In which these are 7 Quick Takes

The 7 items of the week that occurred to me but didn’t warrant their own blog post.

Out and about the Internets: I have started to contribute to New Parent. They picked up Joseph’s birth story and I’ll be submitting posts now and again about parenting. If you get a chance, please head over and drop a comment.


I joined the Fraser Valley Pulse, our fabulous online lifestyle magazine for the FV, as a features writer for kids & family. My first article, 8 Family Friendly Ways to Welcome Spring in the Fraser Valley, just went up this week.


Recently I tweeted the following: “I would be very happy if the phrase “just sayin‘” was completely removed from society. Just sayin.”

(I hate that phrase. So. Much.)

Anyway, it spawned a listing of other phrases we’d like to see retired from general use.

  • Just sayin‘. The new “I’m kidding!” after a terrible remark that you know people will find offensive.
  • Love me some ____. I’d love me some proper grammer.
  • Redonkulous (as a replacement for “ridiculous”)
  • Use of the “f” word as an adjective. That’s just effinredonkulous. Just sayin‘.
  • It is what it is. Anything that was repeated by Donald Rumsfeld that many times is suspect.
  • At the end of the day.
  • Let me unpack that for you. Nothing like being patronized to make you feel spectacular.
  • Whatever happens, happens. Well, yes. Yes, it does, genius.
  • Six of one, half dozen of another.
  • Chillaxin‘. It was cool for about 46 seconds four years ago. Now it’s lame. Stop it.
  • LOL. Are there really people that say that? Out loud? L-O-L?
  • Uber as an adjective. It just sounds like a bowel movement.

Any others you’d like to contribute?


I’m a bit behind on the Whole Food Challenge weekly posting. Our last week starts next week. I’ll have a catch up post early next week for Weeks 10 and 11 and then the final verdict as well as “where we go from here”.


Since the Calgary Flames were eliminated before the Stanley Cup Playoffs even began (on that note: bye-bye, Sutters. Nice knowing you.) I have switched my allegiances for the west to Vancouver. My husband is devastated (as a true Flames fan, he despises the ‘Nucks) but I like them. Our east team is, of course, the Bruins.


As an update, I am working full time right now as we lead up to the Mercy Home opening. We announced our grand opening. We’ve got a lot on the go right now to get that home open in just 7 weeks. In addition, I’m working on our big Benefit Gala and Online Auction.

Please pray that all goes well?

My heart breaks a little every time the girls call, waiting waiting waiting, to come. It can’t happen soon enough. We have beds for 20 girls, a waiting list that far exceeds that and only funding for about 10 girls now. I am absolutely shameless in asking for money at this stage of the game because I want every bed in that house filled with a girl that needs a rescue.

So while I work full time, Brian is home with the tinies. He’s not working yet and hopefully will find something by June 1 which is when I go back to two days a week. He’s really enjoying the extra time with the tinies and has taken over the bulk of the home management.

He’s also earning the money the government is currently giving him because the company he worked for went bankrupt. So far, he’s repurposed a hardwood floor and laid it in our entrance, painted the so-ugly-it-was-glowing blue washroom, painted ceilings, built shelving in the garage, lifted our floor that was sagging in the tinies‘ bedrooms, redrywalled the ceiling in the garage, painted the hallway and repaired most everything he can get his hands on. Next up, he’s laying baseboards and putting up door casings. Then he will rest, so he tells me. I’ll believe it when I see it.

That man is not lazy.

He’s deciding about next steps with work. The career counsellor recommended that he consider a couple of different careers so he’s praying about that. His heart is still in vocational ministry but since that door doesn’t appear to be opening, he’s still committed to using his gifts (the man is an incredible friend, pastor and teacher) within the community.


Speaking of that good man of mine, it’s his birthday today!

Happy 31st, baby. You grow wiser every year. I love living life with you and am so thankful that we can journey together.

These are the years we dreamed of all those years ago – we are living the dream.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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In which these are 7 Quick Takes

The 7 items of the week that occurred to me but didn’t warrant their own blog post.

This little monkey ate his first mouthful of dirt yesterday.
He was not impressed. Neither was his mother.
Anne also informed me of the following: “When I learn to read, Mum, I’ll CHANGE THE WORLD.”
Where does she GET this stuff?

