In which Joe turns 3 and I cry (of course)

This morning, we were laying in bed and Brian glanced at the clock. It said 7:02 AM. “Well,” he remarked, “three years ago today at this very moment, I was hollering at you to GET IN THE CAR and you were hollering right back that the baby was going to fall right out. And then he did. Good times, good times.”

Yes, it’s been three years today since Joseph’s unorthodox birth (I don’t think my mother has quite forgiven us for it yet). Three years of a bold and strong laddie that has enlarged every area of my life and heart and mind (and my capacity for noise).

He’s quite sick today with that head cold he caught from Evelynn but it hasn’t diminished his enjoyment of the table top hockey set and a rocket launcher (you see what I mean?) one bit. We’ll have some family over for his hockey cake later. (I’ve learned that with toddlers, the more low-key and slow the party, the better for all concerned. Amen.)

I put together a little slideshow to celebrate three years. My friend, Kim at Prairie Mama, suggested this song and, as soon as I listened to it, I cried and Brian cried (the big softie). It’s called “Hourglass” by Mindy Gledhill and oh, my word.


I write about Joseph often. But here are two of my favourites (that is code for: I read them last night and crossed over into Ugly Cry).

In which this is a bit about my only boy

You’d say – like everyone else says about him – oh, man, that kid is such a boy.  But he’s more than that.  I see him all day, every day and he is more than anyone else could ever know.

In which I write a letter to my boy

I want to celebrate your very boy-ness sometimes, defend your right to be loud and messy, intense and physical. I’m wary of imposing or trying to squash your “spirit of more” because this wildness is part of what makes you so winsome and beautiful, so different from the rest of us and it is, I believe, what will someday make a difference in the world. I love you for it.

Happiest of birthdays, my Joe-Bear! You are my love (and then he says: “Yes, my am.”).

Photo by Rachel Ray Photography

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  • Christie Purifoy

    Oh my!  I’m a new-ish reader of your blog and was unaware of your son’s birth story.  What a wild, gorgeous story.  By the way, I too opted to have my third child at home with a midwife after coming within minutes of giving birth to my second in our car.  Labor is so unpredictable – who needs the stress of trying to figure out when to head to the hospital if you can avoid it?
    Thanks for sharing – hope it’s a lovely birthday for all.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Absolutely! It was definitely a good experience overall but you can bet that when we were preparing for Evelynn’s birth, we were definitely planning to stay home after that!

  • Jillrosalie

    Beautiful, Sarah (or should I say “handsome”!   My hubby alwasy corrected me when I used the word “beaufiful” on our boys!)   A big bold huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joe!

    • Sarah Bessey

      That sounds like Joe – he always corrects us to say “Cool” instead of “Beautiful.” Even if I say about the sunset, “oh, it’s so beautiful!” he’ll holler NO IT;S NOT, IT’S COOL!” 

  • mylestones

    Oh happy birthday, Joe. And to his mom, I suppose you warned me about that song, but still, no fair making me cry!!

    • Sarah Bessey

      I know! I know!

  • harrietglynn

    Wow! What a story! Sweet slideshow. *sniff sniff*  I have a “spirited” boy myself and I know exactly what you mean. I don’t want to tame his unbridled enthusiasm for EVERYTHING!

  • wendy

    Happy Joe’s birthday, Sarah :)
    What a lovely slide-show!

  • Jenn

    Cuteness! And oh wow…that song..Happy birthday Joe! That seems so like him to enjoy his hockey birthday even though he’s sick. :)

  • Sarah C.

    Oh I love, love, love that photo of him asleep on the changing table! PRECIOUS!! Oh, happy birth day, mama! 

  • Tez

    I had to watch the video again.  I can’t believe he’s 3!  I think it may be time for those curls to grow again.  “Just saying'” 

    Love you guys! xo