In which these are 5 things making me laugh

Because sometimes, darling, we all need a good laugh.

(Warning: Some of these have quite grown-up language. So hide yo’ kids.)

5.  Hyperbole and a Half is a gift, a gift, I tell you, to the Internetz. (Her God of Cake one nearly made me cry, I laughed so hard because that is the tinies on sugar, I swear.) But this one, Why I’ll Never Be an Adult is my all-time favourite.

4. I have a weakness for Hipster Memes.  So Alli Worthington‘s late night pinnings on Pinterest. I mean, the woman has an entire board dedicated to Honey Badger (and the fact that he does not care). Her LOLZ 4 EVAH board and Chuckling to Myself board, in particular, are just lovely. A few choice favourites:

3. I just love white boys that rap. It makes me so, so happy. A Prius! A Prius! And the fact that Imma pay my 80 bucks for 6 things and get the heck out? GOLD.

2. This one is for my fellow font-nerds. It’s got awful language right from the get-go (f-bombs galore) but if you lose your mind every time you see Comic Sans, you will get it, forgive me and thank me. If not, I apologise in advance (please don’t send me hate mail).

1.  And finally, this.  My sister and I have the same sense of humour. We always joke around that no one else laughs at our jokes but we ALWAYS laugh at each other’s jokes. To us, we’re the funniest people on the planet.So when she passed this along to me with tears in her eyes from laughter, I knew it was going to be good.

And oh, it is good. Nature show comedic narration with British accents (which, as we all know, make everything better)?

Yes, please.

If I had a British accent, I’d never shut up.

So what’s making you laugh these days?

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