I’m doing a lot of reading about unschooling and alternative homeschooling right now. No decisions and no opinions as of yet (I know you’re shocked – no opinions).
So I wanted to ask you lovely people your opinions about the topic, your experience with your babies and, if you have any blogs, sites or books you think I should check out along my way.
One thing about this Whole Food Challenge?
Also? I have a wicked sugar-give-sugar-NOW headache. Who knew coming down off of refined food would be so evil?

I have been very surprised by the fun I’ve had here on the old blogaroo this week. My visits have gone way up and comments are up, too. (Not that I *cough* care about comments. *cough cough*)
So to all of that are new here, I’m so glad you’re here! I learn so much from each of you, enjoy reading your thoughts and am loving your comments & emails.


The Olympics start next week. Today, it was 15 degrees outside. 15 degrees! The trees are budding. We are in light sweaters. The grass is green. It is warm and sunny. We spent the entire afternoon outside in our yard yesterday.
On the highway, Brian saw huge trucks of snow coming down from the north. They are having to truck in snow for the Vancouver sites (the Whistler sites have plenty of snow).
To say that it’ll be a mild Winter Olympics is an understatement.
I adore the Winter Olympics. I will eschew my TV abandoning tendencies and park my rear end in front of the TV the entire time. I watch everything. I have no shame.
We have tickets to the Men’s Bronze Medal Hockey Game. I keep telling Brian how much I’ll enjoy watching the USA team. He isn’t amused.


Here are a few snippets from my Twitter feed this week. I’m doing some Whole Foods Challenge stuff there with the hashtag #wholefoodschallenge, if you’d like to participate.
  1. It’s not you, it’s me. I think it’s over between me and the Emerging Church.

  2. Today, I am outside without a coat. And the trees are budding with flowers. So much for the Winter Olympics. Sorry, World. #fb

  3. Made hummus for the first time in my life. Joe is a big fan. Anne, not so much. I’m just dazzled by soaking beans. #fb #wholefoodchallenge

  4. Hey, Focus on the Family, I dare you to take your Superbowl ad money and give it to Haiti. (RT @julieclawson) #Haiti #Superbowl

  5. Sign seen in North Vancouver: Welcome Olympic Athletes – Please Bring Your Own Snow. (RT @NorthVanHomes) #Olympics

  6. Also, I am soaking beans for the very first time in my entire life right now. It’s rather entertaining. #wholefoodschallenge

    I find it interesting that my coping mechanisms have become my bad habits. #wholefoodschallenge

  7. I have a vicious where-is-my-sugar-give-me-some-sugar headache right now. #wholefoodschallenge

  8. Joseph is in the ergo on my back while Annie and I do the baking, his hands tangled in my hair. And he’s snoring.

  9. Evidently there is no such thing as a Fruit Loop tree. Rats. (new blog post is up).

  10. We just finished “Guess How Much I Love You?” and Annie breathed “That was just wonderful. I love that book so much, Mum.”#fb

  11. Little things = great joy. Like the fact that today’s date is a palindrome: 01022010. Well, in Canada, Aussie-land and England anyway. #fb

  12. I don’t think I like my white teeth. I would rather have pink teeth, Mum. #thingsmydaughtertellsme #fb

  13. Anne’s new favourite words are “Fantastic” and “Interesting”. If I raise a child that thinks of life this way, I will feel pretty darn good.

    I did a Celebrity Lookalike online test. To my eternal joy, it came back as Kate Winslet. #whytheinternetrocks

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ve got some more Whole Foods fun coming up next week as well as the long-awaited How to Learn to Knit post. And no doubt, I’ll also solve world hunger.
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In which these are 7 Quick Takes

The 7 items of the week that occurred to me but didn’t warrant their own blog post.

I am going to the Holiday Festival on Ice tonight! It’s actually rather unseemly how much I adore figure skating. To spend an evening with my best girls watching poetry on skates like Sale & Pelletier, not to mention KURT BROWNING is absolute bliss.
Evidently it’s a family thing.
The skaters are here in town for the event. My mother is at the Starbucks in her car when she sees a huge white van pull up. All of these athletes get out, wearing matching white jackets. She’s peering at them thinking “I know those people…” When she suddenly sees KURT BROWNING!
My mother, my dignified, classy mother, promptly tooted her HORN AT KURT BROWNING six times. When he looked at her, she blew him double-handed kisses. As in, first a kiss with her right, then her left, then her right, then her left. She madly BLEW KISSES at KURT BROWNING. And he? He madly blew kisses right back at her, first his left then his right, over and over. They had a little love-in and she drove away.
I hope my Dad is reading this. If she ever runs away, we’ll all know where she went.

