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This Valentine’s Day, I don’t want chocolates or flowers. I want to build a well in Bubanza.

Here’s what my soul-friend, Idelette, had to say about this today at SheLoves:

This Valentine’s Day we want to come together, purely and simply for the benefit of our Batwa friends in Bubanza by pooling our resources, so they may have a fresh water well. (Who needs roses and chocolate, if our friends can have water?)

[ WHY ]

Listen to what my friend Kelley Nikondeha writes:

“The Batwa people are the third and most invisible tribe in Burundi. They live on less than 35c a day. They tend to eat once every three days—a small meal of cassava, maybe some potatoes or beans. The only water they have access to, is dirty and takes a three-hour walk (to and then back) to get. You can imagine how hungry the kids get by that third day … Sometimes parents don’t eat, so there is more for their kids. But it never feels like enough. We are working to help change the story.

“Our friends in Matara, after four years together, have a better story. They grow sweet potatoes, corn, carrots and all sorts of other fruits and vegetables. They have a clean water source on their land. They now have cows (so there’s milk!), pigs and rabbits. They have better nutrition and so the kids are stronger, healthier, doing great in school and look great! We pray the families in Bubanza will write a similar story over the next set of years.”

We want a better story for our friends in Bubanza.



So, today there are 10 of us here, asking you to help us build a well in the community of Bubanza.

Clockwise: me (Idelette) + Kelley + Tina  + Daniela + Njoki + Nicole in South Africa + Fiona in Luxembourg + Sarah R.  + Helen + Sarah Bessey.

I believe we, here at SheLoves, are a global sisterhood, wanting to love well on this earth, wanting to gather together to build this fresh water well in Bubanza.

[ HOW ]

Would you consider asking nine of your friends to stand with you and form a Circle of Grace—each person contributing $10–so we can build this welltogether?

Altogether, we are asking 100 SheLoves friends—yes, you, Beautiful one—to form a giving circle with your friends. When 100 of us say yes to gathering, we become multiplied by 10, each person giving $10, we reach our goal of $10,000.

100 SheLoves friends

x 10

x $10

= $10,000.

Find 9 friends who can give $10 to create your own circle of grace.

And let’s do this together.



I can hardly wait to drink water from our SheLoves well with our Batwa friends this year. And what if we could drink together from this well of community and Love? I imagine this to be sweet, sweet life-giving water.

So, will you join us in gathering with your friends and bring your $10? Of course you can give more, if your heart is moved in this way. (One of my friends already said, “I’d rather just give the $100.”) But there is something about coming together and creating these circles of grace and giving together.

Today, head over to SheLoves to write your name in the comments and tell us that you want to be one of the 100 women who want to form a Circle of Grace and help build this well? I’d love to see your name here with mine.


You can make your donation here straight to Community of Hope via Paypal.

Together, we can rise and make a difference in our small, but (Kingdom) big way, empowering, offering hope, encouragement and showing Love.

Together, may we drink from the Water of Life.

Together, may we be a force for good such as the world has never seen.

  • Kelley Nikondeha

    Sarah, soul-sister is the right word, isn’t it? Idelette is our soul-sister in so many ways! Thanks for linking up with SheLoves today. We could be drinking from that well this summer… holy ground, holy water, so much beauty! Love that we are doing this together.

  • Elexa Dawson


  • Tina Francis

    Thanks for standing with, S. xox

  • rachel

    BEAUTIFUL. soul-sisters, indeed.

  • Vicki Taylor

    so cool

  • idelette

    You’re the best and I thank God for you, soul-sister. I was adding some Sarah Bessey honey to my Greek yoghurt this morning–you are with me in my days in more ways than you may even know. Thank you SO much for stretching your arms so wide and opening up the Circle of Grace to many. I love you, friend. xo