In which a little boy says "Thank you" and we wrap up our Christmas project

I’ve mentioned one of my heroines, Rebecca, before – she even commented on this post.  Well, Mercy recently received one of the sweetest thank you notes: from Rebecca’s brave 10 year old son, Caleb.

I know.

My heart.

I thought you’d like to see it:

(Full story about Caleb’s note is here at the Mercy Canada blog.)

Sometimes, when it can all feel a bit too big, I realise that it’s because I’m only looking at the big picture. The truth is that the state of women in our world is overwhelming – poverty, rape, inequality etc. – and I know that there is a deep need for an overhaul on the systems that can create tyranny.

But there is also something to be said for one person, one at a time, isn’t there? One of my favourite quotes from Mother Teresa is this: If you can’t feed a hundred people, just feed one.

Rebecca is one of many girls that have come through Mercy and her story of hope and transformation isn’t just for her; it’s for her boys, too. It’s for their children, for her community, her family, the ripple affect of wholeness and true life.  Caleb’s thank-you note is really for all of us that have loved and prayed and given and supported women seeking hope and transformation, world-over, I think.

We do it for each other, over and over. Our residents will do it for someone else, their children will do it, we will all keep doing it and someone else will do it for us when we need it.

It’s the beautiful economy of the family of God, generous and lavish for love, life and healing.

Tomorrow (12 December) is the last day to contribute to our Very Mercy Christmas project. 

I feel like I can’t find words for the generosity of this little community.

My goal was $25 for each of our 11 residents for Christmas.

Instead, we are close to being able to give each girl $100 for clothing needs.

Any extra that we collect above that $100 for each resident, between now and the 13th, I will use to purchase an extra gift card for the next residents that arrive at the home.  I will be purchasing our gift cards the next day and handwriting your words in these gorgeous Christmas cards.

The Christmas party is this week.  I can’t wait.

You can contribute securely through PayPal by clicking on the widget below. Full details are here.

If you would like to consider supporting Mercy on a monthly basis, we call that being a Treasure Builder – it’s what we do, just a small bit every month, it all adds up and matters together. Perhaps your church would like to adopt a resident? Don’t let the end of this project stop you from wanting to be a part of something amazing for women through Mercy – you can stay with us.

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  • bekka

    What a beautiful thank-you note from Caleb!  What a treasure to keep.  I’m so excited about your Christmas project!  What a fantastic show of love.

    And your choice of Christmas cards is lovely, very moving.

  • Adelweiss

    “… then just feed one.”  I have been struggling so much with the overwhelming amount of suffering and sadness in the world.  I need to refocus my gaze so I can help one at a time.  Thank you, Sarah!!