Evidently it is not the only item that I love that makes me a dork. I can’t figure out if I’m just pre-retro or just way behind the times. Either I’m really cool or really dorky. (Don’t answer that.)

Because not only do I love figure skating, I love Anne Murray.
Like, I LOVE HER. (Go download her album Duets and see if you don’t fall in love too.)
I actually welled up in the car one day because Anne, in her high little three year old girl voice, sang every word of “Danny’s Song” along with me.

Even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you, honey...
It was one of the proudest moments of my parenting career.

The house is coming along. Despite repeated requests for before-and-after photos, I have refrained until it’s all finished.
The upstairs is pretty much done. We are (okay, Brian is) working on the downstairs, repairing all of the holes and drywall etc.
Should be done by Christmas.
Christmas 2012.
We are going to visit an Alliance church on Sunday.
It’s funny to me that this journey we’ve been on has lead Brian to denominations and yet it’s lead me almost away from institutional church altogether.
Maybe that’s too much for a Quick Take?


I am planning our first ever big benefit gala for Mercy Canada. We want to raise our entire first year’s operating budget.
In one night.
I have a hunch that after this is all done, it will be very clear that something miraculous took place.
I need ideas. And a place. I’m thinking the Shangri-La would probably like to donate a room and food for young women in crisis, right? Ha.
Our theme is “Her value is above rubies and pearls.” It’s going to be very modern (black, glass, mirrors, fuchsia pink etc.). But I’d love to have a big name there as a draw. Or just a really good drawing. Maybe a silent auction? What do you guys think?


So go to your kids’ room. Get out that book “Madeline” – every one has it. And then watch this short video.
Yes, that’s Anne. Reciting the ENTIRE BOOK out loud.
One of my favourite things about her right now is that she never says the word “she”. Even though you say “She was not afraid of mice,” every time, Anne will say “Her was not afraid of mice.” She = Her. It’s atrocious grammar but it brings me great joy.


I can’t figure out if Joseph really loves football or if he thinks Brian’s name is Football. Because all day long, whenever he sees Brian, he repeats “footballfootballfootballfootball” over and over again.
I think he’s a Riders fan. Brian just laughs at me and looks around online for a Husker t-shirt.

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In which these are 7 Quick Takes

The 7 items of the week that occured to me but didn’t warrant their own blog post.

I installed a new comment system here on the old blogaroo. I was getting tired of not being able to respond to some of the great comments and this seemed like the best way to fix that. I don’t like feeling like you’re just commenting to some big abyss.
So you can now leave comments through your Facebook profile, your Twitter profile, an Open ID or even just anonymously still. And we can all respond to each other. I’m hoping that this will help me out a bit and make things a bit easier for you as well.
Now you don’t have to remember another password just to offer your thoughts.


Along those lines, thank you so much for all of your kind words about this post. To be honest, I wrote it and left it in draft form for two days. Then I posted it and went out for three hours. For those three hours, I was wishing for my computer or a connection so that I could go back AND DELETE IT BEFORE ANY OF YOU SAW IT. It just felt a bit too honest and vulnerable. Now I’m glad it’s out there because it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement.


In housing news, we are still on the market.
We have showings almost every single day which means I am having to keep this house at an abnormally high level of cleanliness and de-clutterisation (yes, I made up that word).
And I. Am. So. Done.
Where is my buyer in this “hot real estate market rebound?” *sob*
I just cast on my first scarf for the fall. I found a delicious shade of red from Cascade 220 and it’s crying out for a scarf. Isn’t this a fun pattern?


I am reading Don Miller’s new book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It’s his follow up to Blue Like Jazz, which as you know, is one of my top ten favourite books. He’s written other books but this one is probably his best since that one. It’s deep, witty and brilliant. It’s got me thinking, that’s for sure.
I want to write out reams of quotes but everything needs the context of what came before.


