/2008 6:34 PM Trait (site) delete reply

    Manteca, CA :)

    8/20/2008 6:56 PM coleminer (message) block delete reply

    Narre Warren, Australia 😀

    8/21/2008 2:44 AM Tez_T (message) block delete reply

    Jesus Capital of the World!! That made me LOL!!!

    8/21/2008 6:02 AM scgonzales (message) block delete reply

    louisville KY!

    8/21/2008 6:47 AM futurepastorswife (message) block delete reply

    shelton, connecticut. pick me! pick me! :)

    8/21/2008 12:58 PM jennchiodo (site) delete reply

    Victoria, TX !!! Love you and miss you friend

    8/21/2008 8:27 PM cmpottsie (message) block delete reply