In which my soul awakes

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Awake my soul.

In the early hours of an April dawn, I was caught in that place between heaven and earth, struggle and release, when the song, Awake my Soul, by Mumford & Sons, filled my ears like a hymn.

We had stayed in our home for this third baby. A hospital run was deemed unnecessary with my history of short labours and easy deliveries of healthy (and big!) babies. So, the midwives were quiet. They simply let me do the work I needed to do. And my husband stayed quiet, he simply let me do the work I needed to do and I asked for a few songs to play. Candles were lit, I rocked in the warm bathwater and hummed in the back of my throat to each quiet song; my only task was to release.

And right at dawn, she was born into my own hands, and I lifted her out of the water like an old tent-revival preacher at a river baptism, glory! I started to laugh, and my husband started to cry as he cradled us both, and Evelynn Joan blinked her lake-blue eyes at the world, awake.

It was a fitting song for the moment, a bit of a kiss from heaven, because mothering has been my greatest soul awakening so far.

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P.S. The theme for the month at SheLoves is AWAKE. You can read more about it here. We will host a synchroblog on Tuesday, September 25 where we can all share our stories of awakening, a-ha moments from the month, and what we’ve learned. From all your contributions, we’ll pick ONE POST to feature as our wrap-up of the month, on Saturday, September 29. Look forward to reading more about your own awakenings.