Whenever Anne doesn’t get her way, she says, rather forlornly, “Oh, I’m sad, Mum. Very sad.”
But we have decided to put her in daycare one day a week so that I can work. She is so excited she can hardly stand it. We went to visit the daycare and she was dazzled by the other kids (of course…I’m already praying for her small heart), the play kitchen, the little “Annie-sized chairs” and what not. The only tears were when it was time for us to go. “I”m sad, Mum. I want to stay all day, Mum. I’m sad, Mum.”
So she’ll be fine.
Joseph is almost a year old. I am in disbelief. He’s Mr. Personality, all right. He makes eye contact, gives a big grin and then ducks his chin like he’s suddenly shy, before looking up at you again with a huge smile. People are so drawn to him, wherever we go. He’s like a little magnet for love.
I have found a baby-sitter for him on Mondays when I work. It’s a home situation so that helps me out a bit. But still. I’m not looking forward to the first drop off days.

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In which these are 7 Quick Takes

The 7 items of the week that occured to me but didn’t warrant their own blog post.

I have been working on the next installment (for lack of a better word) in my ongoing dialogue about trusting God in the midst of suffering and pain. It’s been a process. I got stalled because I was grappling with it. And then suddenly, something clicked.
Stop in on the weekend (or maybe Monday?) to check it out.
You can read about why I’m doing this at Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


Today Anne asked me if she could go back and “be two again.” When I asked why, she said she wanted to have the fun of turning three again. But this time, she wants a vanilla cake.


I am not a fan of John Piper.

There. I said it.
Let the stone throwing begin.
I tried. I read his books. It seemed like a lot of people were being blessed by his ministry. But I had question and doubts and just couldn’t agree with his focus.
And then I have always struggled with the Myth of John Piper as it seems that most of the Piper-ites are relentless and, to be frank, judgmental and narrow minded. (Ever heard that saying about how a little education can be more dangerous than ignorance?)
But after his comments on the tornadoes that struck the midwest? I think this guy is shooting for the vacancy left by Jerry Falwell.
When things like this happen, I remember why I’ve stopped calling myself an evangelical Christian. Instead, I say “Follower of Jesus.”
I just can’t handle the baggage that these guys are heaping up on top of the word Christian.


Our condo is still up for sale. We adjusted the price. We have showings galore. Which are absolutely exhausting.

I am thinking of making a rule that no one is allowed to come see the house unless they have already written me an offer. I’m tired of trying to keep the house “show room ready”.
Thank goodness, I gave up on housekeeping earlier. This is killing me.


Brian took Anne to their first lacrosse game. It was his first of many Daddy Date Nights. They got a bite to eat and then went to the old 1930s arena in Queen’s Park. They watched our local lacrosse team, the Salmonbellies. Neither one of them had ever been to a lacrosse game and despite my repeated insistence that he would LOVE it, he just never got around to going. And sure enough, they both fell madly in love with lacrosse. Anne came home, floating two feet off the ground, wearing a Bellies t-shirt that is 8 sizes too big for her and telling of her plans to be a goalie.

On a side note, there is something grand about screaming GO, BELLIES! Too often we don’t like the bellies. We do sit ups to get rid of the bellies. So to unabashedly be pro-belly is a beautiful thing.


Two very dear friends of ours welcomed their second babies this week. Welcome Kaia Medley and Burke Edward. We love them already.

This is the part that sucks about friends being scattered to and fro across the earth. Can’t wait to see them and hug their babies.


And finally, best for last, Joseph is sleeping. As in, he only was up once the last three nights.

He slept from 7 until midnight and then again until 7 in the morning.
I stopped sleeping well when I was about 6 months pregnant with him. This is the first time in nearly 17 months that I have slept longer than 2 hours together.
That boy is a genius.

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  • pippasmum

    I really appreciated reading what you have to say about John Piper. I had read a lot about how wonderful he was and decided to download his podcasts. Sadly, they made me very uncomfortable. I am glad that I am not the only one.

  • Sara

    No stone throwing about your Piper comments here. I read that stuff about what he said this morning and was incredibly frustrated by it (to put it mildly).

  • Sara

    ooh — found this great response to Piper. Check it out:

  • Mary

    Ah! At last someone who isn't a Piper fan either. It's interesting you mention this incident (this is the first I've heard about it). When he spoke at a regional Vineyard conference about 13 years ago we were singing "Shout to the Lord" during the worship time. It was a brand new song back then. Anyway, he gets up and throws the proverbial wet blanket on us and chided us to not be singing that unless we really want the "mountains to bow down and the seas to roar" because these are dreadful things. I was like "what?" He prayed for my husband but I was not too impressed with him. He felt so rigid and confined to me. His God was one of anger and judgement. While God is these things, he is also LOVE and MERCY and GRACE.

  • Lalania

    On take number 7: They learn early how to flirt, don’t they? All three of my sisters boys were ‘professionals’ at it all around that same age – all the ladies were gaga! Here’s a pic of the youngest one:

    • Sarah Bessey

      What a sweetie! Those eyes!

  • Barbara down in Seattle

    Regarding #4…will you be making the scarf in mustard, or using a different color?

    • Sarah Bessey

      I’m making it in a dark red colour instead. So maybe I’ll name it something other than mustard scarf. lol

    • Sarah Bessey

      I’m making it in a dark red colour instead. So maybe I’ll name it something other than mustard scarf. lol

  • Sharon

    Sarah, you crack me up…are you a geek for loving figure skating…nah, Anne Murray, maybe….LOL. Love, love, love the video of Anne. I was just reminiscing with Ayden and Liam how they used to do that with their favorite books. It’s so darn cute!! Ayden used to say “to” instead of “for”. She had the book called “One Horse Waiting for Me” and she would always say “one horse waiting to me”…priceless!
    Oh, and silent auctions are always awesome! Add in there some 50/50’s or raffle baskets and some door prizes for good measure! We used to do this big ladies night out in Carstairs to raise funds for the playschool and we raised more money than we needed! Waaay better than selling cookie dough!

    • Sarah Bessey

      I’ve never heard of that book…we’ll have to get it at the library! Thanks for the head’s up about the silent auction. I’m leaning that way right now so that helps.

  • Adelweiss

    Of course he’s a Riders fan!! Kh!!!

  • Brittaney

    I forsee that Anne is going to be a book geek like us. The worst punishment I received as a child was when I was grounded from reading. But in my older age I am famous (or infamous) at my local library, so it all worked out. As I have always heard, “Readers are leaders!”

    • Sarah Bessey

      I totally LOVED getting sent to my room. And so does Anne. It’s very limiting. :-/

  • Tez

    That video of Anne-Girl is right up there with the most precious things I’ve ever seen! *melts*

  • KelseyBek

    Sarah, your blog makes me so happy. It is the perfect break from hours of homework!!! And I am so proud of you for this whole foods challenge. I know it will be hard, but I also know how good you will feel once the lifestyle change is in effect… I had to do that a few years ago… ok I still have to do that in a lot of ways! :) Good luck!!!

    • Sarah Bessey

      I love you, Kels. Oh, it makes me happy to see you here. :-)

  • Casual Friday Every Day

    Dirt! Yum! I eat it every day. Okay, maybe not. Something about dirt and boys just go together.


    • Sarah Bessey

      Ha! You are so right. My husband promptly put him in his “Dirt Makes Me Happy” t-shirt.

  • Tamara

    We homeschool. Research what feels right for your children and family. Be willing to make changes and forgo what doesn’t fit.

    We try and cook enough for 3-4 meals at one time. If you do this a couple of times a week for about a month, there will be plenty in the freezer to pull out for quicker heat up meals. Instead of ordering pizza on Friday night be really naughty and have a paper plate splurge with your healhty food. :) lol

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks, Tamara. I appreciate your tips – the frozen meals one is a good idea. And I so feel you on the paper plates thing! I almost feel more guilt for that than for what’s ON them. Ha!

  • Karen

    Only about a month ago I realized how much of what is shared on or in regards to living free in God’s affection actually pertained alot to the way we live our family life when it comes to education. I’m not even comfortable with the label ‘unschooling’ but that’s the closest box we’d fit into. We just ARE. We just LIVE.

    • Sarah Bessey

      I love that, Karen.

  • Jenny

    Wow, tickets to the Olympics! It is the only time I wish we had more than plain tv. I would love to watch ALL the events.

    • Sarah Bessey

      I know! We’re so excited, Jenny. This is my first Olympics opportunity. This place is electric right now. I can hardly wait for the Opening Ceremonies. Watch the Men’s Bronze Medal Hockey Game – I’ll wave at you. 😉

  • violingirl

    You might look into Reggio Emilia (project-based child-led) and into tidal homeschooling while you’re looking at different styles. I’m very much a “take what works and leave the rest” so we have bits of Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Reggio Emilia. We formally do phonics and a bit of math, but everything else is pretty much just living and exploring whatever my kids are interested in.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Thanks so much! I appreciate your help and insights. I’ll look into those. My oldest is just three and a half so we have plenty of time. I’ve always wanted to do public school but now, feeling like I want a more creative and child-driven education. I like your perspective.

  • Stephanie Precourt

    I need to post my Twitter snippets more often. Sometimes there’s some good stuff in there! :)


    • Sarah Bessey

      It’s not too often I can be pithy and smart in 140 characters. when I pull it off, I feel the need to commemorate. Ha!

  • Stephanie

    A. I totally love the reading/change the world comment. She’s actually right, you know…literacy opens the door to so many opportunities.

    B. Let us know what you read/decide/discover about unschooling and homeschooling. We’re 99.9% sure that we’re going to homeschool for the early years (at minimum), but I’m not sure exactly what our school structure will look like.

    C. Does ice cream count as a whole food…? Just wondering. Or maybe you could make apple crisp. :)

    • Sarah Bessey

      Apple crisp…now we’re talking!

  • rayhollenbach

    Happy Birthday, Brian!

  • thesooz

    OH, I’m actually quite fond of ‘uber’…it’s an uber-great way of switching out the boring old ‘super’:)

    I would be very happy if my husband, his brother and his Dad would stop saying “all day long”. As in “I could get 50$ for those tickets all-day-long”, or “That team will win it, all-day-long”. Not a fan.

    Also, Happy Birthday Brian! I can’t believe you are 3 years younger than me…with all that smartness and niceness that you have going on…

    And finally…I have a bloggy idea/question. Seeing as I have very much changed the way that I look at things over the last couple of years, I wonder…do you ever read back over your old posts and disagree with your old self?

    • Sarah Bessey

      I know – I think I use “uber” too much. I was quite crushed by some of the inclusions actually. “All day long?” That could go away too. I’ll add it to my future list and write a letter to Stephen Harper about it, m’kay? :-)

      As far as the bloggy thing, YES YES YES! I think that’s part of the fun and part of the drawback of blogging your way through life. On the plus side, I have this record of my journey. On the negative side, people read it and think it’s always current and real instead of just a phase or an idea or me being stupid one time etc.

  • Sandy

    I would be personally happy to see “the internets” disappear from blogging vocabulary. It’s as bad as “want me some.” I’m just sayin…..

    • Sarah Bessey

      I’m so guilty of that one. I do that all the time. *hangs head in shame*

      • Sandy

        I know you do. I’m just giving you a bad time!

        • Sarah Bessey

          *sticking my tongue out at you*

  • Kristin

    I’d appreciate it if “seriously” was removed from the end of every statement. Must you need to clarify that you’re telling the truth??

    • Sarah Bessey

      Ha! That’s a good one. Seriously. 😉

    • Erin Adams

      To be perfectly honest with you…

  • Erin Adams

    Mercy Home sounds like a wonderful thing. How amazing! Will you let us know about the online auction here?
    You husband sounds great. What a hard worker! But, mine is too. So, I’m not jealous or anything. :)

  • Marina

    Sarah: your whole foods challenge is really cool. I started that a few months ago. Ma family is well aware of the dangers of monoglycerides now ;). I also started a series on my blog how to buy healthy products . hopefully, step by step we will get there…

  • Amy

    3 made me laugh. A lot. My “favorite” one that I’d like to strike from society is “and the list goes on.” Um, no; as a matter of fact, it just stopped when you said that.

  • Stephanie

    Your list of phrases that should be completely removed from society totally made me laugh. That could have been a post in and of itself.

    I agree with all of them, by the way. Except for uber. I kind of like that word (but now I’m second-guessing myself…).

In which these are 7 Quick Takes

The 7 items of the week that occured to me but didn’t warrant their own blog post.


You may remember that we had our meeting with The Denomination about church planting. We were assessed and evaluated within an inch of our lives. Prior to the meeting, Brian and I spent much time talking and praying about it. We came to the conclusion that, while we feel like starting a new church is something we very much want to do – nay, feel called to do – we don’t feel like right now is the time. We have grown to feel the need for more time in the local church, more time becoming part of this family and also, to be honest, we are aware of the enormous dedication of your time that it requires. With our children so small, we decided we weren’t willing to give 70 hours a week to this. So as we talked and prayed, we decided that it might be best to serve as associates or even a lead pastor for a few years more.


Then we received our results from the church planting assessment. And it said the exact same thing. So we had mixed feelings about that. Even though you may not want to do something, you kind of want the other guy to be like “WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You should TOTALLY do this NOW.” (Just being honest!) So we felt a bit let down but I wasn’t surprised. After all, we thought the exact same thing! They gave us what is called a “qualified yes” which means that if we truly wanted to move forward, they were ready to support us. But their recommendation was that we – you guessed it – wait a few years and serve as pastoral staff in the local church. The assessment itself was positive. There were a few points that I disagreed with but then there were others that even identified a blind spot or two for us. So we look at it as a gift.


So where does that leave us? Brian has already had an interview for a church’s associate pastor role. We would like to stay in this area and so that limits our options obviously but I believe that God is not limited. The right place will come along at the right time. So church planting is off the table for right now and Brian is sending in a resume or two at churches around the area. Would you pray with and for us about this?

I’m obsessed with farm houses these days. I want to live on a big piece of land and create a garden. I am starting to feel all hemmed in these days. I don’t know if it’s the prairie kid thing but having people under me, beside me, on top of me and, when I look out my window, just a few metres away again, I start to feel surrounded. Noisy, noisy people. Nothing quite like polar opposites, eh? Urban dwelling in apartments, packed into the thoroughly modern city to the farm house.

If we had a garden, Brian would be in charge of it. I love the idea of a garden and the results of the garden but have zero desire to do the work. (There is a sermon in there, yes, I know.) Plus, I don’t have a green thumb. He does.

Of course, if this did happen, it would be a miracle because I am not living any further from a bookstore than 20 minutes. And somehow I don’t think I’m exactly a rural girl.


Brian’s chocolate chip cookies are to die for. Seriously. He once won 2nd prize in a church baking contest with these babies. Never mind that he hasn’t made them since and I’m the one that does the baking but whatever.

Here you go….you’ll thank me this fall when it’s finally cool enough to turn on your oven again.

Soften 1 cup of butter (yes, dear – REAL BUTTER) to room temperature. Not melted, not hard. Just soft.
Stir it together with 1 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of white sugar.
Add 1 tsp of vanilla (I always dash a bit more) and two eggs.
Add 2 and 1/4 cup of flour, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp baking powder.
Stir well. (Take note of the stirring – no mixers allowed.)
Then add 2 cups of chocolate chips.

Bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes or until they’re done.

And a tip for you: I ususally pop mine into a big freezer bag and dump them into the freezer once they’re cooled down (and we’ve eaten far too many warm and gooey ones). They taste delicious frozen.

And another word of warning: they may not make it to the oven. Because the dough seriously should be a national security risk. I love me some raw cookie dough.


I have this site metre thing that tells me how many people are reading my blog. (Hi, Lurkers That Never Leave a Comment!) For fun the other day I clicked on something called Keywords. Basically, it’s the ranking of all the ways that people find my blog.

I’m not sure how I feel about the top searches to find me:
1) spanking
2)the emerging church is DEAD
3)Super Target clearance deals
4) birthday party ideas and
5) standing up birth pictures.

So to clear matters- I don’t spank my children. The emerging church is still alive and kicking, thankyouverymuch. I am not exactly your clearing house for Super Target deals. I don’t plan birthday parties; my sister in law does that.

And no one took any pictures of me having the baby is stall 74. Or if they did, they did it with their cell phone camera and I have no knowledge of it. And no wish to know of it. Don’t tell me if you did that, please.


I am in love with my little niece, Addison. She is growing up so fast – she cut her first two teeth just shy of her three month birthday, if you can believe it. She has one dimple in her left cheek, just like my sister. It is one of my favourite things about my sister; it gave her the dearest, lopsided grin as a child. To see it in her daughter just makes my soul sing.

Annie and Joe are quite in love with her as well. Anne calls her “Sweet Girl” and piles toys about her like a fortress. Why? Because Joe hasn’t learned his own strength and just wants to beat on her when he gets too close.

Seriously. Look at that face. It’s dangerous for me. Makes me want more babies.

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    Hi Sarah!
    As the Lord brings you to mind, I'll be praying that the Lord would open up doors for Brian!

    That cookie receipe sounds great! Butter always makes everything taste so much better!